Meet Roscoe

…says Sender-Inner Anita F.

OK. [extends hand to meet paw]



  1. Love your white socks Roscoe, and, your bent ear action!

  2. oh lordy how could you get anything done with that little face lookin’ at you??

    Anita puppeh of my own! I think I’ll just take this one 🙂

  3. OMG puppy!!!11!1!1111!!!1!!

    And very plink-worthy eye capsules.

  4. What a sweet little morsel. I want to omnomnomnomnom!

  5. Oh, tracy? I think you already have a doggeh? *grabs puppy away and runs*

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Re: the hovertext: Yeah, he DOES look like he’s about to “baroo!” What a cutey!

  7. *looks around the lounge for dog treats*

  8. If I had to guess… I’d say there is bacon in the vicinity of the camera.

  9. yes, but I need.MORE.PUPPEHS.

    *ahem* now gimme back Roscoe!
    (I’ll regain composure eventually, I’m sure… )

  10. May I be the first to say…. BOOP! BOOP BOOP!! BOOP BOOP BOOP!!!

  11. VeganDragan says:

    What kind of puppeh is he? I have a lil girl that we rescued that looks just like him, and we have no clue what she is!

  12. I couldn’t help it, he so does look like he’s about to baroo that I did one.
    How would you say that? I barrooed ?? 😆

  13. womblegirl says:

    He definitely seems to have that “can I share your food?” look on his face. love the floppy ears too.

  14. Dear Roscoe… I like youre ear floppage. and your bbopable nose… and your sweet puppy feet…Please come and live at my house… I am sure the Kitties would welcome you with open paws… and not bop you on the head or swipe you with their claws..

  15. Sigh… Pulls out home made brownies and cocoa and sits in bean bag chair in moderation Lounge waiting patiently for Sharpy.

  16. Oh my cuteness! How many rules of cuteness does he display? I don’t know what he is but, I’d like to borrow him for the weekend. I really want to kiss that sweet little nose!

  17. Well, hello Roscoe, pleasure to meet ya! (Shakes paw vigorously, snatchs puppy and runs away……….maybe to the moderation lounge? Yeah nobody will find us there!)

  18. WOW!!! 😯

  19. Nothin’ wrong with home-made brownies and cocoa. Here’s a shot of Jameson’s. 😛

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    Here ya go, KA. Cuddle this, while ye’re waitin’ :

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    I THINK I hooked up to KA’s “reply” when I set up that comment …..but it didn’t land there ……???????


  22. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: “Roscoe” = A MOST excellent puppeh name.

  23. Thanks Jameson’s always makes cocoa better!

  24. Ohhhh a pink Teddy Bear.. She is perfect for cuddling thanks Fird.

    Makes a new cup of cocoa with Jamesons from Theresa and wafts the scent in Sharpies general direction. Ohhh Sharpy I have something for you! Lofts a plate of brownies.

  25. sunnylessmum says:

    Pleased to meet you Roscoe; you have lovely markings! Now, if I could just do a soft kronsche on your left ear, I’d be in good shape. 🙂

  26. I need to snuggle that pup.

  27. I gasped when I saw Roscoe — because he is obvy the reincarnation of Cleo, my little Jack-Chi rescue pup. She died at the young age of 10, but she was a loving, tree-climbing, hard-headed little sweetie. Here’s her photo:
    Roscoe, this is what you’re gonna look like soon, you lucky dog!

  28. victoreia says:

    Ladies, obviously we have a custody issue here. I’ll have to take Roscoe place Roscoe in Puppeh Protective Services until Her Honor, Judge Fird Birfle, makes a ruling in this case.

  29. Awe…..Cleo was a beautiful girl Martha.

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    *issues Ruling*

    Meg gets Roscoe and we can all visit him (and visit MEG, TOO of course —
    shifty eyes — ) at her house!!!!

  31. Roscoe is such a cutie! I want!!

  32. “Look at that face, just look at it,
    look at that marvelous face of yours!
    I knew first look I took at it,
    here was a face that the world adores.”

    Who could resist that look, that gorgeous face???

  33. poor Anita! she doesn’t even get to plead her case?

    Guess I’ll have to give Roscoe a good home 🙂

  34. cellarmouse says:

    hullo roscoe…

  35. OY! Court officer!

  36. Whoa… I think I might have painted Roscoe’s sister:

    Seriously… the resemblance is uncanny! They have so many of the same markings.

  37. He is a rescue and we have no idea what kind of puppy he is either!! lol

  38. VeganDragan says:

    Ha! We always joke that Lily is pure LA street doggie. I’ve heard Chihuahua and jack russel, boston terrier mix, rat terrier mix… you name it. Whatever they are, they are really darn awesome!