Office Party Time is Here

Uh oh, everybody brought hay.

And Phil from Accounting’s all hopped up on celery.

There’s going to be a lot of talk at the water cooler on Monday, Kindall D.



  1. Kari Callin says:

    Yo, Ted! Get UP, man! I told you it was a bad idea to hit the bottle so hard at the office holiday party!

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    Looks like there are plenty of “buns”; where’s the Turkey
    [or, alternatively, “Tofurkey” ]??? 😉

  3. Must have been a wild party. Those buns along the wall look severely hung over.

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Hot cross buns?

  5. When you have had a bad day … all you need to see is a pic of lots of ickle fluffy buns 🙂

  6. but, but, but….. they have so many little fluff balls and I have none, not fair.*looks round quickly, then fills pockets with floofy bunnies* Um, I have to go now, things to do….*legs it*

  7. Disapproval cubical…

  8. Oh..and Happy Thanksgiving everybody !!!!

  9. Looks like some of ’em are passed out. 😯

  10. Making out in the corner! Shameless!

  11. Happy Thanksgivin’ everybunny!

  12. a round of baby carrots on me for everybunny!!!

  13. arachnophile says:

    They are so fluffy I could DIE!!!!!

  14. How about Turducken? (I’ve always been doubtful about that name)

  15. *golf clap*

  16. AHHHHH! I am kilt ded by the floofiness! *while others look for the Hello Kitty reviver-thingy, stuffs nearly-falling-over-asleep bun into pocket* Oh, gee, what happened? I need to go home… *scrams before deception is discovered* 🙂

  17. Looks like my house about two months after i brought home two bunnies from a local animal shelter. They insisted they were both boys and neutered. They said the vet even checked them out. When i called and told them one wasn’t a boy and the other wasn’t neutered and had 10 babies all they could say was Oops.. Best oops i have ever had….

  18. All right,,,,who stole the office buns? *taps foot, glaring*

  19. Um…really… there were office buns? I only took…um…took a…ah…a day OFF, yeah, that’s it! No need to look for any stolen buns near me! *whistles innocently with wide guileless eyes while backing out the door*

  20. Yeah, our last pair of gerbils were supposed to be both female, but Louise was already pregnant (gave birth a week later), and then Thelma turned out to be a teenage boy and got her pregnant again, so instead of two gerbils we had eleven. When they grew up, all the females decided they did not want to live together, so we had cages all over the living room. If we ever get gerbils again, I’m going to make sure they each have a big pair down there.

    Also I have sent this photo to my husband and told him that if ever sees anything like it before I do, he should steer me away before I see the baby bunnies or we will be taking at least half of them home. You’d think the five cats would be enough….

    And could somebody put some food in that bowl?

  21. Tiniest poops ever!

  22. ***SNORT*** …huhhh? 😐

  23. OMG SO CUTE AND FLUFFY!!!! *loves and cuddles them*