Boo v. Sammy!


Not since Biggie and Tupac has there been such an East Coast West Coast BATTLE, People!

First there was Boo, the eternally lounging Pomeranian with a sweet haircut who shook the country in a cute-quake:

But check it: now there is Sammy the seriously prosh ‘n’ posh New Yorker!

So , who’s it gonna be, People? Sammy…

or Boo?

Vote now OMG



  1. killed me ded! thud.

  2. Together they could rule the world.

  3. Sammy’s got the little fox baby face thing down pat 🙂

  4. I’m a New Yorker, and I love my city, but I had to vote for Boo. Sammy looks like those girls you see in NYC or LA, making the same expression in every picture because they’re too self-conscious to do anything but pose and smile. Whereas I love, and have always loved, Boo for his eccentric attitude and unpredictable fashion sense.

  5. Have to vote for my homie Sammy.

  6. They need to team up and form the Cuteness League of America!

    (And then come to Cincinnati and live in the Hall of Cuteness, aka the Museum Center, which was the original inspiration for the Hall of Justice! And is also much more convenient for me to better ogle their anerableness!)

  7. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Your overconfidence is your weakness, Sammy. Soon Boo will rule the world!

  8. That’s it ! I’m hijacking Santa’s sleigh & snatching both of them so I can compare them up close !

  9. Me next!!!!!

  10. Come on, how on EARTH am I supposed to choose between the two ultimate beauties beyond any expression??? My brain is too delicate to survive such operation.Now I will have to do without a brain. Thanks, CO 😉

  11. Boo, always Boo. Sammy is extremely cute and I wouldn’t “kick him out of bed for eatin’ doggie biscuits” but Boo still takes it…

  12. sunnylessmum says:

    Boo baby! And let us not forget, Boo is published people! No small feat that! I love you Boo bear; you always make my heart feel happy 🙂

  13. Saaaammmmmy!!! That easy going smile, cute nommm ears…and the nose.

  14. Of course the ears are nommable: they’re dusted with cheetoh dust!

  15. Boo is cute and all but Sammy he looks ready for adventure.

    The head tilt in pic one. Looks like he is waiting for his treat in pic 4.
    I think Sammy would be happy to show Boo around town.

    Can we call a tie?

  16. I refuse to choose! They’re both lethal!

  17. I’m not entirely convinced that Boo is even a real puppeh. Proooosh.

  18. I’ve been a huge fan of Boo since the beginning, but I suppose you could say I’ve also always rooted for the under”dog”.

    Sammy/Boo 2012

  19. sammy.
    but could you find a cute doggie from boston, please?

  20. They are both Pomeranians… possibly the Cutest dogs ever in the whole entire history of the world… How can you even possibly chose between them.
    (Yes i had one that doesn’t make me Biased… Why do you ask ?)

    (Yes my favorite all time dog) Miy puppy’s name was Mischief and he was 100 pounds of awesomeness in an 8 pound package.

  21. Rizam razam I am in the moderations lounge and no I did not use any of the usual words that involve fruits and vegetables.

  22. Choosing both is the easy way out (as well as the obvious one). The real test for qte-ers is being able to make a difficult decision ….
    And Sammy’s the one for me! Although Boo is cute too. Sammy. Boo. Sammy. Boo…

    I thought I was decisive but now I’m not so sure ….

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    “Theresa’s homie” !!!!?????? 😯

    (all in fun, Theresa. It just hit my imagination in a silly way 🙂 )

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    I’m presently at a computer which does not have the adobe/flash thingamabob needed to view a clip youtube/ Wizard of Oz.

    However, I’ll try to post the youtube item here. Maybe it will load allright at CO, even though it won’t allow me to watch it from this terminal. Please forgive me if it’s an epic FAIL.

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    KA: here is a short stack of pseudo-cursin’, from Yosemite Sam, in case
    you’ll find them useful 🙂

    “Danged old fin-flappin’ flounder!”
    “Missed again, ya shovel-nosed mackerel!”

  26. I read “hornie Sammy” I guess it’s time to go home.

  27. They’d get my vote! Not sure they meet the age requirement, though, even figuring that one human year equals seven pupster years.

    That photo of ice skaters from Sammy’s point of view absolutely slays me. Those fuzzy ears are adorable!

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    *Cleosmom, your pondering on your decision, for some reason, reminded me of the following from the film “Chinatown” 🙂 :

    Evelyn Mulwray: She’s my daughter.
    [Gittes slaps Evelyn]
    Jake Gittes: I said I want the truth!
    Evelyn Mulwray: She’s my sister…
    Evelyn Mulwray: She’s my daughter…
    Evelyn Mulwray: My sister, my daughter.
    [More slaps]
    Jake Gittes: I said I want the truth!
    Evelyn Mulwray: She’s my sister AND my daughter!

