Oh, It’s This Guy Again

When we last saw Teddy Bear, the pugnaciously possessive porcupine, he offered some strong opinions on the subject of corn, specifically how it was his and you can keep your grabby little hands off it, lady. In this installment, Teddy shares his views about pumpkins, and they turn out to be… pretty much the same.


  1. Hands off the gourd, lady!

    I love the sounds Teddy makes. I had no idea porcupines were so vocal…

  2. Guy eats like he was raised in a boarding house. Mine!! Mine!! Mine!!

    Also reminds me of the old Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor movie, Stir Crazy.

  3. Fird Birfle says:

    your mentioning a boardinghouse,
    also brings to my mind, Oliver from Charles Dickens!!!

  4. I think you meant workhouse.

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    ok shur, yewbetcha!!!

  6. Teddy’s got a whole conversation going on there

  7. Are those vocalizations real, or are they courtesy of Pixar?

  8. I’m pretty sure this guy is throwing his voice:

  9. I think this kitten is just noisily defending its food!

  10. Yep. That’s definitely a territorial warning noise.

  11. Actually, my cat made ridiculous noises like this around his bottle when he was a kitten! They’re such weird critters.

  12. That’s pretty common for cats. Most of mine make “yummy” noises like that when they eat. The kittens seem to be the loudest.

  13. this.

  14. Yay! A Teddy Bear encore! *waving lighter in the air*

    I love his little nommy noises. So amusing…

  15. mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine–that’s what Teddy says (over and over and over again!)

  16. Billie-Jo says:

    I love the “Back off! It’s mine!” move around 1:04!


  18. Most awesome porcupine ever!

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    *starts a Cute Porcupines Fan Club*

    *takes entrance fees from each applicant; hands the proceeds to victoreia*

  20. I’ll join! I love Teddy Bear.

  21. How much? *fishes around in purse for wallet*

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    jujube: it’s ONLY $5.00 per day!!!! SUCH a deal !!!!

    Used Car Salesperson

  23. Wait, I’m still waiting in line for my Petite Lap Giraffe! Whatever shall I do!?

  24. HEEE! “Mekka-lekka-hi, mekka-hiney ho!”

  25. i propose torches. and a chant.

  26. victoreia says:

    Why, thank you, Fird. This will go toward maintaining the Duplication and Distribution machines!

    *whispers* What percentage were we skimming, again?

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    SSSSSHHHHH!!!! gosh, victoreia. You’re gonna expose the whole deal !!!

  28. I’ve never heard a porcupine talk… that’s the most audiblicious sound evar!!

  29. golf clap for wonderful new word

    If I had access to this porcupine, he’d be super-fat because I’d be feeding him nonstop. How could anyone resist?

  30. Yay, adibilicious! That should definitely be in Webster’s by the 2013 printing. Let’s get the word out, peeps!!!!

  31. sunnylessmum says:

    Talkative little fella isn’t he? Must be something about having such an awesome defense system that nature allows porcupines to make so much noise when eating.
    My brother’s name is Teddy, but he never makes this many comments when nomming. :)

  32. “Awesome defense system” indeed! Teeth, claws, AND quills?!

  33. His claws are so pretty. They are my favorite thing about him, aside from his nomming noises, of course.

  34. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Ahhh Teddy, just in time for this year’s top 10.

  35. Completely agree. I could watch him like a TV show.

  36. Alice Shortcake says:

    Give this porcupine his own TV show! Or at least a Christmas special!

  37. bob drummond says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you ,Alice !!!

  38. I see it , I hear it . But I’m still having a hard time believing there is a creature that REALLY talks like Cousin It !
    I want to believe !!!

  39. I was thinking ewok… But cousin It works too…

  40. Who knew?!?! He’s got such a cartoon voice :-D

  41. Enjoying donuts and hot chocolate in the mod lounge :) Anyone got some mini marshmellows?

  42. I do! *tosses a bag of minis at CS*

  43. I was going to give you some pumpkin to enjoy in the mod lounge, but I cannot seem to get a hold of it…

  44. Today it’s– (drumroll) MY MOTHER’s LASAGNE!!! One taste of this, and you’ll float away on clouds of mozzarella. :)

  45. I want to see/hear Teddy eat the mod lounge goodies! Donuts, marshmallows, veggie tacos….whatever!

  46. I came home stressed and frustrated and now I’m barfing rainbows. Teedy FTW!

  47. omg. is he saying yum yum yum or am I imagining it.

  48. He sounds like Bunson Honeydew’s assistant, Beaker.

  49. Fird Birfle says:


    *sorry for hollering*

  50. Holler all you want Fird, but the best of the muppets are the two old farts in the balcony.

  51. I myself am partial to the inimitable Beaker-Swedish Chef-Animal Trio.
    Here’s some holiday spirit from them!

  52. Statler and Waldorf (I committed the names to memory two weeks ago when my satelite radio had a special muppets station and they did the bumps/blips between programming.)

