On the Second Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Two packed pups!

“Hand Baggage” by Gianmaria Zanotti



  1. Hmm, this is either “Muzzle Pouch” or “Pursed Lips”.

  2. now this is a bag I want!!! two cuties.

  3. TrixandSam says:

    Do you think it’s from the 2012 Resort Collection of Kate Spayed?

  4. It’s a Prawda bag!

  5. CO is totally rocking the 12 Days theme–great job, folks! Technically, it’s supposed to start on Dec. 25 and run through Jan. 6 (Epiphany), but I’m glad you began early.

  6. golf claps for 260 and TrixandSam–well played, people.

  7. The hovertext killed me. I swear NTMTOM was an ani-pal in a past life. He speaks fluent pup.

  8. Never in the overhead, never…..

  9. I keep coming back to look at the cute doggies.
    S’pecially the wittle cutie pie in front, I want to kiss his wittle fuzzy muzzie and …
    OMG help! my brain has turn to mush!

  10. *hee hee* the one in the back has this look of “Whatchoo lookin’ at punk, yea I ride in a bag, so what of it?!”
    Too bad mine is 70 pounds…or otherwise I would put her in a bag. Think about the muscle mass I could gain 🙂

  11. WOW. 😯

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    and you came HERE to heal???????

  13. Chi whiz that’s cute.

  14. Okay now I am anticipating the next ten days.. Just think about what is gonna have 12 cutie pies in the picture….

    Also OMG the ear Tufts!

  15. *giggle*

  16. BEEP ! Boop !!!

  17. 12 kitteh overlords a leaping.

  18. Yaaaaay!!! It’s the big annual BOGO sale at Grrroomingtails!!!

  19. Aw, I figured the second day would be “Two belleh rubs.” I bet these pups wouldn’t object to it!