What a Prickly Eater

Meet Teddy, who prefers to dine alone and isn’t afraid to tell you why. (Actually, I think we all get like this when a waitress tries to take our food before we’re finished.)


  1. Oh man, that is just hilarious! I can’t figure out what he sounds like – some vague impression…not an Ewok…some character? Someone help me out here. A disney side-kick? Which one? Pascal from Tangled?

  2. I got it! The squirrel from Enchanted!

  3. Red Toenails says:

    Alvin the chipmonk speaking pig latin!

  4. Okay, the two posters down below are right – it’s COUSIN IT from the Addams Family!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  5. Nicole M. says:

    The Cheat from homestarrunner!

  6. Susan Ladmer says:

    Golum, the good side, from Lord of the Rings.

  7. cuteismyporn says:

    It’s a Tauntaun. The pack animal Luke rides on the snow planet Hoth.

  8. Cousin It from the Adams Family! :)

  9. :) Yes, that’s it… Cousin it!!!
    That was the cutesst video. I wonder if they are related to the beaver. Those are some interesting choppers they have.

  10. Blue Footed Booby says:


  11. That was the first thing I thought when it started making noise! I wonder if they have evolutionary similarities. Do porcupines scavenge droids and speeders and cruise around in giant sand tanks?

  12. Mogwai!

  13. mogwai indeed

  14. I *love* Marcel!

  15. Donald Duck!

  16. Yoda. He sounds like Yoda.

  17. I almost spit out my food! The cuteness! Gah!

  18. I never knew porcupines could make those noises!

  19. Me neither. Too stinkin’ cute!

  20. LOL When she first tried to take it away from him I could have sworn he said something really bad… and the ehns as he was eaatting too funny!

  21. ditto!

  22. I swear Teddy said (several times) “this is mine”, and “I’m done” at the end. Also, “this is good.” Am I hearing things or have I seen too many episodes of Ghost hunters (which I love)where they hear words in garbled noise?

  23. I heard him say, “MY corn!”, and “No!” when she tried to take it away. Still doubting my ears….

  24. I heard “it’s MY corn!” at 0:47

    Such an unexpected sound to come out of a porcupine!

  25. I heard “My corn” as well…hee!

  26. He did say My corn!

  27. I agree. I heard it too!

  28. yes it he did i heard it too…also just a great video…after such a bad day.

  29. I heard a lot of “my corn”s

  30. Megumi's Mom says:

    I heard “My corn”, “no” and “get back!” so if you guys are hallucinating, I am too…

  31. I definitely heard “get back!” right at the end!

  32. Janey Wright says:

    I “heard?” NO and MINE quite clearly, I think…

  33. I swear I heard “my corn” too! Sooooo funny!

  34. I heard “be gone!” at the very end. had to watch it over to make sure I wasn’t going loony.

  35. aye, i heard the “be gone”, also!

    funny funny video…third time watching it :)

  36. Epic ‘ehn!’ at 0:30
    And yes, I anthromorphised ‘this is My Cob’ at 0:48 and ‘ooooooh, My Corn’
    Surprisingly similar to the way I sound if anyone gets anywhere between moi, a pat of butter and the first sweet corn of the season [and possibly look, except if I had a barbed tailio, I would be tewtally swinging that sucker like a Louisville].

  37. Part of the porcupine vocabulary, apparently.

    Check out this one at 0:11 – a very distinct “this is good”!

  38. Oh my dog, you are right! That is awesome.

  39. I heard him say “I like that!” or “I like it.” and “It’s mine.” when she tried to take it away from him. Suppose if parrots can talk, so can porcupines.

  40. Ah! Who would have guessed that porcupines had such wonderful voices!!

  41. I had no idea they made a noise….let alone talked! Too amazing….and very very sweet.

  42. We were wondering if the sounds were real!!?? How adorabuhl!!!

  43. It sounds like Gizmo, the Mogwai from Gremlins! :)

  44. Yeah! Oh Gizmo…. how I lurved thee.

  45. Yes! Definitely Mogwai talking!

  46. Just like me with a bottle of single malt whisky!

  47. bookmonstercats says:

    Before, during and after ;)

  48. Mine! Get back! (I’m sure I heard both of those)

  49. yep, ditto

  50. Who knew porcupines has such cute voices? I swear I heard him say “piss off” at one point. (at least, that is what I’d say).

