Y’all Come Back Now, Yuh Heah?

We just can’t bear to see you (and your pic-a-nic basket) leave so soon!



  1. Un-Bearably Funny!


  2. Also That is a HUGE bear!

  3. OMG that was so great!

  4. the news said the bear used to be a performing bear
    & is now retired.

  5. Bear is all, “Cheerio! Safe home!”

  6. oh!
    this is so wonderful!

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Reminds me of Chester at the San Diego Zoo. When I was a kid, Chester would wave to the trams of tourists passing by. (The drivers would reward with a treat.) Sadly, Chester is no more.

  8. I thought he looked familiar!

  9. No Bleepin’ Way!

    This bear is awesome!!! :o)

  10. So I guess I’m the only one who thought the bear was gesturing: “c’mon in here, let’s do lunch. Don’t buy anything: just bring yourselves.”

  11. Awwww, this makes me sad…..

  12. I remember my first visit to the SD Zoo– fantastic, BTW– and I happened to be by the bears eavesdropping on a conversation between a bear keeper and another visitor. A lady bear (I hear they’re called sows) was leaning against him looking at him– it can only be called adoringly– and he was scratching her head like she was a big dog. All I remember of what he said was “You can never forget that they can kill you.” I was thinking, “Hmm, big time mixed message right there.” 😯 I adore bears, BTW– remember that bashful fellow from a couple of weeks ago?

  13. What a grizzly ordeal.

  14. HI!!!

    Is it me or is that fence thin? Ahhh

    He is too cute.

  15. sunnylessmum says:

    LOL Lisa, exactly!

  16. I’d like to give him a big bear hug.
    On second tought I’ll stick to hugging my teddy bear. 😉

  17. It’s making me a little sad, but I still want to watch it over and over again.

  18. These bears are behind an electric fence that cannot be seen below the car window, not just the thn grid fence you can see. They are former movie/tv bears, now homed at the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim Washington.

  19. Steven Colbert needs to see this one.

  20. Seriously, LisaLassie, I think you’ve got the right idea. Bears in captivity learn to make this gesture because people throw food at them. It’s actually a “Throw it here!” rather than a hello. I remember this because of something that was in the news several years ago: some idiot climbed into the bear display at a zoo. Needless to say, he got mauled. He explained afterward that he did it because the bear waved at him and he though the bear was saying, “Come on in!”

  21. Wonder how a guy that intelligent manages to get through life. (Not very well, judging by this example.)

  22. Awww….
    “I wave and I wave, and still, no treat…?”
    bear sigh

  23. TrixandSam says:

    Methinks that idiot was a Darwin Award winner.

  24. He only gets the award if he removed himself from the gene pool. If he was alive enough to explain the wave, then he would have to have been rendered, erm, ah…. sterile, shall we say 😉 , by the mauling to qualify for the actual award.

  25. Thanks for the explanation Steve Jobs….by the way, you are looking well. 😀
    I love how the bear sits with his legs straight out in front of him.

  26. Well, there was a famous case when I was a kid, of a boy who climbed into the polar bear enclosure to go swimming with them. That guy– yeah, out of the gene pool.

  27. This is just great. Thanks for sharing. Bears are some of my favorite wildlife beasties. If you’ve not been to bear.org, give it a try (I have no connection and this is a not for profit group). Every winter, they have camera in at least 2 den. Has anyone ever posted anything from this organization?

  28. “i miss show business. Want my pawtograph, kid?”

  29. “Bye. Move along, tourist…” *bear crawls back to couch and tv in his den*

  30. Rachel Wright says:

    Way better bear

  31. Oh god, oh god!!! Why is he so cute?!!!

    I know he’d kill me, but I wanna hug him…soooo…baaad. It’d be worth it, lol.

  32. PLEASE, PLEASE, click on this video. It’s so not what you think.

    It is waaaay awesome-er!

  33. earlybird1 says:

    Ha ha! He sounds like he needs someone to wind him up again… his song is all slow motioney and slightly flat. Awesome! I miss Bear Country Jamboree… good memories!

  34. Moi, Actually says:

    There’s been this thread of witty comebacks making the email rounds. The one I liked was “Sometimes the gene pool could use a little chlorine.”

  35. OMG! CO needs to feature this video! I absolutley LOVE the human commentary.

    Often hoomins get in the way of the cute on these CO videos with either too much talking, an annoying voice, ear bleedin’ laughing…or all three. In this video, I think the humans just round it out perfectly!

  36. 🙂 I have been to the one in Marine Land. The bear is cute stick his tongue out.

    I wouldnt be climbing in to hug. Big bears are awesome.

  37. He is thinking its a drive thru so where is my BIG MAC??

  38. The bear WAS saying “come on in” and “feed me.” He just wanted a little more denim in his diet.
    We puny monkeys do like to get a bit full of ourselves and our power. I remember being honestly taught as a child that wherever Man set his foot, the animals would tremble in fear of his thunderstick and power. This whole paradigm of species dominance was believed, sanctified, and codified. I was the only person in my sphere of awareness who disagreed but I was just a kid so I couldn’t argue it right.
    I don’t have to anymore.

  39. Anamatronic things like that scare the unholy Frack out of me! *Shivers* I’ll take a live Grizzly any day!

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    who, Steven Col (wait for it….) BEAR?????

    “Winkie, winkie!!! 🙂 “

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    tee and also hee 🙂