Lil’ Drac

Will you please check out this prosy lil’ baby bat rescue action. This little guy is so sweet, and handled so gently:

Bats off to you, Michelle C.



  1. I’ve never found bats to be cute….until this guy. And a huge thank you to the kind people who are taking such great care of him.

  2. I want that job!

  3. His little rocking is ADORABLE! That’s really cute.

  4. I just saw this elsewhere and wondered if it would be here. I am so glad it is. What wonderful, gentle people. He is just plain adorable…..and he rocks in more ways than one. 🙂

  5. exact… even a “not so cute” animal deserves the right to be taken care of and to live!

  6. GOD loves all creatures great and small – and even a little spooky looking.

  7. Wow, I never thought I would think a bat is “cute” – but there it is.

  8. Alice Shortcake says:


    *wipes away tear*

    That was lovely. I now have an overwhelming urge to brush a baby bat.

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    snf. Who would have thought a baby bat would bring tears of love/joy. *sigh* SO cute and the people are so sweet with him. Lovely music, too. *sigh* again. I hope he grew up all big and strong and ready to face the world!

  10. Aww… Poor bebeh battikins. ;( This needs a “ResQte” tag. But…I can’t…it’s…too cute…OMG THE LEETLE BELLEH AND CLAWS AND EARSIES! *head ‘splode*

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    oh and the wing stretches about half way through! “Mom! quit tickling me!” awwww

  12. **sings to Lil’ Drac** I-I-I, I’m so in love with you…

    And to those with infinitely tender hands & all the patience there is at the rescue…nothing but love for you as well.

    I love bats.

  13. Megumi's Mom says:

    nanananaananaaaaa BATbat! (yes, I’ve been rendered silly by the cute)

  14. Alice Shortcake says:

    Ooooh, I forgot to mention the adorable SCRATCHING ACTION!!

    The last time I had a close encounter with bats was during an open-air production of “As You Like It” a few years ago. When I wasn’t on stage I’d lie on my back under the trees and watch the bats flitting to and fro.

  15. I had to mute the sound, was already on the verge of emotional just from watching, the music was making me weepy. Bless the people at the sanctuary for taking such good care of the little guy and so many others.

  16. PS. Rock on, Lil’ Drac! *blows nose*

  17. oh he was soo cute! and his rocking himself, aye!!!
    he looked so sweet and nice to see him getting
    great care!

  18. Ah, open-air performances! Bats like Schubert, did you know? 😀

  19. I agree, the music made it that much worse (or better). So precious and teeny. I love bats to begin with, but seeing one that tiny and his sponge sucking made me warm and squidgy!

  20. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, so cute and tiny! I love the little piece of foam used to feed him… (-:

    And I agree with kristi, yay for the people who take care of little critters!

  21. And didn’t he loved being brushed – the way he stretched right out so they wouldn’t miss any bits. I was walking under a fig tree at dusk recently and came face to face with an upside down bat. It got a fright and flapped off ~~~~@~~~~.

  22. I’ve never seen a thumb-sized baby batty being swaddled. Oh. My. Gawd.

  23. Saw this on Io9 and knew that it belonged here. And yes, this little guy needs a ResQte tag.

  24. Alice Shortcake says:

    Good heavens. Shakespeare, Schubert…bats are more cultured than I thought, at least regarding things beginning with “s”.

  25. arachnophile says:

    This makes me so happy. I’ve always been an advocate of maligned critters and the people at Batworld are kindred spirits! I wish I lived closer so I could volunteer my time.

    Rock-On Lil’ Drac, KEEP ROCKIN’

    I love how even after the milk is gone, he’s SO NOT letting go of that foam-tip. 😀 I’ve tried to help out injured bats in the past and they are very fragile lil’ guys. This video made my YEAR!

  26. Yay friend bat! Here in Austin, we have a whole colony of bats who live under the Congress Avenue bridge, just a block away from my home, so I get to see them come out at dusk during summer. Such neat little critters, and so good at keeping the mosquito population under control!