  29. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Fird – I use that one all the time; no one gets it anymore 😦


    coming from someone who didn’t see Chinatown until a few years ago 😉

  31. SAMMY love him!

  32. Boo’s channeling some major Bieber in that picture with the grey blankie!

  33. *is ded from cute*

  34. thank you, Birfie:)

  35. Why can’t we all just get a Pom?

  36. The Original Jane says:

    It’s like the doggie version of “Toddlers and Tiara’s” (no, I don’t watch that, why would you ask?) where top runner Eden Wood (who has been printed, published, filmed, etc. etc. etc. tries to hold her crown against unknown sassy upstart Madison. Who will be the Ultimate Grand Supreme? (and why do I know these names? shuffles off to find something on PBS…)

    What can I say – there’s my “I’m bored and flipping channels late at night shows” and my “I can’t wait for this great program to come on PBS” mode. (Still impatiently waiting for season 4 of Murdoch Mysteries to be available in the USA on TV or on USA compatible DVD’s – come on Canada, get on the ball and send us Murdoch!)

  37. hey juju, there’s room in the sleigh I’ll meet you on the roof of the mod lounge & we can take turns driving ;D

  38. Where’s the love for the middle of the country! We have cute, too! 🙂
    I can’t choose they are both deadly cute!! (though our pom Dori was mighty interested in the pics of Boo…)

  39. Waaaay too foxy nose. It looks too foxy and scheming.

  40. It’s worth a watch just to catalog how many different ways “Madison” and “Kayley” can be spelled.

  41. They are both adorable. But I have to say, I do love the photos of Sammy on the perimeter of Rockefeller Center watching the skaters. And then again, Boo’s hilarious expression in the photo where he is wrapped like a burrito (Boorito.) Can’t choose. In fact, I refuse to choose! So there.

  42. Actually, on second thought, I vote for Meg. Because she is so tewtelly redonk and is completely cracking me up with this post…

  43. I’m an idjit….didn’t scroll down far enuff to see I could pick both…AUGH!!

    You’d think I was one of those Florida blue-hairs or something!! (not to insult Florida blue-hairs or some such thing)…

  44. Oh, you just won the Internets. T.U.M.!

  45. Sammy is cute, but he’s a pommie-come-lately. NOTHING is cuter than Boo’s ear nubbins.

  46. Me too, had to vote for Sammy. All else being equal, he seemed to be out and about having more fun, by comparison the picture suggests Boo’s a bit of a shut-in 🙂

  47. I’ve been exiled to the Mod Lounge, probably for my mistake of insulting Florida blue-hairs. Need a stiff drink with a cute umbrella and a swift kick in my ample ‘tocks!!

  48. haha you are crazy. I think they have the EXACT same adorable smile that makes my heart melt.

  49. Cannot choose. If I tried my brain would melt down to goo.

  50. But maybe Boo is just resting from his national media tour of the morning shows and his book writing. Plus he is a very snappy dresser…Sammy appears to tour the world nekkid as a jay bird…


  52. Alice Shortcake says:

    Flutterby, if you happen to come across a hip flask full of gin and a sloth plushie during your spell in the Mod Lounge, they’re mine.

  53. I use it too when I can’t make up my mind, and I get weird looks. At least that’s why I think I’m getting the weird looks…

  54. Just to illustrate what kind of day I’m having, my eyes are getting blurry, and I saw a word other than “pom”……

    I’m seriously considering going home for a drink or three……..

  55. cellarmouse says:

    yeah, me too … thank goodness meg gave three choices …

  56. Not so, he is wearing a very festive Santa suit for Christmas, and dressed as prince charming for Halloween!

  57. I love Boo – he gets my vote! Wish I knew how to post a pic, because my Pom looks just like Boo 🙂

  58. Epic SUCCESS, fb! I’ve been known to hum
    ‘if I Only Had a Brain” when I do something absentminded at work like go to the kitchen sink to make a photocopy.

  59. KA- what’s for eats in mod lounge? Anything to get myself stuck in there for ?:)

  60. well today we are serving portuguese rice puding* it is dusted with cinnamon and has lemon zest in it.

    We also have your choice of chocolate snowball cookies or ring-a- lings..(Thumprint Cookies)

    And of course Ratatouie!