  51. he definitely was giving her an earfull!

  52. I keep hearing “It’s my cob!”

  53. (The Original) Mel says:

    I’m certain I heard Teddy say: “No le toque!” Or am I just hearing things?

  54. Can’t stand it….who knew Porcupines could eat and chat at the same time? That video is so wonderful. And I agree…he does sound like Gizmo!

  55. I have officially seen everything. I had NO IDEA that porcupines made such cartoon-y noises! Sooo adorable. This is amazing.

  56. No one puts Teddy in a corn-er.

  57. Moi, Actually says:

    Right on Oakley.
    But where is all the other porcupunnage??

  58. I guess all the porcupinenuts are biding their spine.

  59. Moi, Actually says:

    Okay, okay–we surrender. Our efforts are just impaled in comparison.

  60. *Shakes head*

    Oh, okay . . . AhahahahahHAAAAAAH!

    That felt good.

  61. EHN!

  62. I heard “my corn” and “get back.” Love that little guy!

  63. I heard the same thing, Jessy.

  64. iwanttomakeoutwithit says:

    I definitely heard “get back”!

  65. 1:01 “HEY!!”
    1:12 “GET BACK!!”

  66. I can’t decide if that was more funny or more cute :lol:

    And yes every one I heard him say things also but I would get my mouth washed out with soap if I repeat them :lol:

  67. Ah! I’ve got it. He sounds just like Cousin Itt!

  68. YES! Thank you!

  69. Jodi Hankins says:

    Sounds just like Cousin It from the Adams Family. Super cute.

  70. YES!

  71. That. Is. HILARIOUS!! I’ve never heard an animal of any species, including human, sound so *indignant*!!

  72. Mary (the first) says:

    (That’s cuz you haven’t heard my elderly cat complain when she’s settled on my lap and I have to put her down. I’m surprised neighbors haven’t called 911 yet for hearing someone being tortured over at my house.)

  73. Jenn in IL says:

    Are you SERIOUS???? SERIOUSLY?


  74. I swear I heard, “I like it!”

  75. That is some serious language there. lol. Ear muffs for the children!

  76. That’s what I thought too. I was like “Did he just call her a @#%*#+&?!”

  77. MY CORN! *omnomnomnomnom*

  78. OMG! Too cute!!!!!!

  79. those are some serious claws on that thing!

  80. And some mighty serious teeth to boot. I don’t think I’d be trying to take his corn if it were me!

  81. It’s NOT polite to talk with your mouth full, Teddy !!! (tsk tsk !!)

  82. I understand Teddy! Don’t let them take your corn. I get the same way about cookies…or cheez-its at snack time :) Too cute.

  83. I heard “I like this!”

  84. … Or, rather, “I like it!” toward the end I hear “That’s funny.”

  85. Lorel, I’m glad someone else heard “I like it!”..I have watched this so many times. Showed it to a coworker-she had that open mouthed “I’m falling in love and I want one” look.

  86. That’s what I hear, too.

  87. He talks!! I can understand Porcupese! My day is made!

  88. Looks familiar. I’m sure I’ve been out to dinner with this guy.

  89. If I’d gone out to dinner with this guy, I’d have married him. Sure his table manners are a bit primitive but you cannot beat the adorabuhlnesses.

    Also… Porcupy Wall Street?

  90. woofy's ma says:

    Ooooh, leetle bitty heeckups. Who knew they were so cute.

  91. Oh. My. Gawd. Is that the cutest, daintiest little eater ever?!

  92. Theresa….what are you doing? You are killingk me!
    Thankyou. :)

  93. Ahhhh! I’ve melted.

  94. Alice Shortcake says:


    Yet another critter to add to my “what I want to find in my Christmas stocking” list: a porcupine that impersonates Cousin It.

