The Good Seal-Keeping House

ABC (Australia) News brings us the story of an unusual home intruder: a baby fur seal, who wandered around a New Zealand seaside neighborhood before crashing on Annette Swoffer’s couch. The pup slept peacefully while Swoffer called authorities to take the visitor back home. Story, more pics here.



  1. I love that the woman called a friend and asked her to come over to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating.

  2. HA! I just saw this on The Huffington Post and came to this site SO FAST to see if it was up yet. Good job, guys! LOL

  3. Couch puptato

  4. The seal obviously didn’t care for the wildlife officer’s choice in music, either. (Or non-choice, apparently, since he had to turn the radio on himself.)

    Get that dood a bus pass so he doesn’t have to hoof it (flipper it?) next time!


  5. tblue linked to this story in the comments on Dec. 12 (dexter kayak photo). I see the wording in the article has changed, or this article is from a different paper.

    Such a brave little seal. And determined too, since it seems that he was wandering all over town that day.

  6. I love how emergency people area always so skeptical about this stuff. I can imagine why, when they must deal with everything from wino’s to people wanting fast food employees arrested for not making them a whopper but I hope this at least made them laugh.

    Like this story, “You hit a what?”

  7. (looks at sofa, sees no baby seal …)

  8. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    I give your reply the “seal” of approval (bark bark)

  9. Just notice took place at the Bay of Plenty, plenty clearly includes qte

  10. “Bring me a can of tuna and the remote.”

  11. “It was believed the same seal had been collected from a garden earlier that day and seen at a roundabout the next.”

    A little on the explorer side, are we?

  12. I find crumbs and the occasional coin or two when I look at and under the cushions on my couch. No seal pup, though. **storms off, sulking**

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    Well, it only just made it but this hilarious incident is now my favourite animal-related news story of 2011.

  14. Personally i find their restraint quite amazing, becasue you know I would be petting and scratching the little darling.. wild animal or not!

  15. I just read the story and was a little confused by the homeowner’s account: Was the couch in the kitchen?

    Whatever the case, a great story, and a reason to move to an Australian seaside.

  16. He made himself right at home, eh? Oh dear, I can’t seem to find a baby seal anywhere in my house. When do I get mine strolling in through the doggeh door??

    I’ll take good care of you, lil’ guy. you can hang out in my bathtub 🙂

  17. That’s exactly what that seal wants! What a funny story…

  18. Exactomundo! And I’m not certain I would of called to report him, I would of served him a nice plate of fish and he would probably still be cudling with me on the sofa.

  19. we JUST topped off the fluids in our Qte-dar this morning!

  20. that pup knew exactly where to go!

    “”It was a lovely experience I’d have to say, a real treat,” she said.”

  21. Outa my way, tracylee. I have herring and a jacuzzi and I know how to use them. *turns cable TV to NGWild and scoops up seal pup from tracylee’s bathtub. Cats and Yorkie pup stare at one another in disbelief.*

  22. I know … we would have been entertaining him for hours and then drove him down to the sea ourselves. I am pretty Sure My Husband would join me in this blatant disreguard for rules and such! LOL

    also I have a whole bunch of tuna and even some salmon in the freezer. a good two days worth of yummy food for a Sealio Eglasias

  23. :O
    why you little…!

  24. I watched a news account, and what happened was that she initially saw the pup in the kitchen. It then went exploring and decided the couch looked nice, hopped up there and took a nap.

  25. Annie, if I come to your house and pretend to be a seal, can I have some salmon?

  26. This is now my *second* favorite story. The first is this one I read a few months ago:

    Such an awesome owl… 🙂

  27. Yes you can… and some of my family famous home made Chili, Brownies, and a fun filled tour of Monterey and San Benito Counties LOL.
    As well as chicken petting Cat cuddling and sheep watching adventures. LOL

  28. Ooh, I’m so excited! Thank you! I’ll be on my way out there as soon as I find out whether Eddy made it safely to British Columbia.