  27. I’ve always loved bats, especially fruit bats with their beady eyes and perky ears. But this little fellow…oooh I just want to squeeze him! Very gently! The rocking himself hits me very powerfully with how much we have in common with our animal cousins, even those so different from ourselves. Sweet little batling!

  28. Not an animal I would traditionally think of as being cute, but it’s such a beautiful and fascinating little creature- and the way it’s being taken care of so carefully is touching. [sniff…] Thanks Cute Overload, for continually expanding my definition of “cute”!

  29. well, that was just darling. keep rockin’, little bat! so adorable.

  30. The rescute peeps said on the YouTube page that he is doing very well, and is starting to fly. They hope to have more video up soon.

  31. I want to teach him to hang from my ear, like a tiny flappy earring! *rockrockrock*

  32. SlaveToCat says:

    I volunteer to rock him after his dinner…

  33. “Yes, there are more videos coming! We have been filming his progress. He’s eating fruit now and testing his wings, and is almost ready for the flight cage :)”


    You can adopt Li’l Drac or any of a number of rescued bats (including Sticky who survived being trapped on flypaper!) at

  34. I got all trickly teary. What a sweet widdle baby batty!!!

  35. swaddled…baby…bat…! toooooo cuuuuuute!!!! 😀

  36. Thank you for rescuing! That is just tooo adorabulhs!! The leetle feets!

  37. Love Mr. McBattersons. Nomnomnom

  38. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Can’t wait for the video updates.

  39. BLUB!

    Live long and prosper, Li’l Drac. 🙂

  40. I discovered Bat World’s website years ago and can’t visit it without breaking into tears. Its stories really are heartwarming & it will completely change the way you think about bats.

  41. I don’t know if it was the adorableness or the music, but that made me want to cry so bad. Bats are slightly terrifying to me though, especially recently when we were climbing up this huge hill to a cliffside hotel in Scotland in the middle of the night and there were bats EVERYWHERE, swooping around right next to us. Like, hundreds of bats. I’m mainly scared that they will get caught in my hair and… what? I’m not really sure what I’m afraid would happen there, but there is just something slightly creepy about them. And yet, they can be so cute.

  42. The Original Jane says:

    When we visited Texas we went to Austin for the day and stayed just to see the bats fly out at night. Pretty dang cool. I hope they are able to keep the large population of bats going strong there. There was a neat article about how the ridges under the bridge encouraged all those bats to move in after it was built. Just perfect homes for them.

  43. I absolutely lurve bats!! Little Drac is so cute and in such caring hands! Rock on Drac!!

  44. The Original Jane says:

    Will you clean up the baby bat guano? snerk

  45. The rocking…it KEELS me…*snuffles*

  46. How beautiful. They are taking such amazing care of this sweet little guy. This makes me so happy.

  47. He rocks is right on!!! How awesome!

  48. Ok getting nectar snack and waiting.

  49. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Don’t you just love the people who rescue abandoned creatures! Lil’ Drac you will grow big and strong.

  50. That’s actually where I saw it too before I sent it here. Knew it belonged to the adoring CO masses.

  51. kibblenibble says:

    So tiny to be without a mom! Such a sweet resQte story. *sneef*

  52. where I lived most recently, we has loads of little bats. I used to love seeing them at twilight

  53. My heart, it is wrenched. Pass the Kleenex, would ya? *sneef*

  54. I can’t get over how TINY he is–I’d be afraid I’d break him! This is the ONLY reason I wish I lived in Texas, so I could volunteer. The people at Bat World Sanctuary are simply amazing! I encourage everyone to take their virtual tour
    and read the stories of the bats they have rescued, some of whom you may “adopt” to defray their expenses. If you aren’t fond of bats, you may come to appreciate them. If you already like bats…well, you’ve probably already visited this site! 🙂

  55. He is adorable — the more so because he doesn’t in the least resemble the bats that invade my house every summer and freak me out by swooping down on my head randomly.

