I’ve Been Waiting All Night for This

(Pssst! OK, she’s asleep.)

(Get the marker pens.)

Audrina writes: “Meet Butter, a recently rescued wild baby bunny, who loves to chill out on soft willing shoulders. The sleepy Sender who provided the willing shoulder for butter is Rochelle.”



  1. Oh STOP! This is too much. Kicked-out behbeh bunneh shoulder-sleeping fuzzy-butter-butt no no NO! Do not expect the Spanish Inquisition …

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    Ahoy, maties – ’tis Long Jane Silver and her faithful shoulder-ridin’ rabbit! “Pieces of carrot, pieces of carrot!”*

    *Profuse apologies to R L Stevenson

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    I hope it’s not ominous that the bun is named “Butter” … very, very cute.

  4. (The Original) Mel says:

    It takes a lot to make me LOL. Thanks.

  5. Thats some fyne bunny butt.

  6. *puts on hat with rabbit ears to be matchinks*

  7. Why is it when I was a kid that when we tried to save the baby bunnies our cat brought home (unharmed but probably scared to death) they never survived the night? So sad. How do you rescue a wild baby bunny so that it lives and is content like this one?

    (Of course, we don’t have a cat anymore nor do we live in the country so I’m just asking out of curiosity – wondering what we could have done differently…)

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    Anya was right, bunnies are evil!

  9. He looks so comfortable!

  10. Sasha's Mum says:

    But why is Butter option for the shoulder when there’s a perfectly good and very comfortabuls-looking rack just waiting? Silly rabbit!

  11. Oh my Bob! Teensy weensy bun! 🙂

  12. victoreia says:

    “…Racks are for kits!”

    *runs away*

  13. My kingdom for a ‘thumbs-up’ icon for victoreia!

  14. *groans* 😆

  15. Those dangling back pawsies/legs are just the cherr on the overload sunday.

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!

    Not *that* Monty Python, the *other* Monty Python

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    “Ahn….wot’s up, Doc?????” 🙂

  18. spamspamspamspam
    Sorry, couldn’t hep mahsef!

  19. Bunny, on my shoulder, makes me happy.
    Bunny in my life will make me glad.
    Bunny on the couch is so lovely
    Bunny almost always make me hight
    (in my best John Denver voice)

  20. 260Oakley says:

    ‘Cause his name ain’t Jugs Bunny, that’s why.

  21. Martha in Washington says:

    How is she possibly sleeping through that? Doesn’t that little cottontail tickle?

  22. I LOVE the stretchy back legs!! So sweet!

  23. 🙂

  24. It is difficult sometimes. Get info from a wildlife rehabilitator for best success.

  25. Heh heh heh. I’m rewatching all the BTVS seasons for the gazillionth time. This little guy is evil in his cuteness.

  26. Copperbat says:

    Awwww. so sweet. That’s the prettiest girl!

  27. Is it time for a “Buns and Racks” category?

  28. Even experienced wildlife rehabbers have less than a 30% success rate with orphaned baby buns. Rabbits can literally die of fright, so it’s quite possible that they simply couldn’t survive the stress.

  29. That’s what we figured happened – the fear after our cat caught it and brought it home. If we knew where the nest area was we would have put it back nearby but who knows where the cat got it from?

    My parents would put one that the cat brought home in a shoe box with some small amount of cut up cloth or blanket for comfort/warmth. Add a small lid with water and a piece of lettuce or veggie. Then put the lid on the box for dark and quiet so they could calm down. But we’d always find it dead in the morning. So sad.

    At least I know it wasn’t just us. 30% isn’t that great of a survival rate.

  30. *to self* I wish I’d thought of that one!

  31. Hahaha! Love it!

  32. LunaChickFringe says:

    As a bunny mom, myself, there are few sights more “awwwwwwww” inducing than a totally relaxed bun. It lets you know that you are doing your job right if they can take time off from full time disapproval to chill a little.

  33. i’ve seen a few puppeh-bunneh affairs come out okay for the wee bunston. they are tough and besides, they’ll make more!

  34. yes!

    although she might have better luck if she were sporting a Carrot Top.

  35. what is the name for that?! when puppehs stretch out and get frog legs?

    “hey! your forgot to tuck in your hinder paws!”

    there are a few names for the FRONT paws and nose* dive bomb launch position. i think it’s called “shootin-through-the-universe” or “superbunbun” (for a puppy named bunny), but i can’t pin down the “forgot my back legs” dangle pose.

    * also known as “The Toe-sa Noestra”

  36. yes!

  37. HAAAAAAA!!!

  38. Butterbun Butterbun Butterbun-bun-bun,
    Butterbun Butterbun Butterbun-bun-bun,
    Butterbun Butterbun Butterbun-bun-bun,
    ButterBUUUN, Butter-Butterbun!

  39. Okay. So now I’ll have that little ditty running around in my head all day.

  40. Me too…

    *picks up*

    Bun-bun-bun-bun bunbunbun
    Bun-bun-bun-bun bunbunbun

  41. skippymom says:

    Those are the most edible feet I have ever seen.

  42. cute bunny & gorgeous girl! i want to be her.

  43. bunny mama says:

    In our house we call the stretched-out look a “flop.” When a rabbit does that, it’s comfortable and calm. This rabbit seems weaned, so a long floppy life is ahead. Wild rabbits that aren’t weaned will have a white streak on their foreheads. Rabbit mommies will seem to abandon their bunnies, but they’re watching nearby (staying away as to not draw attention to their nests) so don’t take a rabbit unless it’s in immediate danger! Back to your regularly scheduled, flopping on a shoulder cuteness. 😀

  44. Welshgrrl says:

    Bunshine in my eyes can make me cry ….

  45. Well, my family has always called that position “flat pelvis” whether for dogs, buns or cats, but I admit it’s not at all creative!

  46. Re: Jane: Our veterinarian told us that cat saliva has lots of bacteria in it that causes bunnies to go into anaphylactic shock if not given antibiotics right away. So if they were bitten and it pierced their skin, it’s likely they would die unless given meds.

  47. thecandiedmango says:

    I bet he just has the tiniest bunny poops ever. Like… fish food sized ones.

    I just cleaned my own (giant) bun’s cage so I’ve obviously got pewps on my mind.