Caturday Massage

Oh jes. Dat’s niiiiice.

Another quality foraged link from Ant over at



  1. ok, that’s about the more adorable thing ever.

  2. I’m thinking you should get those nails trimmed…just for the comfort of my
    next appointment. I’ll be using my last sunset garden massage coupon.
    Next week? Same day, same time?

  3. Kitty Spa, for all your grooming and relaxation needs.

  4. That cat’s got huuuuuuge paws!

  5. doggie got a groupon!

  6. You scratch my back, and I’ll…..let you scratch my back!

  7. bob drummond says:

    Oh yeah, baybee!!!!! That must feel veeerrryyyyy gooooood !
    That kitty can masssage my back anytime she can make it over here !
    After working all night I sure can use a nice gentle feline massage !

  8. “A little more to the right. Yeah, that’s the spot!”

    Side note: is kitty taking on new clients?

  9. When can she fit me in? I really need a good massage.

  10. Ohh I sure could use one of those…

  11. HRH QueenCat says:

    ahhhh, purrrfect Yin and Yang … even the music was soothing …

    Peace Mantra feelings, too …
    Together may be be protected
    Together may we be nourished
    Together may we work with great energy
    May our journey together be brilliant and effective
    May there be no bad feelings between us
    Peace, peace, peace … Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Moi, Actually says:

    There’s something about that cat/dog, black/white togetherness combo that just seems right.
    The doggie keeps turning around as if to complete the transaction with a moist nose-lick. The icing on the cake.

  13. This video is proof that there can be world peace some day.

  14. I just keep hearing Ellen saying “be kind to one another” over and over while watching this.

  15. That´s incredibly adorabuhls.

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    Kitty looks really good at that.

    *gets in line*

  17. Welcome to the spaw. Complimentary tongue bath included with all treatments. Hot stone massage available on request.*

    *Subject to our ability to remove the masseuses from the stones.

  18. earlybird1 says:

    A cat that knows how to make dog biscuits!

  19. Queen of Dork says:

    Cats have really rough tongues. So the complimentary tongue bath may prove to be an efficient exfoliant as well! Yay!

  20. Yup. I was thinking the same thing — when the dog turns his/her head it’s like “Yeowch! watch the claws, mmkay?”

    I love the way cats put their ears back when they are making biscuits. Can’t see the face but you know he/she is totally zoned out. Cat meditation.

  21. thinking same thing, exfoliating treatment included at no charge

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    in re. the accent used in the kitteh’s “headline” on the pic:

    “jah, sure. Yewbetcha!!!!” 🙂

  23. Hahahahah!

  24. Haha, just when I watched the video, my lady cat came along and did the same thing on my belly… She is a good girl, really 🙂 but I admit that Blacky over there has a lot more stamina.

  25. how peacefull 😉

  26. My 2 kittehs used to love to make biskits on my sister’s sweet shi tzu, Freckles, which always sparked intense hyoomin discussions about whether the goggie or the kittehs enjoyed the massages more. Freckles crossed the rainbow bridge this summer and my sister now has a wild little 4-lb. Yorkie puppy but it’s just not the same for the biskit makers. He doesn’t sit still for long and there’s just not as much real estate on him for kneading.

  27. Here I am, stuck in the mod lounge again. Hey, someone left their turkey leftovers in here! Come back and take them home with you. Really, Sharpy, you shouldn’t allow people to bring turkey in here for about the next year or so. Before you know it, people will be leaving unwanted fruitcakes in here and then what? You’re inviting Total Nosh Mayhem, I tell you! 😯

    Also: 😉

  28. woofy's ma says:

    LOL! ; )

  29. I second that, Iggbie 😀

  30. Something tells me there will be very few hot stone massages available……

  31. I too thought he was turning to lick her!