He Found Us Again!

That settles it–next game, we all need to find separate hiding places.

It’s the Cluster Associative Theory in action, Kevin F.


  1. I want a crock of Kittens!

  2. More fun than a barrel of monkeys?

  3. Absa-frakkin-lutely!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!!

  4. HRH QueenCat says:

    I want – no – MUST see Carl …

    *sneekily removes all 5 kitties to store in own pot* :)

  5. Maybe they’re playing sardines. :)

  6. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Greatest game no one has heard of!

  7. Lewis n' Clark says:

    oh, sardines was a big game in my neighborhood growing up

  8. Moi, Actually says:

    Mine, too. And kittens are naturals.

  9. Moi, Actually says:

    Cute quintet.

  10. ROFL at Cluster Associative Theory… and this is the cutest example of that ever… To see this theory in action just drive any of the freeways in Silicon valley at any time of the day.
    (Stupid idiot drivers bunching together)

  11. Oh, how cute, all the plushiness, I’ll just put my hand in so I can give these kitties a few scritches…


    And that’s how I lost my right arm….

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    Almost all cats are adorably cute . But they’re weird people. 8-O

  13. You can be as weird as you please when you rule the world. :)

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    so twue.

  15. Indubitably.

  16. That’s very similar to my batch of kids. I have the black triplets but instead of the two beautiful Siamese twins I have a pair of slightly mismatched ( silver & black , brown & black ) tabby twins ! YEA for quints !!!!! I wonder if their mom/dad has to wear two pair of pants to protect his/her legs because those kids climb them like a cat pole too????

  17. Just a pair of really good jeans, Mudbug :lol: That is what I was wearing when my sister’s 3 kittens decided to climb up my leg at the same time :lol: The jeans protected my leg from scratches, but I still felt those little claws as they dug in :lol: Talk about 3 sets of pin pricks :lol:

  18. The perfect litter. :)

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    izzat a new meaning, for “litter” box ??

  20. Well…..maybe a litter bit ;)

    oh and

    $500 fine for littering!

  21. Litterly.

    someone stop me

  22. Clowder chowder?

  23. *giggle* Been takin’ lessons from Oakley?

  24. I could only hope to be so punny!

  25. It’s the Bucket O’ Kittens from Kentucky Fried Kitten.

  26. How do you make the eye-popping face? Because that was my reaction just now…

  27. victoreia says:

    8 – O (all run together, no spaces; that’s a capital “O”, not a zero.)

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    Like thees…8O

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    oops. Like thees? 8O

  30. Must try to learn new skills….. 8O

  31. I want to try that too – 8-O

  32. Me too. 8O

  33. moi aussi 8O

  34. Same here 8O

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    (The real, correct, scientific phrase for a bunch of baby cats. Not a “litter” but)…

    It’s oodles and oodles of skoodle boodles!

  36. Queenie! Yo!

  37. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Theresa!

  38. Skoodly-boodly-doo! That sounds sort of Beatnik-ish. :D

  39. “What? Oh no, no, of course not. None of us broke that Ming vase! We’re just in here because….we prefer the aesthetic of a communal sleeping bucket?”

  40. Hope Carl gets to come up for air occasionally…

  41. I was just wondering about Carl……

  42. um….who’s Carl?

  43. The one on the bottom that you can’t see (see hovertext).

    Is there such a thing as a kitty snorkel? Carl could sure use one.

  44. That shocked face is priceless

  45. That’s a “Those aren’t pillows!” face. :D

  46. Guys, I am so miserable. The Mets let José Reyes go to the Marlins, and I am so freakin’ miserable. :cry: I wish I could climb into this pot with the kitties.

  47. I hear ya Theresa – not a Mets fan, but my Spartans lost a very very close game, and so we won’t be going to the Rose Bowl. :(

  48. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I guess I better not say I went to the Univ of WI

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa: will one of these fellows help The Team, at all?

