Someone gave us 4 stars for NOT ENOUGH GUINEA PIGS

OMG, it’s true, I just looked, and this lady totally gave us 4 out of 5 stars for the new 2012 Page-a-Day calendar for not including enough Guinea pigs.


There are not millions of Guinea Pigs in there, but they’re there, People!

Have you gotten your favorite go-to stocking stuffer yet? The (averaging!) FIVE-STAR on Amazon Cute Overload 2012 calendars are here, ready to shove in the face of your favorite relatives Christmas morning! They’ll most likely love it!

Your calendar does not come with a grass patch, but it does come chock full o’ puppehs!

…and, dueling side-by-side Weekend Shots!

Glossary terms so you don’t look like a fool when you hear others talking C.O.!

Jokes about senior citizens homes!


The Cuteness will burn your eyes out!

Get both the Wall calendar and the Page-a-Day to feel the Cute in Stereo!

Act now to find out – will Sender-Inner Amy S. get her kitteh and monkey into the 2012 calendar AGAIN!?

Don’t wait until we have to print more! It’s happened before and many bunnies had to express their disapproval. Get your favorite Guinea-pig-loving friend a

2012 Wall Calendar

or a…

2012 Page-a-Day Calendar




  1. ME WANT

  2. i hope santa leaves me one under the tree.

  3. My mother is elderly and tends to forget things a lot which kinda bums her out. This calendar is PERFECT for her, every day she gets a warm fuzzy reminder of how wonderful the world of adorable animals is and I took the time to write important dates on there for her ahead of time. 🙂

  4. “It’s happened before and many bunnies had to express their disapproval.”


    But you know . . . she may have a point about the relative scarcity of guinea pigs. Just sayin’.

  5. That’s so sweet! 🙂

  6. What a good Kid you are. Hugs to you and Your Mom.. I miss Mine Every day.

  7. I am weighing in on the scarcity of Guinea pigs.. We need more guinea pigs… Just saying..
    That said Ohhhh I want a CO calendar really bad.

  8. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? An Amazon reviewer dings the FABULOUS C.O. Calendar one star for not having “enough” guinea eeg photos? This is an outrage! I am the first to admit that one can never be too thin, too rich, or possess too many cute guinea peeg photos over which to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, but I ask you, dear reviewer, how many cute guinea peeg photos did YOU submit to C.O. in 2011??? Hrrrrmmmmmph!

  9. My guinea peeg, Cupcake, gives it 5 stars!!

  10. I’m not a guinea pig, but I give you bazillion stars, both to calendars and the website. You guys and gals make my life, day after day after day!

  11. I simply adore my CO calendar! I have gotten one as a gift every year since you started making them. I can honestly say it is the ONLY page a day calendar that I have actually kept up with and not at some point in the year realized my desk calendar still says Feb 21st!

  12. Fird Birfle says:


    I clicked Meg’s link to the page which shows the customer review/ comment about the
    “relative scarcity of g.p.’s” ….Further down on that page, somebody else’s review of the CO calendar (here in Dec. 2011) states, that since he/ she has already paged through every page of the page-a-day CO calendar; he/ she is
    READY to buy his/ her 2013 CO calendar!!! Get workin’, Meg & Goose !!!! 😯

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: Nice guinea pig side-eye and hoovertext, Mme Meg 🙂

  14. Cupcake? I love that name! So your kitties get along O.K. w/Cupcake, ceejoe?

  15. More guinea pig photos!

    *getting my camera to annoy my guinea pigs*

    So hopefully more pigs ehhh pics for 2013 and a perfect calender for everybody! 🙂

  16. Yeah! What kimmaroo said! *assumes “ready to rumble” stance*

  17. I got my wall calendar! Next week I’m bringing it to work! (‘Cuz that’s where I need the Qte the most!)

  18. cadburysmum says:

    i have the day by day one at work and all of the girls gather to check it with me in the morning. what we have discovered is too many cats!
    now, i like a cat just as much as the next, but we have noticed there are a lot of days that are cat after cat… we like a little variety with our cute!

  19. LisaLassie says:

    I hate to sound superior, but I already have my calendar. he he he. And I have refrained from ripping off the wrapping and looking at every single day before it’s even 2012! 😮 By the way, you cutologists may or may not have noticed that CO has been very sneaky. Please focus your laser-like vision on the cover of the new 365 dayer-er. The bunny is not only adorable, it is NOT disapproving!!!!!!!! What does this mean? Eh? Yes, you, I’m asking YOU!!!!

  20. You are a thoughtful child and your mom is lucky to have you!

    My kids better be half as nice to me!

  21. Hatters gotta hat!

    I requested, nay, DEMANDED one for Christmas. I can’t wait.

  22. When I get mine, I don’t know how I’ll be able to manage to hold off. It will be a Herculean feat to NOT want to skip forward.

  23. This post *claims* that the calendar indeed has guinea pig photos, YET, later in this post, in the calendar preview section, I see ZERO pictures of guinea pigs!!

    I see 4 pictures of dogs, 3 pictures of rabbits, 2 photos of hamsters, 1 kitty, 1 ferret, and 1 squirrel.
    Why would a post claiming that there are guinea pig photos in the calendar show zero guinea pig photos in their calendar preview?!

    Both my guinea pigs agree, that we need more guinea pics!


  25. My forgetful grandparents love it. It’s an instant smile even when everything else is faded around them…

  26. Make it a gazillion please.

  27. Merci, Birfle.

  28. Yep, they really don’t pay her much attention. She’s has a big cage which sits on the floor, so she’s at eye level for them, and I think they’re just used to her.

    Cupcake and her sister Suzi-Q (who sadly crossed the rainbow bridge last year) were named when I adopted them from a rescue group. 🙂

  29. Yay! That last cat is mine. I love that he keeps getting on the website and in the calendar. His name is Digit and he’s a marmie polydactyl. 22 toes!!!!

  30. What is this too many caats you speak of? There can never be too many cats.

    Crazy old cat lady!

  31. I want one, but I’d need a mini-size wall calendar, for this is all the space that my kitchen calendar spot allows for. 😦

  32. I’ve been wanting C.O. to have more guinea pigs on its site (not just its calendar) for years! I love all the other animals, of course, but guinea pigs are awesome and need C.O. recognition, too! 🙂

  33. I purchased my first ever CO day by day calendar earlier on and have managed to refrain from looking through it. Although I did take it out of the wrapping and am nearly ded from trying not to look ahead…..still….not much longer to go till the grand opening.

  34. Since Santa never gets me exactly what I want, I had to drag him to my computer and show him exactly what I wanted. I almost can’t wait for 2011 to be over so I can remove my Moose of the Month calendar (swear to God) and start using my C.O. calendar. I love it’s big size and will enjoy looking at it every day when I forget the date.

  35. I got my wall calendar a month or so ago. It’s my first and I love it! Did anyone catch the Cute Overload pun on Animal Planet’s Too Cute? I LOVED IT!!!

  36. Oh and I have a great picture of a suggestion in a clear suggestion box at the Atlanta aquarium. It says, “You need an elephant,” or something close. It cracked me up so much that I had to get a picture. Your guinea complaint made me think of it. 🙂

  37. Oh, my plastic was ripped off the minute I got it in the house. All work ceased for approximately one hour as I quickly reviewed, giggled, and approved.

  38. I picked up mine today!!! *happy dance* 🙂

  39. OMG i just got my calendar for christmas and I LOVE IT!!!