“Let’s play Twucks!”

“You play the dwiver!”


Iris R. playtime at your house is anerabuhls.



  1. LisaLassie says:

    (grabbing keys, racing out to car to drive up next to twuck—er, truck, and snatch out kittehs.)

  2. This is why Christmasn presents will be late; the driver is asleep!

  3. Aaaaaw. The only time it’s good to be asleep at the wheel….

  4. JohnnyJohnny says:

    It’s always amazing to see what little places kittens/cats pour themselves into.

  5. kibblenibble says:

    I want all of them, so I must say it three times.
    Want! Want! Want!!!

    (and friends)

  7. I don’t just want a tinee tabbee, I really, really need one. Just about this size and just learning to make him/her self big and sproing sideways. My last cat, Peachy Carnahan, a marmie, died this summer at the age of 17 and I really really need a replacement kitteh. Please, Santa, can you hear me? (Preferably of course, a rescute kitteh who really, really needs a home.)

  8. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Peachy, arv9y 😥 (BIG CYBER HUG) I so hope Santa sends you a rescute kitty or two 😀

  9. Same here, kibblenibble 😀 I could snorgle all three little kitties 😀

  10. arv9y, if you wake up on Christmas morning and don’t find a marmie kitten in your stocking, might I suggest you check with the elves at your local shelter or rescue group? I’ve heard that even Santa has been outsourcing this year. Wishing you a warm and fuzzy holiday.

  11. Moi, Actually says:

    “Twucks” is good. But shouldn’t that be “Pway”?

  12. Awww.. This reminded me of when my little brother and I used to play trucks…
    We were not this cute, but we sure had fun.

  13. Thank you for the kind words, Oakley and Teresa. I am really hoping Santa/Hubby at least OK’s the adoption of a rescue kittie. We have 2 small dogs, a Chi and a Morkie who do very well with other little animals and are stilll young enuf to adapt well, so I am hopeful. But with vet bills to consider too, if is still iffy whether I will get my wish. I need to get one soon if at all, cause I just turned 71 and I wnat to be able to enjoy a longish time with a cat. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though it’s harder to wrap presents this way.

  14. ‘Cause we got a great big cat-voy
    Rockin’ through the night!
    Yeah, we got a great big cat-voy
    Ain’t she a beautiful sight?
    Come on and join our cat-voy
    Ain’t nothing gonna get in our way
    We gonna roll this truckin’ cat-voy
    ‘Cross the U-S-A!

  15. Yay!!! Claps HAnds!

  16. snoopysnake says:

    UKS – United Kitteh Service: See What Calico Do for You!

  17. sunnylessmum says:

    I’ve gotten a little used to the cute here on CO, and I admit, it’s not as often that I gasp out loud. But this one, this one, well, let’s just say I was pretty embarrassed about my out loud gasps since I’m at work. Iris R., that first pic is so good it looks fake. I’m humbled by the power of cute, all over again.

  18. All the kittens are adorable! The white face kitty cracks me up looks like he needs more head room in that cab. =D

  19. What does anerabuhls mean?

  20. why, it’s a high fructose version of “anerable,” of course! (see CuteOverload.com Glossary, c. 1927, ibid. et al, veni, vidi, verily and moe, II. A. iii)