Plankittening 2

Sender-Inner Julie R. *just* caught her kitten planking on dee cowsche:

At least this kitten has skills…

At least she’s better at it that *these* hoodlums!


  1. kibblenibble says:


  2. omg, I want to peensch those exposed leetle tocks!

  3. Smart kittens knows that flat-tery will get you everywhere.

  4. Back feet toebeans and harness….MATCHINKS!

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    AND her little nosey!! omg!

  6. Hmm, judging by the harness, is kitteh practicing her protest against the upcoming walk?


  7. Don’t remember if this were ever posted on CO:

  8. omg that is so funny! thanks wuyizidi, Civil Disobedience Cat just made my day!

  9. Wiggles fingers in the air.

  10. Fird Birfle says:


  11. thumbsup

  12. THIS is the kind of “occupy” protest I can get behind!

  13. Seconded.

  14. So exhausted, even the tail is plankittening.

  15. LisaLassie says:

    But, but, when I looked, the kitten below was the exact same kitty as above. Now I am confuserated. I am couching my complaint as nicely as I can.

  16. I know…..I thought the same thing. Couching right along with you. :)

  17. Hey! The original post has changed… we look silly. *pout*

  18. They do that just to mess with us. ;)

  19. Three step brefs & purrs

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    BEEEEEEEP !!!!!!111!!!!

  21. OMG her markings remind me of a tiny Maru! How adorable! Incidentally, does anyone know what pattern/coloration these markings might be called?

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    ack.. it’s on the tip of my tongue.. “mackerel” or something..

  23. Not an expert here, but I think it’s called tabby when it’s swirly circles like that

  24. You’re both right: she’s a mackerel tabby. And a sliver one, at that. Sooooo beautiful…mezmerized by teh swirls…

  25. JLAmusings says:

    Actually swirls mean she’s as classic (bullseye/swirls) tabby instead of a mackerel tabby (stripey). I’ve only ever had one classic tabby- so pretty! Mine are usually mackerels.

  26. The little pink nose and harness are also MATCHINKS too!!!!!

  27. Pink kitten harness!

  28. sweet tuckered-out kitten strayched out all flat…i loff her.

    yes, she is like a mini-Maru, Aurhora!

  29. I loff how in the first photo, the angle makes it look as though her tail is up in the air!

  30. and Julie R. has fun style, too…

  31. How do they not squeeze the stuffinks out of that sweet little thing?

  32. It’s been a few years since high school biology, but is a picture of plankitten a photoplankitten?

  33. :) Science Alert!

  34. So very very sweet. I always want to mess with sleeping baby animals because they conk out so deeply.

  35. Isn’t that the truth? Anytime, anywhere! :)

  36. Would a shopped picture of a plankitten be a fauxphotoplankitten?

  37. *groan*

  38. Apparently, big made-up werds stump teh Mod Machine…

  39. His fur-patter is just like Maru’s.

  40. Cinnamon bun swirls.

  41. What is her NAME?! I need to know!!


  43. Totally Tired out too!

  44. fleurdamour says:

    At least this kitten has skills…and a convenient handle.

  45. *snerk* We used to have a big black cat named Alistaire. He came to live with us when I still lived with my parents, and my dad, who is a dog person, became completely smitten with Alistaire. He liked to say, because Al had a long tail, that he could put a dot of glue on Al’s head and stick his tail to his head and it would make a handle.

    My dad would never actually DO anything like that, but it amused him to no end to say it. :)

  46. I love the little half-wink in the closeup!! She knows she’s being watched, but she’s not going to rouse herself to respond! Adorable!

  47. AWW :D Sound asleep :D Julie R., what is the name of your sweet little kitty? :D


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