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    @ jujube: Them’s fightin’ wirds ….. *grrrr*

  54. A Beaker Encore!

  55. Theresa- that ALWAYS makes my day :) Thanks so much :)

  56. TrixandSam says:

    Mine too Firdie! Holler away!

  57. Fird Birfle says:


  58. Perfectly acceptabuhls, I say. XD

  59. victoreia says:

    Glad I’m not the only Beaker lover!

  60. I love Animal….so under appreciated.

  61. Named a cat Beaker, because he goes “Me? Me? Me?” instead of “Meow?” when he wants attention. Hard to choose a favorite Muppet!

  62. Personally, I loved Miss Piggy. Had a Disco Miss Piggy doll as a kid, complete with a sparkly disco dress and disco head band. I think Animal comes in as a close second. I did love Beaker though too :) heck. I loved all the muppets!

  63. He is the cutest definatly non-huggable but assuredly lovable Teddy Bear ever !!!

  64. gwennaelle says:

    If you happen to watch “The Cleveland Show” his voice sounds *just* like the voice of Lester’s wife, “Kendra Krinklesac”. Uncanny, I say!

  65. You’re totally right on that one!!! I didn’t put it together until you mentioned it…

  66. Christine says:

    CAN THERE PLEASE JUST BE A TEDDY EATING THINGS CHANNEL!? Thank God there’s no live feed of Teddy, or I would have nothing even close to resembling a life…

  67. Reminds me of what my dog does when I give her a treat. She’s all ‘back off mommy’! lol. I <3 Teddy Bear!!

  68. That’s called food aggression ^__^

  69. Teddy Bear knows Wing Chun.

  70. Catsquatch says:

    I swear, the sounds he makes could be used for a character in an animated film…..

  71. sunnylessmum says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if that could happen and then the proceeds could go to help injured wildlife that needed rehabilitation, and sanctuary services for those that couldn’t be released back to the wild? Light bulb lights above head, hmmmm.

  72. Fird Birfle says:

    amen HALLelujah, sistah!!!!

    Sign me UP !!!


  74. Mr. Jabberpants needs some Crest White Strips!

  75. WOW. Unlike Teddy, I am speechless…..

  76. I second your sentiments.

  77. I can’t get enough of this awesome Teddy footage!!!

  78. He pops like my guinea pigs when I give them carrots

  79. Let the poor porcupine alone. It only wants to eat.

  80. yeah, and quit starin’ at it!

  81. I thought I was seeing things on the “corn” video, but when Teddy’s omnomming pun’kin, it’s pretty obvy he has big ol’ yeller beaver teefs!!

    Entranced by his cute vocalizations!!

  82. Silly quill-peeg.
    I can’t wait for the cantalope or a watermellon.

  83. Fird Birfle says:

    wot ’bout, mebbe, a (wait for it…………………) CUKeumber???? ;)

  84. victoreia says:

    Sneaky, sneaky!

    I wonder what’s in the Mod lounge….think I’ll check.


  85. well, hello! oh, you look enchanting in that gown! we’ve got hot toddies… sound good?

  86. Oh, yes! Thank you!

  87. victoreia says:

    Oh, peppermint fudge bars! YUM!

  88. yum, indeed! and another fresh batch just up from the south pole! nog?

  89. Please post some more episodes of “fine dining”. This was absolutely educating and delightful!

  90. Hi, Is this Janer or a third Jane?

    Signed, the original Jane. (I think I need to change my moniker so there’s no confusion…. sigh.)

  91. I am also Jane. Jane E. Smith

  92. The Original Jane says:

    Hi J.E.S. !

    I’ve had this happen before recently with another Jane – so just to keep from confusion I decided to change mine to something less common. Welcome to the boards if you’re new at posting here! :) Eventually you’ll probably run into another future Jane at some point.

  93. victoreia says:

    How about “Not those Janes, THIS Jane!”?


    Brain-fried smarty-pants today…..

  94. The Original Jane says:

    I decided to go with “The Original Jane” down below in a post but it’s currently in moderation. Just too common of a name. I can see the writing on the wall, every month or so a new Jane comes along and I don’t want to be in the position of saying “Hey, I was here first” nor have someone commenting something that’s not my viewpoint under the same name. Believe it or not, I don’t read ALL the threads, just most.

  95. Teddy say NO!!!!

  96. Karen Rydell says:

    I love Teddy! But I worry that his front teeth, that look like they may be bad, cause him pain when he eats? Could that be the reason for the little sounds he makes? I hope not! He’s such a sweetie!

  97. irritablevowel says:

    A lot of rodents have orange front teeth–it’s just a different type of bone. You should see a beaver skull! They’re crazy!

