Ice Capawed

And as Daisuke completes his final spin in this technically flawless program, we go to the judges for the scores…

Meow-point-seven, meow-point-eight, meow-point-seven, meow-point-nine, meow-point-four… ooh, very harsh score from the East Marmalade judge, and we can hear a wave of disapproval ripple through the crowd…

PS: Yes, we know they don’t use that scoring system anymore.



  1. my cats love figure skating too! black figure on a white background, always in motion, easily detected yet challenging to catch. what’s not to like?

  2. the kittehs could do all that twirling & jumping
    and have ‘perfect’ landings!!

  3. East Marmalade! hehe…

  4. Ha! Who knew that kittens are ice skating fans? This site is so educational.

  5. “*kitty snort* Did you see his costume? Talk about soooo 1990’s.”

  6. i just did a triple plotz


  8. PS Who knew Dice-K could figure skate?

  9. That is sooo Japanese, giant kitties attacking tiny human.

  10. PPS Teeming Tribe of TINEEE TABBEEEEEESZZ!!!1!!

  11. That makes ice skating so much more fun to watch! Those Bengal kittehs are soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well of course we all know those East Marmalde judges are notoriously biased. They start doping their cathletes with performance enhancing catnip when they are still kittens…

  13. This reminds me of that show from the 90’s “Mystery Science Theater”…

  14. I thought about MST3K, too! I love how mama comes in to keep an eye on things.

  15. All those little kitty paw prints that you know are left on the TV screen.

    Reminds me of growing up in the mountains. In winter when we first got in and started to defrost the car windows, there would be kitty pawprints all over the front windshield. Apparently Duchess liked the warm car engine when we pulled it into the garage so she walked all over the windshield in the process. Never the back window.

  16. Looks like MST6Kittehs

  17. musicalnote says:

    Back in the prehistoric days … when TV’s were consoles that sat on or near the floor, my family’s little pug LOVED the bowling shows (now you know just how prehistoric I’m talkin’ about). He would run from across the room to ‘chase the ball down the alley,’ then run behind the set to see where in the mysterious land of TV that ball dropped off and disappeared! Loved that puggie cutie . . .

  18. We really need a Kawaii tag for these Japanese submissions. Because they seriously know cute!

  19. I’m surprised that no one’s mentioned that classic, 101 Dalmations.

  20. snoopysnake says:

    You mean “PURRfect!”

  21. I must confess that there is a pawprint in the middle of my TV screen. It makes me smile, and I just have never had the heart to clean it off.

  22. Poor disappointed kittens. Somebody told them it was gonna be the Mice Capades…

  23. Hee!

  24. I thought I was the only that was thinking of MST3K. Meowstery Science Theater 3000, anyone?

  25. It’s Mystery Science Theater Threemeowsand!

  26. I love that Theresa. You softie. 🙂

  27. Don’t let it get around. 😀

  28. Lewis n' Clark says:

    oh, why not – add him to the Men of CO calendar.

  29. cellarmouse says:


  30. cellarmouse says:

    well, i’m a little sleepy or i’d’ve gone bwahaha… too…

  31. cellarmouse says:

    if you like kitty silhouettes, check out the illustrations by David Frankland in the young adult book “Highway Cats”… i haven’t finnished it yet, but the story by Janet Taylor Lisle (newberry winner) juast gets better and better…

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    Well, ‘course, NObody ever goes onto Cute Overload, so
    there’s no danger there!!

  33. Moi, Actually says:

    I second that motion. After all, those teeny tabbies are not the only ones who have itched to get their paws on an ice skater or two (three, maybe? I just remembered Brian Orser)

  34. And here I was thinking my marmie, Ix, was the only weirdo kitty figure skating fan. He’ll watch for HOURS. Good to know there are other hypercritical East Marmalade judges out there. And for the record, Ix gives the guy a meow-point-five for dropping a toe on that last triple lutz.

  35. 😀

  36. Harharhar!!!

  37. I’m not sure what I love more about this…Daisuke’s gorgeous program or the adorable kitties trying to catch him. 🙂

    (They SHOULD still use that scoring system…new one is way more open to corruption. grump grump).

  38. TrixandSam says:

    I see what you did there.

  39. Those transparent insets, gaaaaaaaahh! 😀

  40. Haha, Momma kitty comes to join the kittens. Love it!

  41. No one’s brought up the “Cats (or is it just dogs?) can’t see the TV because it’s 2-D” thing. You have indicated apparently SOME dogs can.

    So is that all bunk, then? Obvy these kitties aren’t looking at nothing!

  42. And somewhere in the background there is a dog sitting on the sofa going – “down in front”

  43. Me 2! The entire time I was thinking of the puppies watching TV!

  44. So when you don’t have one of those laser toy things, just put on your tutu, break out the skates, and you have the same amount of fun.

  45. I love that show!

  46. *giggle* But more bruises.

  47. She’s probably going to tell the kids to not sit so close to TV, but the kids will smartly retort that children actually focus up close without eyestrain better than adults, so sitting too close cause near-sightedness is just a myth anyways.

  48. starlinguk says:

    Our George watches the intro to QI and Whose Line is it Anyway. Go figure.

  49. The PBS “Create” sister channel from one of the NYC affiliates has a rotating simple spiral as their logo. Do an image search on “create” and “PBS” if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    Every time that spiral comes on our TV, we have to grab the cat and vigorously soothe it to keep it in place, otherwise it quickly slinks and skedaddles out of the room, apparently thinking it’s being attacked by the TV.

  50. I didn’t really mean for that to be a reply to Y.a.M. It just worked out that way.

  51. snoopysnake says:

    Welcome to the NHK Trophy Kits-N-Cry!

  52. Sasha's Mum says:

    OMG, my 2 favourite things in the world, figure skating and kittehs! I’m ded! *thunk*

    (BTW, I hope it isn’t a plasma tv … all those little claws …)

  53. 😆 Those kitties think that they can catch the small human on TV 😆