If Wishes Were Fishes…

Not only is the Cute Overload 2012 page-a-day calendar among top ten best selling on Amazon.com*, it’s also among the top ten most wished-for as well. Have you got a friend with Cute Overload on her wish list? Then take the plunge and give the gift of Teh Qte! There’s still one day left to order with standard shipping!

[So….. close!]

[Almost there… Ehn!]

This moment of longing brought to you by Pieter & Renée Lanser.
* Top ten and most wished-for as of 12/19/2011



  1. “Have you got a friend with Cute Overload on HER wish list?”
    But I am a man and I want that^^

  2. Oh don’t be so koi.

  3. *squints*

    Is that a cat-fish staring contest or a cat-log staring contest? Do I need new glasses?

  4. *snort*

  5. phred's mom says:

    is that an eye I see or a knot ??

  6. Love that the kittayn has it’s own little pier.

  7. what a pretty kitty!
    and if you go to the linked flickr page, you can see more of the pond and garden – it’s lovely also!

  8. Don’t fall in!

  9. cellarmouse says:

    or an ornmental whale who spouts when the fountain’s turned on?…glasses and peering do not resolve issue…maybe a coxcu?

  10. What IS that in the pond?! It’s sorta creepin’ me out. Also, which way is it facing? At the bottom right hand corner, just under the water line looks like the mouth o’ one of them viper fish. *shudders* :O

  11. Ohhhhh, this could easily become a fish eats cat story … But if she is patient she might try to grow faster than the fish and have him for lunch next year. She looks like a Maine Coon, they can be pretty large…

  12. I just wore out my eyeballs straining to make it out, and still can’t tell what the thing in the pond is.
    (adds “new eyeballs” to shopping list)

  13. What is in the pond? I don’t know but if this starts playing in the background …RUN!

  14. If you go to the photostream and view the picture in original size, you can see it’s a stone carp. Carp has long dorso fin (http://www.koiquest.co.uk/Anatomy.htm). In this case the sharp top edge of the dorso fin has been worn down by the water; it’s pretty thick now, does not look a fish fin at all, hence the confusion.

  15. And it looks to me as though his front paw is actually dipping into the water.

  16. Also you can see another kitties ear and part of it’s head in the full size image, at the far right bottom of the picture. the yellow thing in the picture is a leaf near the tail of the stone fish!

  17. It is in the water go to the full sized picture. Kitty has her/his toe in teh water LOL

  18. cellarmouse says:

    thanks, wuyizidi, brain is happy to have puzzlement resolved…

  19. If you find some, let me know; I need a new option nerve…..

  20. I can’t believe that cat is sitting so calmly with A WET PAW!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Pirate Jenny says:

    I believe that’s not so much calmness as CONCENTRATION.

  22. I couldn’t help but notice the frog statue’s, uhm, relaxed pose.


  24. Yes, thank you. That photo must have been taken with the biggest camera in the world. And I still can’t tell where the frog statue is or what’s special about its pose.

  25. Ah, thank you! That fish almost doesn’t look like one even in the big picture, the skin colour is very similar to the statues on the left! Also, it’s probably as big as the kitty, who should really stay out of the pond!

  26. ItsyBitsyTeenyWeenie says:

    His paw is wet.

  27. That is a serious stare down!

  28. Is this a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat? I think those cats have water-proof top coat, and in fact love water.

  29. option nerve??

  30. 😆 Yeah 😆 Until the fish makes a move and kitty runs off as fast as his/her paws can carry him/her 😆