Maru: Box Heaven or Hell!?

Everyone knows Maru is a fiend for boxes—so this new box (with a hole for his head and paws) must be perfect…right!?

Thanks for the head’s up, Ant!



  1. that is not Maru O_O! that is Liz Lemon or Tina Fet or anything roughly equivalent!!! *run away from shockz*

  2. Liz Lemon is now Maru the cat.

  3. Since when did Tina Fey start playing the part of Maru?

  4. Um,,,,,,,,

  5. Mary seems different.

  6. Of course Liz Lemon knows Maru … and apparently he is one heck of a PR agent!

  7. Maru. Not Mary.

  8. That was…um. Special.

  9. This is not the droid you’re looking for.
    This one, however, may be:

  10. I believe you are correct. And, had we seen that one already? Or was it posted on some other, lesser cute-animal site? (Lesser, of course, being the only kind of other cute animal site there is.)

    The Princess Leia impersonation made me feel a bit Rick Rolled.

  11. This is not the right video but I can’t say I was disappointed. Cute Overload plus Liz Lemon is pretty much my greatest hope of the afterlife.

  12. Is this like, the new Rickroll?

  13. No Maru here, with or without a box…. *sigh*

  14. and the incongruity made me giggle like an idiot.

  15. Oh dear…..what a mistake to make. 😦

  16. me too! 😉

  17. I thought I sent the latest Maru video link – the one where he’s playing on a sofa! I subscribe to him on YT, so I keep up with his latest exploits.

    Although the box sandwich video was cute, this “lemon” video isn’t. Don’t y’all test the links before putting them on the site?

  18. *gasp* My eyes! My eyes! *clutches heart* Far too early in the morning for this kind of switcharoo.

  19. Whati whati?

  20. Usually Ant makes “quality forged links.” This is what happens when they’re not. No harm, no foul. But no box, no Maru.

  21. It’s okay, everyone. Maru is just snitting next to Borpo.

    (30 Rock joke).

  22. Moi, Actually says:

    Thanks, Grimma. That was vintage Maru. He looks as if he would have enjoyed being in a medieval pillory.

  23. what happened ! wrong tape we want to see a cat!

  24. cellarmouse says:

    the “can’t turn my head” shifty-eye action makes me chuckle…

  25. SlaveToCat says:

    Maruuuuuu where are youuuuuuuu. Baaarrrooooo

  26. SlaveToCat says:

    That box is from Hell…

  27. Did Maru have a sex and species change operation?

  28. She’s talking in “Upspeak”.? Where everything ends in an up note, question-like. Maru is just funny. I subscribe so I shall never miss one Maru episode.

  29. Andi from NC says:


  30. I can see Liz Lemon taking to the comfort of boxes.

  31. Thank you! I was confused.

  32. Calm down, ya’ll, NTMTOM can have Mondays, too, ya know. 🙂

  33. Huh? Oh YUK. Not Maru but very scary.

  34. There is not a single cat in this video. I am appalled.

  35. Thanks, Grimma. Maru is such a wonderfully laid-back kitty.

  36. Whatz!!?? 😯

  37. Maru fail! 😦 *wanders off while sceatching head*

  38. Looks like NOMTOM has a case of the Mondays. I love everything about Maru and Liz Lemon getting out of jury duty, so this made me happy.

  39. Um… it’s heads up, not head’s.


    Sorry, I’m just a stickler for correct usage of apostrophes.

  40. Typing skillz fail! 😦 *wanders off in opposite direction while SCRATCHING head*

  41. jlamusings says:


  42. I like 30 Rock as well… But Liz Lemon is not Maru.

  43. I don’t get it! Did I miss out on the joke or something? Where am I?

  44. Thanks, grimma. Maru has me snickering like crazy this morning!

  45. Yes, ditto, I agree. Thanks, Grimma. I needed that Maru fix bad!

  46. Oh Man, I really messed up that post! Code has been corrected! I had sent the Liz Lemon clip to a friend and did not see that I had accidentally posted it instead of Maru. WHEW that was a close one *wiping brow*

  47. That’s it ! I can’t take that clean floor any more !! I’m sending Maru & his servant a
    long haired, hugely fuzzy, cat friend that sheds in massive flooffy explosions for X-Mas !

