The Brotherhood of the Mystic Citrus

And now, my young acolytes, you must join hands and channel the ancient spirit energy, as I place before you the sacred Orange of Rasth-Kabongg. For truly it is written, if you are able to balance the Orange in stillness, then your souls are prepared to attain the highest plane of omniversal awaren — LEONARD, YOU IDIOT!



  1. lol… orange or grapefruit? 🙂

  2. It’s Chatora and the Chibis! (Both black-and-white cats are apparently named Chibi. Go figure.)

  3. More like Larry, Curly and Moe, if you ask me!


  4. What? Japanese Ali Baba Kittehs?

  5. One of my favorite video!

  6. lololol

  7. I had to go looking for their other videos to see if far-right kitty EVER opens his peepers!

    Why are Japanese housecats always so mellow? If I even tried to scale the heights of cat-stacking going on in their vids, I’d probably get my fingers bitten off!

  8. I love every single thing about this post! And NTMTOM your title and narrative are hilarious. Mystic citrus indeed.

  9. Well, these guys and Shiro all live in the same household, and might be related. I don’t know if they’re representative of Japanese cats in general.

  10. I’ll have whatever this cool cats have had…..make it a double!

  11. These kitties rule!! I bet I could hug on them all day and they would just take it rather than struggling like MY kitty.

  12. I’m a new fan of these kitties after looking at their other videos. I’ve some here and there but I didn’t know they were all uploaded by the same person. S/he has been putting various objects on his cats heads/paws for years. And they keep just sitting there! Amazing…

  13. Japanese have a weird way of having fun with their pets…

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    Master Po: What do you hear?
    Caine: I hear the grasshopper.

    Master Kan: Quickly as you can, snatch the pebble from my hand.
    [Young Caine tries to do so and fails]
    Master Kan: When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.

  15. Where is Shiro San in this video? Won’t be complete without the soporific kitty!

  16. Would this video be as wonderful without NOMTOM’s genius commentary? Methinks not.

  17. oh lord, I’m in the Mod Lounge and I just figured out why… I said the dreaded fruit word – I said orange or g****fruit? lol…

    Maybe I can find some holiday fruitcake to nom on.

  18. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I think the cat on the right, who kept his eyes closed through the whole thing, has the right idea! Wake me up when this is over! Silly human.

  19. Next time use the french word pamplemousse that way you wont en up in the lounge.
    In the mean time here’s some eggnog (heavy on the nog).

  20. Gropefruit?

  21. sceptic eyes says:

    I watched the video. I though «ok, wow. lol?» and than I read the text, concentrated… LEONARD YOU IDIOT. Fantastic. I laughed my life more than I did for a long time for a video. Great job guys, this is exactly perfect!!! 😀

  22. I just want to know how their paws got stacked like that in the first place!!!

  23. I just want to know how they got their paws so perfect stacked. It’s beautiful!

  24. skippymom says:

    That’s a grapefruit.

  25. skippymom says:

    Woo-hoo, it worked! I’m in the lounge! (grabs pitcher of eggnog, proceeds to chug) When I get out of here, I’ll be all ready to set up the library “holiday tree”, my dreaded annual task.

  26. Again, I ask myself: WHAT ARE THOSE CATS ON? And where can I get some?

    I mean, knowing this ancient mellow Japanese cat secret would probably save Western civilization from the effects of chronic stress.

  27. This video of all four of the cats napping is pretty great.

    They are so…melty…

  28. ROFL

  29. Oh that’s fine! 😛

  30. Friends of yours? 😛

  31. skippymom says:

    I want to be them. Please, just for a day?

  32. Cat on right does open eyes. The black fur patches on his face just make his eyes look closed all the time. Crazy. I had a cat with black fur patches placed there, but went all the way back into his ears. He had a very pointy face too, and if you flattened his ears his head/face looked like a gray alien. I know, you had to be there…

  33. Me, too. I just LOVE cats’ paws. Our cat is a super love-bug and he actually LIKES his paws touched, so I bunch them all up together and rub them on my face … oops, have I revealed too much???

