Welcome to Slothville

1. Where the sloths wear pajamas
2. Flop in the grass with stuffed animals
3. Snuggle in bankies


Thanks to Brinkie McBrinkersons and all the other fine Cuteologists who sent this in.


  1. Me = flopped over gurgling. I feel like the little girl from the movie “Despicable Me” – “IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!”

    This made my morning!

  2. Bumble the Bunny says:


  3. Bumble the Bunny says:

    oh good. first trip to moderation lounge. what drinks do they serve here?

  4. Try the Black Cherry Diet Tab with Southern Comfort. On second thought, no, don’t.

  5. Bumble the Bunny says:

    yeah… think i’m gonna pass and just have sloth/cat nap… night!!!

  6. extreme gagging noises

  7. Ooh! Southern Comfort works with eggnog, too!

  8. I’m gagging with skippymom over the southern comfort

  9. Tis the season for eggnog!

  10. Eggnog? I’ll bring the cognac, whipped cream, and nutmeg enhancers. But first. let me tell you about the cylindrical green vegetable I had in my salad at lunch today. No, it wasn’t a zucchini. It was a cucumber!

  11. WHAT!? :P

  12. I get tossed in the Mod Lounge every 4th or 5th visit when I comment. But I can’t drink yet.

  13. Oh good lord. Too many beepable noses. But I will die trying…

  14. These noses might be THE most beepable noses I’ve ever seen (and I’m pretty old and I’ve seen a LOT of beepable noses). The music in this video cracks me up,too. It’s perfect!

  15. LisaLassie says:

    Peeps: I have put a lot of study into studying sloth noses. I fear that when you apply Physics to the problem of beeping those noses, there may be a major problem. Now don’t get too upset. But it seems to me that when you multply the radius by the square root of the cutifier, add pie squared (just for a little flavor, physics being so unplatable), then add a cup of sugar and divide by the circumference of a baby sloth, measured in kiss-lenghts: then you will find that the shape of the noses plus its wetness means that your fingers will slide off every time you try to deliver a solid Beep. Now don’t panic. I am willing to sacrifice myself for you. Please get me a plane ticket to slothville (yes, it could be the Last Plane to Slothville, you smart alec) and I will test my theories. For your benefitz.

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    LisaLassie, do you write the scripts for the dialogue for Big Bang Theory??? :)

  17. LisaLassie says:

    Fird, I do not and unfortunately have never seen the show. Thank you for the compliment. At least, I hope it is a compliment! However, I am an amateur physicist (self taught). I have moved beyond String Theory and I am working on Rope Theory. At the same time, I have a highly trained herd of Neutrinos in my home. On some of the chatter sites I visit, the Neutrinos are skilled in Search and Rescue, and often retrieve chatters who have been kicked off of the site and are lost in cyberspace. Who’d a thunk it when I struggled to get a low C in high school physics?

  18. Has nothing to do with it, Lisa. I got rotten grades in high school science, but I did come up with The Invisible Stable of ExtraDimensional Husbands™. :P

  19. I am SO watching that show when it premiers on Animal Planet! I’ve already seen Too Cute! Puppies and Too Cute! Kittens. Who would think that sloths were next? Genius!

  20. A sloth’s life is just one big “Ehn….”

  21. lol, perfectly observed and stated!

  22. *offers Bumble the Bunny a Slow gin fizz :) *

  23. Sloe gin fizz (sloe rather than slow)

  24. Ha ha! My grandmother used to drink the Southern Comfort abomination. And my grandfather, who didn’t actually drink, would order a sloe gin fizz when he went on dates with his lady friend (after my grandparents were divorced).

  25. Fird Birfle says:


  26. I bet sloths prefer “slow” gin fizzes though!

  27. I know, but it wouldn’t have been as punny.

  28. I just recently tried a sloe gin fizz again after waaaaay too many years since
    I first tried it on high school graduation night. I was surprised that it wasn’t as bad this time (some 30 plus years after grad. night) as it was the first time. It’s actually pretty good with a squeeze of lime !

  29. O
    ….I did NOT just see 2 sloths in sleepers at :50. I did not..because if I had, the world would have imploded….

  30. I didn’t see that either. Nope, sure didn’t.

    That might just be the cutest video in the history of mankind. This is why the interwebs were invented.

  31. bob drummond says:

    Yes, my dears, You certainly did see a couple of sloths in sleeepers, make no mistake about that .And , NO ,the world did not implode either !!!!!

  32. Alice Shortcake says:

    Bumble, I can recommend the Long Slow Sloth Against a Wall – delicious!

