No need for a tongue-hance

Holy Caturday Disapproval!

Obie the Exotic Shorthair is the new poster cat for Disapproval. Do you think it’s time for another Disapprove-Off!? Let us know in the comments!

Sender-Inner Beck B. says there are more adventures of Obie and his pal Bert over on their website.



  1. D’awww … I think his little tongue just doesn’t fit in his smooshface!

  2. Soooo disapproving. I can only imagine what the hoomans did.

  3. His Majesty is *not* pleased. Cower! All trembling minions, prepare to cower.

  4. Totally just poked my computer screen to boop that little tongue.

  5. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    All I can think of right now is: Nyerhe!

  6. I disapprove of this disapproval.

  7. Phooey!

  8. Kari Callin says:

    I am the cat’s meow when it comes to tongue rolling! ;D

  9. Did anyone else just curl their tongue? XD

  10. He looks like he just tasted something REALLY bad.

  11. SlaveToCat says:

    You will NOT buy me store brand canned cat food again…

    Blowing a juicy raspberry at you.

  12. I’m sorry guys, but I must nuff, and I so rarely do.

    Breeding pets for excessively short muzzles like that is irresponsible to the animals. Difficulty breathing, overly small mouth that cannot fit a tongue (and keep it moist), difficulty eating. Just because some people want pets that look more like humans with those flat faces.

  13. Oh my! Obioe’s mouth is much bigger than you think and his tongue fits in his mouth nicely! Maybe he is sticking out his tongue to those who think he is irresponsibly bred!
    Ha! Ha!

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    It’s Wilford Brimley!!!!

    Related: did ennybody else enjoy the Craig F. show the other night? He
    finally convinced W. Brimley to come to the show. Treated Mr. Brimley with
    the utmost respect and deference!!!

  15. You mean people actually WANT cats to look like that? Takes away all of their expression!

  16. LampLighter87 says:

    If you had to use your tongue to clean your backside, after Thanksgiving gorging, you would have a look of disaproval too. 8)

  17. I agree with you, MRB 😈 Obioe is stating his extreme disapproval over those people who bred poor kitties to have extremely moush-in faces 😈 I prefer kitties with natural faces 😀

  18. Thank goodness- at first I was afraid you were going to nuff about the leetle rolled tongue.

  19. Don’t mind if ahy do!

  20. Ayup, is ’bout time fur a Dissaprove-Off. Also, the bitty-weeniness is keelink me.

  21. Of course i’m refering to the toungue.

  22. While I agree with your premise, we also cannot assume that Obie’s humans procured him from a breeder. Full-blood breed animals are obtained in other ways and a loving home does not detract from their origins. This may be a rescue kitteh. Let’s just enjoy the little pink tongue.

    My sister has a Sphynx cat, given to her by friends who could no longer keep him. She would never go to a breeder–she’s a firm believer in ResQte–but she’s given him a loving home all the same.

  23. Um, I think I meant that a loving home is not detracted by a bred animal’s origins.

  24. i love all the creatures….regardless of their genes