  29. Well, the pupster wanted to be oh, so comfy. That’s why he took the couch.

  30. I’m amazed that the other animals left pupperkins alone. Although I am starting to think I need to move to the sea so I can have encounters like this 🙂

  31. Good Heavens! What an awesome bird!

    Obviously, it is not impressed with Mr. Petreus’s wife’s hunting prowess, though…

  32. He must be a Navy SEAL since he was able to sneak in so easily.

  33. Well, obviously, we have a couchnapper in Lincoln Park…

    Gold star for the hovertext, NTMTOM!

  34. BRB. Moving to New Zealand.

  35. Yes, and I got the impression he was like “Oh, you don’t like rats? how about a bat then? No?”

  36. It amazes me how animals can find a wonderful corner of a sofa to sleep on. This one looks so sleepy and content.

  37. SEAL Team Qte!

  38. 😯

  39. That sound you just heard was my mind blowing, and scattering confetti and glitter everywhere.

  40. Shall I deploy the CO trap door? 😛

  41. I totally love this story and was so glad someone linked it here. Thank you!

    Just really bummed seal pup couldn’t stay. Clearly his dogged quest for the perfect couch had been achieved only to be rudely snatched away by some bossy male. Not cool!!

  42. Clearly this seal wants to be a lap seal. I will totally take care of this if they let me. And I’d bet money that that lady lied about not petting the seal– I would.

  43. I wish I had seen a seal pup curled up on my couch surrounded by all my cats when I got back home after grabbing a bite to eat. Harumph ! (stalks off pouting)

  44. oh man, can I come too? 😉

  45. Should we take up a collection for the cost of the bus pass?

  46. Currently, I don’t even have any cats on my couch. *Joins Sprock in sulking*

  47. *cranks up the replication and distribution machinery*

  48. If New Zealand has a sudden influx of immigrants, it’ll be because of this seal pup!

  49. Prepares spare rooms for Skippymom and ashagato! puts little chocolate mints on the pillows and sets out fruit bowls on night stands.

  50. Totally!

    And what made him even TRY the couch?? LOL! Like what wild animal goes into a room and says, “Ah yes…this must be the couch!” It’s hysterical.

  51. I always thought Cute Overload was pretty awesome, but this really seals the deal.

  52. No doubt the little guy was looking to see if Seal was playing on the radio!!!!!

  53. Or does it deal the seal? Hmm?

  54. I am in agreement with kt. Gold star from me as well.

    Why is it that I can not live in a world where baby seals come ambling up from the ocean and take cosy naps on my couch? Probably because I don’t live near the ocean… *sigh*

  55. Fird Birfle says:

    ditto !!!

  56. Fird Birfle says:


  57. Fird Birfle says:

    Here ya go, Dash. Hope this helps 🙂

  58. Fird Birfle says:

    *gathers two more consolation prizes for Sprock & victoreia:

  59. Fird Birfle says:

    IM (H?) O, 99% of owls are INHERENTLEH awesome!!!

  60. ROLMAO!

  61. I WANT!

  62. I didn’t see that in the article from the NZ paper. Where did you read that?

  63. Awwwwww, Fird Birfle, you’re the best!

  64. Juniper Jupiter says:

    But flip him over and you see the label: DO NOT USE IF SEAL HAS BROKEN INTO HOUSE.


  65. This story reminds me of a friend’s experience with possums. She lives in a trailer in upstate PA, and found a possum in her bathtub. She gently ejected said possum, but he/she kept getting back in.

    Once she came home to see the possum on her sofa being groomed by one of her cats.

  66. Oh wow, my cat would have been rolling in that spot on the couch for months after. Fishy, fishy, fishy!

  67. He crashes on your couch without asking, insists on playing HIS choice of radio station… Sounds like a few of my friends. :-/

  68. This seal was found in the same part of NZ where the sweater wearing penguins of a few weeks ago were living. News has got around the seas of our delightful nation that the Bay of Plenty is where all smart critters should head when they’re looking for quality human smoochin akshun!.

  69. BumbleBeeBunny says:

    And, the day after that, this blorp was hiding AT THE BASE OF A TELEPHONE POLE, NEAR A SMALL BUSH.