  34. Does the word “grapefruit” and you in the mod lounge? Let’s see if I go there, too.

  35. good grief! No ways will my cats sit this still. EVER! Ok, maybe when they’re sleeping, but not to stack paws AND place fruit on said paws! AMAZING!

  36. Kallisto73 says:

    I think I’ll try this citrus-fruit placing ZEN technique at my next management meeting.
    Might liven things up…

  37. HEY ! What are you kids doing up there ?????
    Don’t make me get the water bottle !
    (ooops! sorry , that was just my gut reaction to seeing “kids” on a table or counter)

  38. I’m exhausted just watching them!

  39. Mudbug, are you serious? Do you actually have rules about what household surfaces your cats are allowed to be on? My cats wouldn’t put up with that nonsense for a minute.

  40. Kallisto73 says:

    PS: Does anyone else wish they had this lovely painted screen these guys are sitting in front of?

  41. ha ha you got one of those too!? STIFF ARM FOR MOM

  42. Ooooh I love this second video!!! The one with the black eye patches has a heart patch on his side!! And you can totally hear the purring! Sooooo content. *sigh*

  43. they do look extremely chill. the one on the far right… wowza. off in la la land!

  44. I have completely given up keeping them off surfaces. If I don’t want them there, I have to put something there to block them. I just wipe down the kitchen counter before I put food on it. I know, I’m lame…

  45. AWW 😀 I would put down a nice soft blanket for all 4 to sleep on after giving all 4 kitties lots and lots of snorgling 😀

  46. I seriously NEED to plant a big sloppy smooch on the nose of the white & orange one!

  47. Yeah and I bet their pets have fun with them too, Winston 😀

  48. JLAmusings says:

    Ha! I have 3 for that very reason. 1 and 2 are occasional lap-kitties but no snuggling/crowding personal space from me. So, I got 3rd one who is such a cuddlebug.

  49. Shiro and his buds have a special place in my heart because they are just so Zen, and hilarious at the same time (but then I think Zen and hilariousness go pretty well together).

  50. *snerk* 🙂

  51. sunnylessmum says:

    Oh Sarah, you are so lucky! I have never been able to touch any of my cat’s paws, and I would SO love to! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so jealous of anything – lol 🙂

  52. sunnylessmum says:

    Try a daily meditation practice Snowpea – it works!

  53. Dali cats! So limp and pliable!

  54. sunnylessmum says:

    and treats too of course 🙂

  55. Not only do they get up on whatever they want, including on the table next to my plate while I’m eating, but you should see my furniture. My living room chairs are upholstered in the classic “shredded with stuffing falling out all over the place” style. It’s lovely. Fortunately no one ever visits.

  56. Ha ha I love that expression. My Francesco hates to be held. If I pick him up he goes rigid, staring straight ahead, and after a few seconds does what I call the “No Mas Paw”. He holds up his left hand as though he’s swearing an oath, clearly telling me to desist from this behavior.

  57. That was meant to be in response to “stiff arm for mom”.

  58. There goes the theory that cats will find the MOST comfortable place in the house to sleep. A hard table? Must be foreign.

  59. It is. They just list them in chrono order, so yours follows after JLA’s, who got in first. 🙂

  60. One of each–cuddlebug boy, and “I’ll tell you when I want snuggles” girl. *sigh*

  61. Yep, just wanted to clarify.

  62. Jessy – it’s the part in the middle that alerts the Mod Machine – g****

  63. Yes, I have the same lovely upholstery. But I do have visitors occasionally, and I just figure that they come either to see me or the cats, not the furniture.

  64. Out of those nappers, that fourth one must be the ADHD of the bunch. Maybe they lie very still so their neck bells won’t awaken them.

  65. My torty would sleep on an open crate of tomatoes, right on top of the tomatoes, or on top of a costco platform of eggs. Unfortunately. “Whadda you doing, trying to hatch them?”

  66. I actually have an itty bitty similar version of this that I found at a second hand shop for a few bucks – I imagine a larger version would be a lot more expensive, however!

  67. victoreia says:

    Orange kitty: “Hi, I’m Larry. This is my brother Daryl. This is my other brother Daryl.”