  48. Marry me?

  49. Oh, there’s the correct vid! The Liz Lemon one came up on my LJ feed, but when I got here, it was the Maru one. He’s such a beautiful kitty, and those vids always make me lonely for Japan.

  50. Thirded!…or is it now fourthed?

  51. Mary (the first) says:

    Whew! I thought you had somehow broken into my house and were looking at me! 😀

  52. The box is the perfect superhero cape for Maru. A little unwieldy, perhaps, but quite stylish. The toof marks give it that extra little touch.

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ll join you in that stickiness. 😀

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    Wow. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t understand the Liz Lemon references. So glad it was just a mis-link and now fixed! The wonderful Maru is restored and all is right with the world!

  55. We humans have “cargo cult”, do cats have “cardboard box cult”, where they think they can become Maru by strapping on a cardboard box?

  56. It’s okay, Meg. We all have Mondays. (And not always on Mondays, either!)

  57. *giggle*

  58. Hear, hear! I can’t deal with those floors. You could lick ice cream off them, they’re immaculate. I’ve seen surgical rooms that weren’t half as clean.

  59. What is YT? Sounds interesting…

  60. 😆 I am surprised that Maru’s owner can videotape this without giggling 😆 (I am glad that the wrong link was fixed 😀 )

  61. 4leafclover says:

    Maru in the stocks!!

  62. Looks like he is ready to take of … Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Supermaru.
    I have to try this with my spoiled little brat, the monstercat from Tschernobyl (said a friend cause he is so oversized)… If he does well I will make a video 🙂

  63. Maru Turtle!

  64. My thought in the last few seconds: “Maru, the spice worm/luck dragon in a box, is about to EAT my SOUL!!!!” :O

  65. Aieee! Gamaru!
    MST3K vs Gamera:

  66. At 1:17 he has a look I recognize from my own cats. It’s the “This is exactly what I meant to do!” look.

  67. Maru Air is stalled on the runway.

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    perhaps youtube ???

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    *sympathetic giggle* povracita kimmaroo !!!!

  70. Fird Birfle says:

    (to be read in ValleyGirl dialect) “Like, ohmigawd, I am, like, so SURE that today,
    like really SUCKS. Like, TOAD-ally. I, like, TOAD-ally got my links mixed.
    How groady !!!!”

    translation: Tha Meg is indeed humanoid!!! She can err after all.
    But we luvs her so moische.

  71. ColoradoKaren says:

    How does Maru keep his floor so stinkin’ clean?

  72. tobesograteful says:

    Oh I’m so glad that Maru can’t see me laugh at him!

  73. That happens to me, too, and usually it takes the form of selecting something (by any means, click-and-drag, Select All, whatever), being ABSOLUTELY SURE I right right-clicked Copy, going somewhere else, right-clicking Paste — and being confronted by, what the heck is that, I don’t even recognize that, where did that come from — and then I realize it was whatever was on the clipboard BEFORE whatever I just PUT on the clipboard. So I must have used up all my energy doing the selecting, and only THOUGHT I copied. That happens so much it should have a name, like Phantom Copy or Past Paste.

    I also found it disturbing how many people assumed this was NTMTOM’s mistake, even though it was Meg’s post. What, is NTMTOM automatically to blame for everything? As Yet Another Mike, I find this Mike-blaming to be a disturbing trend.

    Thanks for working it out, Meg, and thanks as always for the blog.

    I bet for a while you will be proofing all your posts after you make them.

  74. Please someone put the ending in 3D…
    Poor Maru and his addiction to boxes…
    I love it…

  75. “Gamaru” is the best portmanteau ever!

    Gamera is really neat.
    Gamera is filled with meat…

  76. there’s something META (if we still use that term) about Maru, wearing a box, getting into another box.

  77. Thanks, TUM! Knew with the quality of CO’ers that there would be some MiST’ies.
    And portmanteau is one of the best words EVER!

  78. I want to know how, HOW I say, can the camera person stay so darn quiet in the Maru vid’s?!? I’m on the other end of a computer screen, and I still can’t stop giggling at Maru.

  79. My thoughts exactly!

  80. maru does NOT look to happy with that box, maybe it is time for some new toys to play with