  98. They aren’t bad……the colour is because they are full of iron. Many anipals that gnaw on wood have the orange looking teeth.

  99. And they grow constantly, so his teeth need plenty of gnawing nomming

  100. Megumi's Mom says:

    Yes, mine mine mine, yum yum yum, I LIKE THIS…

    yep, they speak English just fine.

  101. What a chatterbox!
    At 0:46 Teddy Bear is asked “How good is it?” and i swear he answered “GREAT”

  102. OMG..sounds like it said pumpkin a few times.

  103. This is the closest you can get to an Ewok without visiting Endor’s moons.

  104. I was just gonna say: If ewoks had had quills, they could have been the coolest characters in those movies.

  105. I like the way he inspects it by rocking it side to side with his paw before taking a bite.

  106. I am impressed by his teeth, strong enough to cut through pumpkin rind!

  107. Teddy has *indignant* down pat.

  108. Fird Birfle says:

    YES !!!

  109. Brandi7920 says:

    2 min mark – I swear he told her to ‘stop it!’, when she was wiggling the pumpkin around. <3 I lof Teddy!

  110. alwayscataddict says:

    Am I the only one who thinks he’s humming to himself while eating (starting about 1:06)?

  111. I thought he was singing to the pumpkin, a hymn of praise for its yumminess.

    Between saying back off it’s mine.

    I love Teddy.

  112. Cutest thing I’ve seen all year!

  113. Reminds me of The Cheat. Anyone?

  114. Hmm, maybe. His keeper is always off-camera, so we can’t see if she’s wearing a Lucha Libre mask…

  115. He is so awesome! Does anyone know if this is normal vocalisation for a porcupine, or do you think it’s because he’s socialized to humans who are very vocal creatures?

  116. From my experience with porcupines of all ages, it’s totally normal. Some nights I’ll stop to usher one or another out of the road and they just are constantly grumbling and muttering and they Never Say Thank You!! I’m also lucky enough to live in an area with a family and they all have different vocalizations. They are real characters!

  117. That is fascinating! Thank you for the info, maggie!

  118. Teddy rocks. squee squee squeeeeeeeeeeee

  119. hahaha!! He soooo didn’t like the taste of the stem!!

  120. Lof Teddy Bear!

    I’m not conversant in Porcupinese, but I do believe Mr. TB McQuill’s monologue went something like this:

    (Mumbling) “Yum, yum; this is good stuff.” (Glaring at the camera) “Hey! Get that thing off’a mah face, can’t you see I’m eating?” (Mumbling again) “Stupid %^$* hooman, dunno why I put up with them. If it weren’t for the yummies…” (Glares again at the camera) “Hey! I said turn it off! Are you deaf or sumpthing?” (continues mumbling in an unpublishable diatribe)

  121. *giggle* Such a curmudgeon!

  122. Fird Birfle says:

    *Best Vocab word in this comment thread: “diatribe” * :)

  123. Methinks he sounds like Cousin Itt! Anyone with me on this one!? :shock:

  124. Just was the original corn video, toooo cuuuute! Lots of people thinkin’ Cousin Itt as well! Coolness! :-D

  125. I meant ‘saw’ the original corn video! Must remember to proof-read, darnit!

  126. What a sweet little guy! Makes you want to pick him up and…..uh…. Well, makes you want to give him a glowing verbal pronouncement!

  127. :)

  128. The Original Jane says:

    So first I thought cute, like the first video of Teddy, then: “it’s cousin IT again”, then it started to scare me (is Teddy possessed?) and then I laughed. Do all porcupines vocalize like this one?

    Trumpet sounds for announcement: Hear ye, hear ye: For any long timers, I’m changing my name from Jane to “The Original Jane” since it seems to be too popular with new posters (no offense to the other Janes, it will just be easier this way).

  129. I am entranced by this porcupine. I’d let him eat my face off as long as he leaves my ears for last.

  130. Fird Birfle says:


  131. bob drummond says:

    I know what you mean Fird, I don’t understand it either !!
    Lets go to the Mod Lounge and have a couple ‘a drinks !
    Maybe then we’ll figger it out !

  132. Just figured out who Teddy looks like, with that big front tooth …. Nancy McPhee!!! Sounds the same too.

  133. The Original Jane says:

    Nanny, not Nancy…LOL! Love those movies!

  134. The Original Jane says:

    Grrr…..two comments on this thread awaiting moderation. I think there is a word/character limit. Can we know what it is please?

  135. no.

  136. oh, okay, it’s 7.

  137. The Original Jane says:

    I think this time it was because I changed my name.