  68. My Marari is a love-bug as well who loves to be held (orange marmie). When you stroke the bottom of his feet, he spreads his paws out wide and purrs hard.

  69. Not only do we have the no counter or table top rule but normally the kids obey them ! However since we just moved the kids are still occasionally pushing the new boundaries. So if they don’t get down when I tell them to I just hold up the squirt bottle so they can see it & they realize “mom’s” serious & usually jump down right then & there.. If they don’t they get a quick shot in the rear.
    Now occasionally they will get a shot without me saying any warnings ’cause I don’t want them to associate the water just with me. Then they’ll get up when I’m not around. If they get a squirt with no warning then they associate the water with being where they shouldn’t be & stay off when we’re not around as well.
    The rest of the house & furniture is o.k. just not where I prepare or people eat food. It doesn’t hurt them & it really works

  70. skippymom says:

    ceejoe, I talked to your friends. They said that when they come to your house it is to see the cats, not you or the furniture.

  71. skippymom says:

    You know, you’ve got me thinking. I could try a spray bottle on Eddy when he bothers Skippy or molests Francesco. (although Francesco pretty much is into it, but it’s still disturbing) He’s about to turn eight; is it too late to try training him?

  72. Do these cats live on a diet of Thanksgiving turkey and boxed red wine?

  73. sushiomelette says:

    Does anyone else think that Leonard looks like Kitler?

  74. Ok, well that takes some pressure off in the social department. 🙂

  75. Present resident cat Dante doesn’t let me touch his paws. My late beloved Stinky loved paw massages so much, it got a little erm . . . embarassing. 😳

  76. YES!!!

  77. Kallisto73 says:

    I envy you, in a good way!1!!

  78. I am both lucky and grateful!

  79. Maybe it’s something about being an orange marmie – mine is an orange marmie, too. I’m gonna go see if he spreads his paws out wide when I stroke the bottom of his feet.

  80. Hey Skippy, As smart as cats are it’s NEVER too late ! I would suggest a bottle that holds a lot of water & a bottle in every room helps . That way you won’t need to run to another room to get it when you need one. I recycle any trigger sprayer & any bottle it will fit on. a soda or water bottle works.

  81. Yes, he’s my favorite!!

  82. Hey mine is orange & white – and he lets me play with his paws too! Maybe we are onto something here.

  83. dawnkeyotie says:

    Greapfruit. Luv the chill cats. Someone should do a comicstrip. Of course, nothing would happen in it.

  84. Well, our orange and white tuxedo tabby blows that theory–he HATES having his paws touched. Our brown tabby, on the other hand, doesn’t mind it at all.

    This video cracked me up, especially the way the one on the left and the one in the middle were moving their heads in unison. Too funny!

  85. We have had mixed success with the no table rule. When we adopted our older cat Henry, he took us on a tour of the house so that he knew which surfaces he was allowed to be on. He’d look at a table or counter, and if we said no in stern voices, he’d move on to the next thing. If we patted the surface, he’d jump up. Smart little fellow!

    Our younger “son,” on the other hand, goes wherever he wants. We keep telling him no, and he keeps getting on the table. Even the squirt fairy (spray bottle) doesn’t always succeed in enforcing the rules, since the little guy actually kind of likes water. Oh well… That’s life with cats.

  86. Mudbug… do you know they don’t get up there when you aren’t around?
    Do you have video surveillance?

  87. victoreia says:


  88. I think his eyes are open.

    Regardless, he’s one of the coolest kittehs evar.

  89. Yes! I just watched it in 1080p at the youtoobs, and he definitely opens his eyes, but they match the velvety blackness of his black Green Hornet mask.

    Too cool for night school.

  90. Hmmm . . . crape myrtle tree, therapeutic, trapezoid . . . just checking this out . . .

  91. Ozbirds, there is a saying about cats: “You can’t teach them what not to do, you can only teach them not to do it when you’re there to see them”.

