We just heard thru the PR grapevine there will be a Westminster Kennel Club dog show soon at Madison Square Garden. All the pros will be competing to win, and you can too. Enter a photo now to compete! Don’t forget the hair/ear spray! Photo by Chad Batka.


  1. I just want to snorgle those ear poofs.

  2. Such a pretty little face! Are his/her ears just really alert, or have they really been styled?

  3. No, those fringes have just been brushed and nourished. Papillons are easy to groom, even for the show ring!

  4. Pup gives new meaning to the expression “I’m all ears.”

  5. It’s a Papillon, c’est vrai?

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    No habla Francais but my first thought was Papillon, also.

  7. Oui c’est vraiment un vrai papillon!

  8. Beep! Boop! *riffles irresistable earsies*

  9. kibblenibble says:

    He or she is having a very good ear day.

  10. I believe that is a Phalene – which is a Papillon with dropped ears. Love them but u can’t beat those upright Pappy ears.

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    I respectfully disagree, this little beauty has anyone’s “upright” ears beat all to heck!

  12. I love the eyebrow dots.

  13. aren’t eyebrow dots just the greatest invention ever?!

  14. Eyebrow dots need to be a Rule of Cuteness™!

  15. Meg… you have the power to make that happen!

  16. we have the technology!

  17. Wow……just had a “Six Million Dollar Man” voice-over in my head with that comment!

  18. A big smooch on top of that adorable little head.

  19. I’ve read that papillon dogs love cats, that makes it the ideal dog for me.
    The fact that they are so cute has absolutely nothing to do with it. :mrgreen:

  20. Remember one of the “Sex and the City” girls had one of these doggies? She named her Elizabeth Taylor; makes sense!

  21. yes, Charlotte! but I’m pretty sure she had a Cavalier King Charles spaniel.
    adorable either way…

  22. Charlotte York had a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles puppy. She renamed it Elizabeth Taylor Goldenblatt.

  23. Papillons always remind me of The Flying Nun and Sister Patrille’s aerodynamic habit…

  24. snoopysnake says:

    This one can fly if she flaps those ears.

  25. Got to be a big-haired Southern girl. :D

  26. Mod lounge update: Out of cheese straws. Substituting warm Brie and pita crackers.
    Out of eggnog. Substituting Wassail.
    Also opening a 2lb box of See’s Soft Centers. Dibs on the Bordeaux.

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    My family knows that the tv is mine for those two nights every February! No exceptions!
    BTW…aww…what a cutie! (But I hope a Newfie or someother such large dog wins!)

  28. Three head wide — ahh haaahaaaaa!

  29. Oops — forgot the “s”.

  30. Eh, Westminster. I prefer the Mayflower dog show.

  31. yay, a Papillon! So adorable, although this one looks like the “normal” version of mine who is quite…um…”special”. (mine is Jay, the one who’s on this site every so often with the tongue that hangs out) I just love this breed! :)

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY Jay !!! YAY Christina V.!!!!


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