  56. This sweet video reminds of my favorite children’s book ever, “Stella Luna”…a beautiful story with beautiful illustrations about a baby bat who gets separated from her mama, and the friends she meets as she searches for (and eventually finds) her mom. A wonderful book. Sweet baby bat– bless you to those who rescue these little critters.

  57. When I was doing my dissertation in Costa Rica, there were always bat researchers hanging around (get it?) working with the local bats. It turns out that, when a bat is sick and needs to be nursed back to health, the best place to carry him/her is in your breast pocket. The bat can cling to the lip of the pocket and stay nestled inside, close to your chest where it’s nice and warm.

  58. Wow, that was just beautiful Great music to accompany this amazing video.

  59. I got to see a baby bat at the Columbus Zoo nursery once. (Momma-bat had twins and not enough milk for both). They had him/her in a little snuggle-cup, and itwould have one little foot up and hooked over the edge of the top. When they dug it out of the towels it was snuggled down in and swaddled it for feeding, there was a tiny bit of wing-flailing and it looked like a damp leather glove. Then yum yum milks from a syringe and then back to burrow in and nestle in the cup, followed by one tiny foot creeping up and hooking over the edge. Cuz it just feels better that way

  60. Kids here in Florida do that with lizards. Get ’em good and annoyed and they’ll hiss at you, then you can put them near your earlobes and they’ll clamp on like gangbusters. 🙂

  61. Can’t believe I’m saying how cute he is, but I just couldn’t help but think of this too:

  62. For real, the swaddling nearly make me esplode from the qte!

  63. I must say, the ending comment on the video pretty much sums it up: “And he rocks…”

    Indeed, he DOES rock!! Rock on little man!

  64. Actually, I’m not sure if they like it, but it was while I was playing Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony (clarinet) that the bats came down around my head. 😉

  65. Look at THIS!

  66. I remember seeing a documentary on TV about the bats of Austing, Texas, U.S.A. and I think it showed that the local restaurants actually put out lights so the moths fly in so people can watch the bats have a feast 😀

  67. Same here, Karen 😀 I love bats and black cats (I know it rhymes) as well as other colors that kitties come in 😀

  68. Mary (the first) says:


  69. For cute bats, you can’t beat the flying foxes, like this guy:

  70. This made me cry. The joys of being hyper-sensitive.

  71. This made me cry. The joys of being hyper-sensitive.

  72. Amen.

  73. “I love bats and black cats/as well as other colours/ that kittehs are good at” 😀

  74. OMG – Friend Bat reference – are you a Scarygoround fan?

  75. YAY bat! Hopefully this video will convince more people of what some of us have known all along – bats are adorable 😀

    I love that the way to get him to groom is to muss up his fur. You can almost hear him “Moooooom! Cut it out!”

  76. What a touching and sweet way to start my day…the tears started flowing and have not stopped. My holiday season has been absolutely awful (retail business) and I needed to know that there are people like those takin’ care of Baby Drac and those that post here.
    The world is a beautiful place…sometimes I need to be reminded of that and that’s why I come here and read these beautiful and heartfelt posts.

  77. Fear not! They don’t want to get smacked in the face with some human’s head any more than you want to get smacked in the head 😉 They have sonar to keep them from running into stuff.

  78. Alice Shortcake says:

    You should have played something from “Die Fledermaus”!

  79. tesstricks says:

    ahahaha, I love the music

  80. I never thought bats to be cute, but all baby animals I guess are cute after seeing this tape I will think of bats in a different way instead of being afraid I will remember this and not think they are bad.

  81. I am so touched by the gentleness toward this beautiful creature of God.

  82. LunaChickFringe says:

    Not gonna lie, I cried..and smiled. I wanted to gently smooch him on the top of his tiny head.

  83. bat-nursing

    if bats grow up in a spa, how did the bat-man ever get so grim?

  84. Chiroptera cutie!!!

  85. See that puddle? That’s my heart!!
    OMG so cute!! I love the rocking and the itchy head!!!
    SQUEEing so high that only Lil Drac cn hear it!