    * http://scvbb.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/king_kelly.jpg

    * http://www.gazette.uwo.ca/.%2F2005%2F10%20October%2F20%2Fpictures%2F11A%20Shoeless%20Joe%20Jackson.jpg

    (PS: acc. to the internet sites’ data, the second one is/ was Shoeless Joe Jackson!)

  50. Oh definitely :P :D

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    (PPS: I thought that I hit the “Reply” Tag,
    under your comment, and that this would land “in your box” …..*sigh*)

  52. AWW :D I so want to snorgle all 5 of those sweet little kitties :D

  53. Hi, Teresa. Listen, I gave Eddy a map of North America with a line marked on it from Massachusetts to British Columbia. He also has a bag of kibble to eat during the trip. With any luck, he should show up at your house in about six months. I told him you’ll be expecting him. Thank you so much.

  54. victoreia says:

    What? No cab fare?

  55. Queen of Dork says:

    Dang skippymom. Do you think Eddy could maybe come and visit me and Princess of Dork? I promise to feed him caviar, smoked salmon and tuna. And I have toys for him to play with.

  56. Fird Birfle says:

    *tsk tsk*

    *Calls the Massachusetts State Attorney General and the Massachusetts Humane Society in advocacy for Eddy*

  57. I will be waiting, skippymom :D 8O are you sure Eddy will be ok traveling by himself? I could come down and pick him up :D I have my Canadian passport :D

  58. He’ll be fine, as long as he doesn’t eat the kibble all at once. After he’s rested for a couple of weeks, could you send him down to Las Vegas to visit Queen of Dork?

  59. Sure :D Can I come to Las Vegas, Queen of Dork? :D I am sure both Eddy and I will love it there :D 8O The question is how do I get Eddy from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada to Las Vegas, Nevada, United States?

  60. A Kitty Jar, what a perfect Christmas gift! Where can I get one?

  61. Costco, of course!

  62. it’s like looking down the barrel of a kitty cannon…

  63. cellarmouse says:

    interesting… the green-eyed ones have light reflecting pupils; the blle-eyed siameses not so much…

  64. skippymom says:

    I figured out you meant blue, but first I read that as “bile-eyed” and wondered what the hell that color is! Hee hee.

  65. I see kitties!!!!!!

  66. I hereby claim pot of kitties. I crashed my bicycle this morning and ended up with a sprained wrist. I need the extra cuddles….

  67. Of course you need the extra cuddles, but look at the mischief in their eyes! Those kitties would be pouncing all over you and you wouldn’t get any rest.

    I’d better take them. Just to be safe.

  68. Aw! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulne…wait a minute! I see what you’re doing there!

  69. Noelegy, you are such a selfless character; to save RosieLB from that trauma, and protect her need for rest… words to describe your thoughtfulness fail. ;)

  70. I’m not sure 5 will be enough. Does this come in larger sizes?

  71. Eventually…! ;-)

  72. Oh look, it’s a big piping-hot pot of mew. Just the thing for winter weather.

  73. victoreia says:

    May I have some, too, please? It’s rainy and very windy here….

  74. Fird Birfle says:

    @ victoreia:

    How would this do? Will it halp enny?? ;)

  75. The banner ad at the top right now says, “Make plans for your family before disaster strikes.” I think the kitties have gone into the storm shelter.

  76. Simonese!

  77. LOL, that’s what my dad calls Meezers. :)

  78. Put a lid on that and we can prove Schrödinger´s Cat quantum theory using multiple subjects. ;)

  79. 8-o

  80. 8)

  81. Flutterby says:


  82. Flutterby says:

    The shocked-looking kitteh cracks me up…maybe Carl pooted….

  83. skippymom says:

    I think Carl just blew a raspberry on that one’s bum.

  84. Or took a bite..lol

  85. Or huhh how did you find us so fast!

    Reminds me of playing hide-n-seek with my son when he was a toddler he would always hide in the same spot. So I would throw a load in dryer find him, fix the couch find him, sip coffee find him. He was cute.

  86. I saw this same photo with the caption ” Cat lady starter kit”… LOL!


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