    I gave up long ago trying to keep my cats off the kitchen counters. However, when they go visit at my parent’s house, there is a strict no-counter rule. But my mom says that while she doesn’t ever SEE the cats on the counter, she frequently hears the sound of a cat jumping to the floor as her footsteps alert them that she is approaching the kitchen…. 😉

  92. HRH QueenCat says:

    can’t. breath.

    after reading “Gropefruit”

  93. HRH QueenCat says:

    crap … can’t type, either

  94. HRH QueenCat says:

    look – taken a couple of days ago – Merlin giving me his What stare

  95. Mudbug – my kitties obey that ONE rule too. Kitchen food counter surfaces are a no no…. 🙂

  96. Those are the most Zen cats *ever* 🙂

  97. Hmmm, he lacks the little moustache though….

  98. Dawn Sprinkle says:

    So soothing to watch. In my house, it would be mayhem, chaos and bloodshed, in no particular order.

  99. Momof13cats says:

    In the mod lounge. Was it the name change or the b l o o d?

  100. Awww ! What a BE-U-TI-FUL boy Queenie !
    If he wasn’t so gorgeous he’d be a bad boy for being up on the counter . but since he is that sweet looking I would say he’s simply “not good”. What can I say,
    I’m a sucker for a pretty face .

  101. @ Ozbirds : No, don’t have video surveillance but I’ve never busted them jumping off the counter when I walk in the house so I choose to believe that my demon spawn are perfect angels while I’m away. ;oD

  102. skippymom says:

    Mudbug, you said in reference to training, “as smart as cats are”. Well, erm, my Edward is, how shall I put it, not known for his brain power. He’s really quite a dimbulb. But I’m thinking maybe that kind of training may work through conditioning regardless of intellect.

  103. Fird Birfle says:

    oh hooRAy!!!

  104. Right, it’s the opposite, so it’s more like Zorro.

  105. I think that’s trumped by strategic consideration for occupying the higher ground.

    My cousin has two cats, the slightly older one being more dominant. One time by chance (?) the younger one found himself at the top of the stairs when the older one was at the bottom of the stairs. They stared at each other for what seems like forever. You should’ve seen the look of smug satisfaction on the younger one.

  106. HA! Did the Mod Machine get you, Jessy?

  107. HRH QueenCat says:

    thank mew, Mudbug; usually Merlin, shuts his eyes whenever I come close with a camera but that day he was prolly in an Ommmmmmmmm mood

  108. The opposite of Kitler is Zorro?? You learn something new every day.

  109. Nope, sorry folks. The cat way on the right HAS NO EYES.

  110. Queen of Dork says:

    The deep serenity of the kitty on the right is making kind of slee….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  111. *giggle*

  112. Fird Birfle says:

    *slides an extra-poofy piwwow, under Q’s head*

    *turns out the bedside lamp, vewwy qwietwy….*

    *cwoses da bedwoom doah*

  113. Fird Birfle says:


  114. >I just want to know how they got their paws so perfect stacked.

    Crazy glue.

  115. 😆 Your Merlin is such a handsome boy that you cannot but overlook him being a bad boy, HRH QueenCat 😆

  116. Queen of Dork says:

    *rolls over. pulls blankie more comfortably about self. snores fantastically loudly in a delicate, old fashioned lace-like manner* Thanks Leslie. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  117. bob drummond says:

    These comments remind me of that TV Show KUNG FU !!

  118. bob drummond says:

    Looks like “One for all andall for one ” or “United we stand, divided we fall ” .
    Can we let go of each other now ?

  119. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow! Love nuggets.

  120. AWWW!!!! That cute pile of paws!!! I wish I could feel them thru my screen!! BAD KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Fird Birfle says:


  122. HRH QueenCat says:

    Teresa m’dear, if I had to use one word to describe my 3 kits, Merlin is indeed handsome; Mason is pretty, like Bradley Cooper, and Angel, a tiny little 10 year-old girl, is cute; having written that, they are all bad in their own ways, just like everybodys’ kits

  123. I couldn’t make it past “Rasth-Kabongg.” 😀

    Seriously, those are the chillest kitties ever.

  124. joools in PDX says:

    The one on the right – with the Chrissy Hynde bangs – owns my soul. But then, it doesn’t take much.