    7? – yeah like we all stick to brief comments on C.O. ;)

  138. Around 2:11 it almost sounds like he said “Not bad!”

  139. I swear I hear Teddy Bear saying “Like that!” at one point.
    I had no idea that porcupines sounded like a cartoon in real life!
    I also love the way Teddy Bear keeps grabbing the pumpkin to keep it from being taken away. One must protect the OM NOM NOM.


  141. I LOVE TeddyBear porcupine because he’s adorable and because he reminds me of Growltiger, an abby-tabby cat I had for 20.5 years. She had a very distinctive, throaty voice, and she had an immense vocabulary of different sounds and intonations for different things. It really sounded as if she was talking, and I could tell what she was saying at times. She had specific, distinctive sounds for different things. For example, she had a special sound for when she was bringing me a present (usually a leaf, the biggest and best she could find) and a very similar but louder and more intense sound when she was bringing me an edible treat (a mouse or :_( a bird). She talked “all the time” in the sense that she kept up a running commentary on whatever was happening. It was very confusing to repairmen and others who came to the house and didn’t know how to respond when she would very obviously be addressing them with her comments. MORE Teddy-Bear Porcupine!!!

  142. Teddy Bear seems like a mean little spit. Despite that, I could listen to his chatter and watch his nomming for a couple of hours. How brave this lady is to stand so close while he’s so protective of his pumpkin. What a character!

  143. That critter would be so much fun to cuddle if only he weren’t covered in those terrifying weapons of pain and misery.

  144. now we know where george lucas got the ewok language from…

  145. I get all defensive like this when I am eating Ben n Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie, but the sounds I make are not nearly as cute.

  146. I want Dastardly Mash back.

  147. He’s totally tasting it, letting the air in to mix with the tastes and stimulate the tastebuds as he begins. “Nice crunchy beginning…a bit hard to bite into, but well worth the effort…yes, the flavors are coming alive now…I think I sense a hint of cinnamon, perhaps? Excellent bouquet, love the combination of crunchy exterior and stringy interior…might make flossing a bit difficult. Yes, yes, this will do; this will do very well.”

    When she asks “Good pumpkin?” right before the end, I swear he says, “Well, alright”.

  148. LisaLassie says:

    I once raised a baby porcupine from when she was a little baby…started with bottle feeding. They are very vocal, although mine made different sounds, not nearly so high pitched. She was very sweet and affectionate and I even when she was grown I could pick her up and hold her. Yes, you guessed it: VEEEEHHHHRY Carefully.

  149. Moi, Actually says:

    Let’s try Teddy on a pasickie.
    He’s probably go for the stick, of course.

  150. Nice teeth!

  151. Bellringer says:

    I googled “zooniversity” & this is what I found: http://www.zooniversity.org

  152. Does Teddy live at a zoo?

  153. The Original Jane says:

    See the post/link right above yours – by Bellringer.

  154. He sounds like a jawa from the first Star Wars movie.

  155. I love Teddy!! And I’ll add another one to the list, as I think he sounds a lot like Abu from “Aladdin”

  156. Third Shift says:

    He does sound like Apu! I found a doc that says their scientific name, erethizon (Greek for arouse) dorsatum, refers to the creature’s tendency toward being irritable. Wow, did those guys call it or what, Teddy sure is a mean old crank. He makes me think of those ladies with the cat eyeglasses and housecoats in Gary Larson’s cartoons.

  157. Can’t decide what I like most about Cuteoverload – the posts or the comments from the regulars. Kudos to all.

  158. Fird Birfle says:

    eet’s all Meg’s fault !!! :)

  159. I hear him say “pumpkin!!!” around 1’50 !

  160. Hey, this little guy has a better vocabulary than a lot of people down here in Florida! NTMTOM, you have truly outdone yourself with this post.

  161. Stephanie says:

    I know pumpkins have tough exteriors and are difficult to eat, but such language! That is not a polite porcupine.

  162. Someone’s already posted the link, but I’ll re-post http://www.zooniversity.org/.
    Zooniversity actually travels and does show and tell for children to teach them about animals — they visited our library and did a program — and I know that most of the animals used in the show are rescues. The program is part of a way to help support rescuing exotic animals.

  163. At Ellen,
    Of course the vocalization is Real….
    And it’s Soooo adorable…. :)
    Makes you want to cuddle him (almost).

  164. bob drummond says:

    I have 2 admit that when I worked at the Bronx Zoo back in high school, I was getting ready to clean the porcupine’s cage and when I opened the door ,He was singing, Swaying back and forth and holding his empty dish over his head like he was wearing a hat !! I thought I had too much coffee to drink !

  165. He is redonkulous. I would like to see him as a weekly feature, nomming a different fruit or vegetable every week, please.

  166. I just adore his little sounds!

  167. He’s super cute (especially in the corn video), but in this video I can’t decide whether his sounds are cute or terrifying!! :/

  168. Teddy is a genius, that’s all. He’s learned English from his nice Lady handler.


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