It’s About the Sleeping Arrangements…

I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining; this is the best dorm on campus, and I know that. But I was assured that I wouldn’t get a freshman this semester.

Andrea T. says: “I realize there’s no shortage of cute dog and baby pics, but here is mine. Pixie (on right, sitting), with Victor (in swing, blanketed). The two are actually well acquainted and on good terms, but it looks like a surprise first meeting. Pixie, in fact, is sitting for a treat and ignoring Vic.”



  1. What an amazing name for a dog! I love it. Besides, Pixie has the coveted lower bunk that is bigger, all that matters!

  2. Pixie, Victor, and NOMTOM, you rock my world. Love the photo, and LOVE the backstory!

  3. Awe..looks like Vic is watching dog. A beautiful friendship is blooming.

    Pixie has a frown..wants toys above his bed.

  4. Matchingks!

  5. Aww! Not Mike’s story is hilarious (as always), but I do believe the “real” story is just as adorable! ❤

  6. Something about Pixie’s face and demeanor just melt my heart.

  7. That is a very cute dog and an extremely cute baby. Swaddling babies almost drove me insane when my very active granddaughter came along. She would ALWAYS work one little arm out, and that was the beginning of the end of the swaddle. We must have tried 10 different styles, all to no permanent effect.

  8. LOL My oldest was un-swaddleable… she could kick her way out of every swaddle package. Sooo glad I was not alone in this.. I thought I lacked swaddling skills ROFL.

  9. Wow..I could have sent in this exact pic 4 years ago…I had same swing and a baby named Victor, but our dog was Hank. Who was awesome at sniffing out poopy diapers. Hang in there Pixie…in a few more months that creature will supply you with lots of spilled food!

  10. Flutterby says:

    Pixie looks like the new face of disapproval !!

  11. Flutterby says:

    Hahaha…just noticed NTMTOM has this tagged as primates, pups! ROFL!!

  12. NTMTOM you are so funny. LOVE this. Pixie looks a little disgruntled at the swaddled sweetie in the swing.

  13. Aw, poor Pix, but hey, at least it’s not a butt-bed!

  14. Pixie has that same put-upon look thet my 8 year old grand-niece Catherine as when her new baby brother Luca starts crying 😆

  15. lol. Love the hovertext. 🙂 Nice job NTMTOM 🙂

  16. Omigosh, no. It tewtally depends on the babe. My first loved, loved being swaddled. My second, would not lie still for it. She squirmed and kicked and squiggled until one arm was free, and then there was no holding her. That kid never stopped moving until she crashed, and then she’d sleep so hard and still, you’d hold a mirror under her nose to see of she was still breathing!

  17. 😀

  18. that baby is really cute all swaddled up. something about swaddling anything makes them cuter.

  19. Did CO have a picture of a swaddled cat or dog at one time?

  20. Just remembered, I think the swaddled cat/dog was laying on a bed next to a swaddled baby? If anyone can remember that picture?

  21. The thought of swaddling my cat sound hilarious! His eyes would let you know not to fall asleep tonight!

  22. “I hate roommates.”

  23. I squeed so hard at that tiny little bundled bebeh that it actually hurt my tummy. Sorry to say I noticed the baby long before I noticed the dog. I LOVE BABIES! SO CUTE!

  24. A Google image search found this:

    don’t know if it was ever on Cute Overload.

  25. That is EXACTLY how my now 7 yr old granddaughter sleeps…like someone kilt her. lolol

  26. omg LOL

  27. My family has the story of my little brother, who worked his arms free of a swaddle on day 1. The nurses brought him back from the nursery to my mom’s room, and he had worked both arms free, and apparently had done it so many times that the nurses just gave up. Tiny bundles o’ baby are so cute, but some are just really determines 🙂

  28. victoreia says:

    *hands jenben plate armor* You might want to put this on. There is an ongoing….um, “discussion” (yeah, that’s a good word) regarding the cuteness of hoomin babies and their place on CO.

    *backs away slowly* And watch out for flying pudding.

  29. me too, jenben, me too!!!

  30. Not sure about those blanketed critters but I remember a bunch of baby bats who were wrapped up and had binkies to boot! Anerableness! 🙂

  31. I’m with you there, hyura! I often wake up completely cocooned in the mornings, even though I remember going to sleep in a normal position…then again, it’s winter up here in Canada, so maybe that’s the reason…! 😉

  32. I wonder what kind of doggie Pixie is, I thought maybe pit bull at first but my coworker didn’t think so. Cute, though, what ever she is!

  33. I think the magic word is “pasickie”

    meanwhile, they’re just human puppies

  34. Oh I am fully aware of the “pasickie” situation. I am currently a nursing student working in a Labor and Delivery unit, so I am on a baby high. But thanks for the armor! I will use it as a pudding shield.

    BTW, human puppies? LOVE!

  35. Thanks ffleur, you rock! *hugz*

  36. We knew we were in for an adventure when the post-partum doula told us that our 4 week old son was the strongest baby she had ever seen after trying to swaddle him. WOW.

  37. Majoring in 3am crying, minoring in 5am pooping. Kid has a tough course load this semester!

  38. baileysgrandmom says:

    Well, it SHOULD have been!