Holiday Hat-Off

Hats off to these cuddular ani-pals. WHO WORE IT BEST? You decide.

Contestant 1: Lovebird Santa

Contestant 2: Meme the kitten’s Dad’s reindeer antlers:

Contestant 3: Beluga Santa! He looks so natural:

Contestant 4: Balbinka the Peeg doffs his fedora:

The Story of BALBINKA
And finally, Contestant 5: The saddest puppeh in all the world:

Santa's Little Helper

Lovebird Santa sent in by Ant at AQFL, Famous Japanese Kitten Meme’s father, who is also PDC (Pretty Darn Cute) in a reindeer hat via 飼い主の hana, Beluga Santa via The Daily Mail, Balbinka the Guinea Pig by the famous Pyza*, Saddest basset pup ever by Hannah19. Aghhhnn.



  1. I voted for the saddest puppeh. Maybe if he wins he won’t be so sad .

  2. Guineeeaaa peeeegs!!!! Vote for the peeg!

  3. eeeeeempossible! cannot decide!

  4. I vote for the cat! Anybody who survives putting a clothing on a cat deserves my vote.


    Scratched and Scarred

  5. biscuithead says:

    Lovebird Santa. Cutest!
    The guinea peeeg runs a close second though.
    (The PS blurring used in the dog pic is distracting.)

  6. Been there & have a large supply of Polysporin in the bathroom.

    The only way anyone can beat putting clothing on a cat is also putting the clothed cat in a Snugglie.

  7. If you would like, I will pass the bottle of peroxide.
    – from one who knows.



    A) I can never see a beluga without wanting to smooch it right on the mouth *MWAH!*
    B) I can never see a beluga without bellowing BELUUUUUUUUUUUGAH!

  9. kibblenibble says:

    I loff them all.

  10. Well, they’re all amazing and adorable, but I voted for the beluga. Mostly because you just don’t see enough whales wearing hats.

  11. bob drummond says:

    i CANNOT MAKE UP MY MIND – they’re all so darned cute !!!! I luv ’em all !

  12. Meme is a girl and that is her uncle Fuku in the picture.

  13. cellarmouse says:

    went for the lovebird cause of smiley eye…

  14. I voted for Lovebird santa: it looks so embarrassed to be dressed up like that, blushing all over!

  15. I thought it was really close–between Meme the Kitten and Lovebird Santa.
    I would totally buy one of Balbinka the Peeg’s tomatoes, though. 🙂

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    Voted for the kitteh because of the matchingks fur color…. but it was very hard to decide. Beluga whale close second because, as has been pointed out, you just don’t see enough whales in hats.

  17. Little Miao’s kitteh Chun needs to be in this vote! Will you add him pleeeaaase?

  18. Lovebird Santa is the Jolliest Santa! I request Cat Reindeer in the role of head reindeer though.

  19. CAn I vote for all of them?
    Okay I voted teh love bird but I love them all!

  20. Boy, that’s tough. I decided on the guinea pig because I snort-laughed when I scrolled down & saw the whole picture.

  21. Better fix the alt-text on Memebon’s dad—Meme is female! (Seriously, she’s a calico, that’s a dead giveaway right there.)

  22. Love the kitty paws in graceful fourth position.

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    I approve of the dialogue/ hovertext which is attached to Mr./ Ms. Beluga.

  24. agree!!

  25. yes!
    the kitteh is standing so balletically graceful.

  26. Skippy does this.

  27. I don’t mean to sound like a nitpickypants, but Meme the kitten is a calico…thus most likely a girl, so the beige cat would be saying “I’m only on this site because my DAUGHTER is famous.” They all look cute, especially the guinea piggie.

  28. I vote for all of them. Isn’t Meme a girl?

  29. Lovebird!!!!!!

  30. Mee too.

  31. CANNOT DECIDE BRAIN ANEURISM!!! [Scream in Jack Black voice]

  32. Me three! I like his “One day, when I learn how to walk on land…” expression.

  33. I love them all, but after I saw this other, more appropriate/realistic hat-on-cat photo of the antlers:

    I knew Meme’s dad had to be the winner!

  34. Voted for birdie! Never seen a birdie in a Santa hat so it got points for originality. Altho – I do love the Mary Poppins stance kitteh has going on.

  35. Balbinka looks ready for a large pistachio-tini after a long day at the big box outlet.

  36. Lewis n' Clark says:

    guinea peeg because of the holiday privacy basket

  37. And because the hat is not on top of his head, but pretty much in the middle of his face 🙂

  38. He’s quite fedorable, isn’t he?

  39. Meg, darling.
    The cream kitty is named Fuku (that’s “foo-koo”). He is NOT Meme’s dad. Repeat: FUKU IS NOT MEME’S CATDAD. He’s merely another cat that’s owned by Sakurako, the lady who also owns Meme, and Meme’s mother, Goma. Fuku is Meme’s housemate.

    He has my vote, though. I adore him and his eternal disapproval =3

  40. Marmie in a reindeer hat,
    Doo-dah, doo-dah,
    Marmie is a reindeer cat,
    All the doo-dah day.

  41. I voted for the Love bird because it is just so darn cute! Plus I’m a sucker for birds.
    ….and, in my honest opinion, the bird’s hat is the best fitting of the lot….so there. 😀

  42. First Hipster peeg i’ve seen. I think he’s ironically enjoying the basket.

  43. Oooooh, the pun!! but the peeg’spink feet are hard to resist.

  44. doffing means taking off (and not really a fedora)…
    donning (as in we now our gay apparel) means putting on…
    sorry to be nitpicky, but ’tis the season…
    they are all adorbs.

  45. I was just about to say the same thing, shouldn’t that be donning? And yes, they all should be winners. Can’t we do this like modern youth sports leagues and everyone gets a trophy?

  46. They all adorable! Being able to hold a lovebird still, that’s amazing!

  47. Wheee!!!! Peegs! I voted for her and her smart leetle hat and her wee leetle baskit, and her prosh leetle pose, and her sweet leetle feet, and the one leetle ear flopped over…


  48. lol..
    Its worth it.

  49. The one with the guinea pig should say DONS his hat! Doffs means to take it off!!!

  50. My son and I agree that lovebird Santa is the cutest, but we liked all of them.

  51. I cant vote….

    I cant decide…..

    Love bird would win it for me if he didnt hafta have it held on his head.
    Kitty would win if he didnt look so annoyed with it being on his head.
    Beluga would win if I didnt have such a problem with cetaceans in captivity.
    Guinea pig would win if it was actually a Santa hat.
    Doggy would win if he didnt look so depressed about the whole thing.

    So I guess they all win 🙂

  52. I like all of them a lot, but I like the beluga too…his expression is so intelligent and kind of : “Oh boy. Humans….”