  95. Such LANGUAGE!! ;) Adorable.

  96. Do we know where Teddy Lives? It’s obvious his caretaker/mama is doing a good job. I am re-posting one of my all time faves from CO, a baby porcupine, correctly called a porcupet, feeding from a bottle. Their quills harden quickly after birth, so his handlers have to use heavy gloves to hold him. He appears to be saying,”Ehn!, Ehn!”, which prompted Meg to say, “I didn’t even know porcupets looked at CO” Here’s the link

  97. I would not fight a porcupine for a half cob of corn. Especially a talking porcupine. I think the doctrine of “fair warning” applies if you get yourself stuck with a quill. “I tried to verbally assert my ownership privileges, officer, but when she would not back down from her contrary position, I was forced to use my quills….”

  98. Alice Shortcake says:

    And let’s not forget the porcupine who thinks he’s a puppy!

  99. OMG. He get so happy he spins!!

  100. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Alice Shortcake: how ador iZZAT????

  101. Oh my Bob!

  102. It’s Stinkers!

  103. “Are you ready for the thing called looove?
    I aint no porcupine!
    Take off your kid gloves!”

  104. AMAZING!

  105. Alice Shortcake says:

    Ooooh, I’m in the Mod Lounge again. That’ll teach me to use the word “p*ppy”.

  106. Mr. Loquacious. I heard “my corn,” go away,” and “Take that!” at the end.

  107. Too cute! But I can’t have been the only one bellowing, “GIVE HIM HIS CORN, LADY!” (Although I might have used another word.)

  108. Reminds me of Scrat & his acorn!!!

  109. bob drummond says:

    EWOK? JAWA? COUSIN IT? GUIZMO ? I really cannot tell , this guy sounds so weird !!!! Yet so adorable !!!

  110. OMG MY HEAD JUST ASPLODED!!!! i had no IDEA, never would have imagined porcupines would make such redonkulous, squishy sounds! ewok, fairly, gremlin?

  111. breadmaker says:

    “I like that”……dang, I can’t believe I am hearing words from a porcupine and posting about it!

  112. Dude likes his corn. :D

  113. I don’t know why he makes me think of a Pokemon!

  114. Shouldn’t that be “porcu-mon”?

    P.S. Teddy made it on the Today show yesterday…..

  115. sounds like “mine! all mine!” at least around the middle. Golum on helium, anyone? :)

    had no idea porcupines had sounds like this. fantastic.

  116. i really want to boop him on the nosey, but i have a feeling that might be risky.

    Aw, heck. *boop!*

  117. Anyone else not only find this really cute and interesting but also kinda weird? I mean its not like hes making noises that happen to sound like something… to me it seems like he knows what hes saying and the emotion behind it. I tried doing some research online to find nothing similiar to this case… only found that they do make a lot of noise but thats kinda it. Just wondering if anyone else was kinda *freaked out* by his ability to talk… even if it is cute. Im not a hateful person by any means just curious if anyone else was wondering the same thing as me… idk can another animal talk like I can?

  118. Like in the humman world some animals are talkers and some just aren’t

    When we had Darin .. and he had to go to the vet his meows were so distressing because they sounded like he was saying No… No vet…. go home now. And all in the most pitiful sounding meows you ever heard. Mind you he was not a talkative kitty per se.. but when he had to go to the vet Oh My Goodness..
    We have all seen the Oh no Don piano video and all those dogs saying Mommy… but sometimes it goes way beyond that.

    I think one thing I find intrigueing is the intelligence of animals… We in our human arrogence judge their intelligence against ours.. comparing them to a human child at a certain age…decided on by if they do what we want them to do. I often wonder if we really understand animals at all.

  119. I have the same thing happen with my cat. When we go to feed her, she gets really excited, but only lets out this little squeaks and whines, and very rarely ever actually meows. But when we take her to the vet? She cries and yowls and says “Noooo” and “Herrooooo?” the entire ride.

  120. Fleurdamour says:

    Or decided on what we want to do to them. I think one reason people in the past convinced themselves animals have no souls is because it tidily took away the guilt that humans have always felt about the ways in which we use animals.

  121. Yes! Throughout history people have used this strategy against other humans to justify all kinds of horrible behavior…

  122. For all we know he really is talking and it’s in porcupine language so we can’t understand. Pretty wild. Except the emotion behind it is pretty clear. GIVE ME MY CORN. lol.