  61. Awww, Meg, it doesn’t have to be a competition. There is enough love for both of them. So dang cute!

  62. NOOOOO why must you taint The Boo

  63. Sammy’s website is the best tourism-getting tool EVAR.
    Duh Mayor must bestow Sammy with unlimited supply of treatsies for dees.

    PS: The pictures of him in FAO Schwarz… ARE KILLINGKS ME.

  64. That ‘Me Against the World’ picture is blowing my mind. Wish I had a bigger res photo for my desktop

  65. Fird Birfle says:

    **wonders whether Sharpy is over 17 yrs of age**

    (JK 🙂 )

  66. Fird Birfle says:

    *tosses glitter confetti to celebrate*

  67. merrymoose says:

    Boo is reminding me of justin beiber the glasses.

    Sammy a little Jayz in Empire State of Mind

    I vote Sammy

  68. Jack and Lille's human says:

    Sammy! Those ears kill me!

  69. you’re so right, Sammy should totally be sponsored by the city of NY!

    Sammy and the City! what we need is video of Sammy in a pink tutu getting splashed by a bus passing by with a picture of Sammy on it!

  70. I totally stoated for Sammy. To me he just seems more “real” and down to earth, like you could go out for a beer with him. Boo seems more like “yes, I am a star, you are not worthy to hang with me”.

  71. Boo doesnt look old enough to hop up on the bar stool. lol

  72. COOKIES??!!! *Gets lost in Mod Lounge*
    They said this was the way to Albuquerque, must’ve got lost. Why look! Cookies…and puddin…and Ratatouille!!!

  73. OMG! (and LOL, too) That Sammy on top of the Empire State Building looks soooo happy! What a smile! But I lost track in all the cuteness. Who is that profiled in front of the ice skaters, is that Boo? That is heart-catchingly adorable!! Someone said one of them got the baby fox (called a “kit”, BTW) down pat? Oh yeah.

    I have been fighting the urge for a pup. I am jonesing for a pom now!

  74. LOL! I was born and grew up in Miami. In fact I lived with my Grandma in her condo (20 stories tall and not a single young resident) for a couple of years after high school. I spent a lot of time at the pool with funny old Jewish ladies and other assorted blue hairs. They always followed up “hello” with “let me fix you something to eat” if you had to go up to any of their places. The year-rounders and I used to laugh at the snowbirds but loved them, too, at the same time. I used to look forward to summer because that’s when other kids visited their Grandmas. So, having loved and lived with classic Miami blue hairs, I think I can authorize and/or forgive you using the term blue hairs since it was said in good humor.

    (Wow! It’s actually over 25 years since I spent that time with my Grandma. She has been gone for quite a while and I got positively locked in a reverie. I remembered the music I was listening to, the books I was reading, even the smell of chlorine and matzo ball soup. I think that would be the ultimate vacation. Just let me go there for a week and I could appreciate it so much more.)

  75. ILoveHarryPotter says:

    I am SO happy that they gave us the choice “They’re both prosh you’re killing me!”
    Otherwise I would of said Boo!!!! GO BOO!!!!

  76. ILoveHarryPotter says:

    I agree with Snorgler!

  77. I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

  78. Sammy’s smile can melt your heart. Sooooo adorable! VOTING FOR SAMMY!!!

  79. The back of Sammy’s head sealed the deal for me!!!!!!!

  80. There is no contest…Boo is way cuter…and although Sammy is cute, nothing beats the original…he’s a Boo knock-off in my opinion…only not as cute…no offense Sammy…you’re cute and all, but Boo has you beat by a mile…

  81. How did I miss this post on October 15? Sammy gives Boo a run for his money, I tell you. In the profile picture, Sammy’s eyes are translucent giving him an slight edge. His fluffy legs in the bed photo nearly convince me that his coat is more luxurious, his nose looks shinier, but both noses are equally boopable. Boo is more of a baby face and Sammy is a lover boy. I give up. It’s much to hard to choose. Send them both to me and I shall decide the winner in a decade or so.

  82. they are indistinguishable… my brain…

  83. you should go! 🙂

  84. not really,Becuse I have his book:boo the worlds cutest dog and it mostly shows him in diffrent places and in diffrent cute clothes.

  85. IloveHarryPotter says:

    agree agree

  86. IloveHarryPotter says:

    too too hard tie tie time!

  87. IloveHarryPotter says:

    so not!

  88. As cute as Sammy is I’ve loved Boo forever and always. Sammy doesn’t have as cute pictures. Boo uses props and expressions. Sorry Sammy, you’re just a Boo wannabee

  89. Darby, SAMMY IS NOT A BOO WANNABE!!!!!!