    That video, though…sloths in onesies! Sloths going “aaaaagh” when they fall over! Sloths wearing party hats! Sloths…

    I’m going for a lie down now.

  33. Oh, I didn’t blink – didn’t dare to miss . . . a . . . thing . . .

  34. Bucket o’ Sloths!!!


  36. ILoveHarryPotter says:


  37. ILoveHarryPotter says:

    Oh yeah…. i’m just hangin’ on the table leg….. ‘sup mopper! wait….. i don’t like mops….

  38. ILoveHarryPotter says:

    Oh, reach for the tree….. oops! try again….. WHOA!

  39. OMG can this be any cuter… and the Ehn as they fall down… omg and rolling in teh grass and oMG Sloths in onsies..

    I think I just melted into goo!

  40. Just arrived in zee Mod Lounge with eggnog accoutrements in tow…..

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    acoutrements = a most excellent vocabulariffic cherce, kimmaroo !! :)

  42. Bottle Green says:

    Dear sloths,

    I don’t understand how you are so cute. Pls explain.

    Thank you.

  43. We don’t know. Its a mystery. We’ll sleep on it and won’t get back to you.

    Your welcome.

  44. Quiet-Laughing in my office Does.Not.Work…
    co-worker giving me funneh looks…

    lawzey me this is freakin adorable

  45. Where is this magical place with Sloths in pajamas? I want to be there right now!

  46. Anita Magar says:

    There is hope for this world now that Slothville exists!

  47. This is the very definition of “enh”. The very one. He even says “enh” when he rolls over in the grass. Love eet!

  48. The sloths are coming….
    RUN for your….oh…STROLL for your lives!

  49. fleurdamour says:

    Yeah, at least you have time to get out of the way.

  50. fleurdamour says:

    PS – When that one rolls down a little slope, I bet that’s the fastest he ever moved in his life. Set a sloth landspeed record.

  51. *snarfle*

  52. You peeples are keeling me – as are the wonderous cutiemas bebe sloths. Deadly sin, indeed! ;)

  53. In the Mod Lounge againe, and I didn’t even talk about naughty vegetables this time.

    *Sigh.* Guess I’ll just pour myself some more Bailey’s Irish Creme . . .

  54. zippy – it’s the word “de*d”

  55. LisaLassie says:

    The deadly sin-ness of sloths is that I don’t have any.

  56. Somehow the thought of a zombie sloth apocalypse just doesn’t terrify me. . .

  57. WHY must sloths always tip over when cuddling stuffed animals?! It’s just too cute!!!!

  58. Really don’t know why I’m being moderated, but what the hey. I’ll enjoy the jello shots.

  59. Fird Birfle says:

    when in doubt, it’s generally fairly satisfying,
    to blame anything unknown, on an evil conspiracy ….
    Any evil conspiracy will do.

  60. LL Bean, do you have sloth pajamas? Oh? WHY NOT!??

  61. we’ve seen the little guy fall over before. still keels me.

  62. and the little squeak @ 1;13……no way.

  63. bob drummond says:

    WOW! There really is a place called slothville… Outtasite man !! Which airline will take me there ? I’ll visit there on my next vacation !!!!!

  64. Andi from NC says:

    Sloths in jammies – how cute is that!!!!

  65. How do I get a job there?

  66. Looks like a training center for employees of the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

  67. LOL…very nice! Although, I believe the sloths have more exciting personalities. :)

  68. And they are certainly better looking!!!

  69. Anyone see the sloth around :36 poke himself in the eye?

  70. The slowest “ouch” I’ve ever seen :)

  71. These bebehs seem to be moving pretty quickly for sloths–never knew they could be so active! Bebehs holding on to stuffed animals keels me! (Have been anticipating this Animal Planet offering for 2 weeks–ever since I saw the ads!)

  72. Yea! I’m in moderation! I will have some eggnog with all of Kimmaroo’s accoutrements included! :-)

  73. Bumble the Bunny says:

    ooh, good- i’m no longer on my own! what’ll it be? :D

  74. There is a facebook page of Slothville :)

  75. I have just watched “Too Cute: Sloths” on A.P. and have been kilt and revived multiple times! Bebeh sloths have the dearest lettle faces and are sooo roly-poly. :-) The twins cuddling each other? Toothache from the sweetness! I could almost hear all the head ‘sploshins and squeeing from all cuteologists! The kitty defibra-thingy must have been very busy tonight! (They need to make this a series. I’ve recorded it cos once is NOT enough!)

  76. I recorded it on my DVR and I’m saving it FOREVER

  77. Baby sloths in pajamas. Someone turn off the net, we’ve seen everything.


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