  86. Hahahah I feel the same, my squeeing was so loud my husband ran downstairs to see what was wrong. Lil Drac is so cute it hurts.

  87. So much for the evil blood-suckers, more the old German name. Translated:” Flying mouse.”

  88. I don’t know which melted my heart more the cute little rocking after he’d fed or how tender and gentle his carer was with him either way I’m a big pile of goo on the floor now.

  89. As a nursing mother this had me sobbing. Anthropomorphize much?

  90. I LOVE Stellaluna. Even tried to download the musical but I can’t seem to find it now.

  91. by far the best thing i hae seen today. outstanding rescue work. it is things like this that give me faith that there are still some decent and morally upstanding people in this world. thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ❤

  92. I was trained in bat rescue at Bat World Sanctuary by Amanda Lollar herself. She’s taught hundreds of people how to gently care for such tiny, fragile critters. Lots of people forget that bats are mammals, and anything a big mammal can think and do, a bat can think and do too–plus flying!

    Please don’t sell your local bats short–they are just as cute as this guy, and they’re NEVER swooping at people to hurt them. They’re just curious or trying to get past you.

  93. “Scraygoround”, what do you mean by that, Earwig?

  94. Red Toenails says:

    Very interesting.

  95. Fffffff BATWORLD SANCTUARY ❤ ❤ ❤ !

    Always wanted to go to this place, even out of my batty-for-bats phase.

    You guys need to get a picture of ol' Van Goh on here. He was my favorite.

  96. This made me all sloppy, darn it! I LOVE bats and have always thought they were cute. This guy just knocked me over. So tiny and so cute!!

  97. Iesza Jessica says:

    Sometimes….sometimes…I love humans….at least the ones who love animals

  98. Well scoop me off the floor…… With his little foamy sucky thing. A little bat bottle/pacie.

  99. Bats are awesome! Fruit bats pollinate a LOT of different tropical fruits, and the bug-eaters can consume their own weight in mosquitoes!

  100. I always rocked myself to sleep–often still do, at age 61!

  101. Beff said “Yay for friend bat” – friend bat is a character in a webcomic called Scarygoround, and wondered if she was a fan.

  102. Psyche, the bats were after the insects that you stirred up as you passed. They wouldn’t have gotten into your hair.

  103. Awesome! I think bats are fascinating!

  104. Bats ‘n Rack?

  105. I have fallen in love with a baby bat.

  106. Love bats! When I lived in a small town in Asia, in the evening I used to go out on the balcony of my second-story apartment and watch squadrons of small bats soar and swoop down in the moonlight, eating mosquitoes and other insects from the nearby rice paddies. Fascinating creatures! Never figured where they were hiding in the daytime. This little bebeh is just adorable… the sucking action on the foam thingy was definitely a killer. Can’t wait to see his progress. Bless the caretakers of small creatures.

  107. this made me CRY

  108. D’awww, but why call it lil’ drac if its not actually a vampire bat. Its so tiny and adorable

  109. Yeah but they disabled embedding the adorable bat

  110. I did actually have a bat get tangled in my hair once. I was about ten or so, and he just smacked right into the back of my head. We both flailed around for about two seconds before he got free. I didn’t have time to get creeped out, even if I had been inclined to.

  111. I’m a regular reader of C.O. and have sent some pics/video myself to C.O. over the years. I absolutely LOVED this!!! Not to take away from this in the least, but I wonder how many people who love the nurturing of our wonderful animals that God has graced us with and their survival at any cost also support the survival of the human species.
    I expect this comment will be deleted, and flame me if you must. It’s just something to think about.
    Love the posts, Meg et al! My friends are prolly sick of me bombarding them with Cuteness on emails and FB, but I don’t care 🙂

  112. Only that was an old world fruit bat. A bit bigger usually. Some are called flying foxes.

  113. And I probably influenced the way I draw bats. See my gallery by clicking my name.

  114. D’awww you can see it breathing in some shots