  123. Kat, you’re not alone out there. There was a woman who worked with chimps every day for years and years. She always assumed the chatter and yells were just “noise”. One day she was doing paperwork in a room down the hall and her assistant was feeding the chimps. They started hooting and hollering at each other just as they do every day at dinnertime, but this day the scientist thought to herself: “Oh, they’re getting m&ms for dessert.” She wondered how she knew that, and then it occurred to her that maybe they used a certain chimp word for m&ms – and she’d unconsciously learned that word from them over the years.

    They started documenting the different “noises”, and as it turns out, those chimps did in fact use different chimp words for different things. True language!

    There are many people that believe they have actual lucid conversations with their english-speaking avians. It is weird to think about since we’re brought up to believe humans are the only species capable of communicating using language. But of course it’s just not true. I have no idea what Teddy is actually saying, but he was definitely getting his point across!

  124. cellarmouse says:

    i’m sure i’ll hafta watch this 3 or 4 more times to catch every word…

  125. I love discovering that animals make noises that I didn’t know they made.

  126. Hey, does anybody else here know the story of Gef, the talking mongoose on the Isle of Man in the 1930s? If you don’t, look it up. It’s awesome.

  127. Mary (the first) says:

    “we have met the enemy and (s)he is the lady that takes away my corn!”

  128. Fird Birfle says:


  129. I definitely heard “mine” at :33 and “I got” at :47

    Now I want a porcupine because I’m a genius and can totally understand when they talk :)

  130. Sounds like the Jawas in Star Wars.
    Officially the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Even better than “Riding on a pig baby monkey” or Marnie or Maru or Sloths or Loruses.

    This is it.


  131. NOT the noises I expected!!! What IS it about Mother Nature that she makes some of the bad ‘tockest animals so CUUUTE!

  132. i just died

  133. Awwwww, poor baby. Let him have his corn! :D

  134. Bahahaha. That’s so cute.

    Anyone who’s owned chinchillas knows that their ‘leave me alone’ complaining noises are actually pretty similar. Some pretty funny noises come out of those tiny fuzzies.

  135. This beats “Om nom nom” all to pieces!

  136. Fleurdamour says:

    Trying to take food away from something armed with quills and claws seems like a death wish to me.

  137. Yes thats what I thought too lol… It actually freaked me out

  138. That’s it. That’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Hands down, quills up, definitely #1 ADORABUHLS.

  139. It almost sounds as if he says: “Now let go!” at a point
    and then “What was that?” at the end :)

  140. I am now completely obsessed with porcupines. In love. They speak German, they’re entertaining. Love.

  141. baby birdie says:

    They…speak German?!

  142. kokobutterbuns says:

    Teddy, verbatim: “get back, this corn is mine!”

  143. Deborah Harvey says:

    I heard “mine” many times and a very definite “My corn!” at 47. Not sure what the words were at the end, but the meaning was clear!

  144. baby birdie says:

    Are you sure he didn’t say “Back off!”?

  145. I clearly heard “Back off” too! Good to knkow that I’m not crazy :D

  146. I could listen to this all day!!! Soooo cute. Had no clue they had such cute personalities. Thanks for uploading Teddy eating pumpkin, too – fell in love! Please see if he likes apples, pears, nuts, etc. Would probably win Animal Planet’s cutest animal (pet) contest.

    My blind rescue dog, Lishu, who is part Chow (and therefore very arrogant and thinks the world revolves around her), was on the floor half napping and her ears were on high alert – she seemed to enjoy listening to Teddy too!

  147. Ok so I thought what was cute was the leetle hands holding the corn & then the dang thing speaks!!! My head has officially exploded! I am speechless! (unlike our handsome friend here!) Aaaaaaghhhhh! Run, run from the cuteness!

  148. Kallisto73 says:

    Ahm, I could swear he says “my cob”!

  149. He’s saying “My Corn!”

  150. More than once it sounds like “It’s mine.”
    Did anyone else get that?

  151. ” ai lai daa” were the phonic sounds I heard.


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