Our Cute Runneth Over

Let us contemplate where would we all be today if not for the spirit of sharing our harvest.

Let us give a generous thanks for the bounteous harvest which hast been given unto us.

That’s gratitude with attitude, Miriam S.

Update: This is Jeffrey, Nancy & Rich’s beloved American Red Squirrel, when he was about 5” tall.



  1. LisaLassie says:

    Sqwerlio says: “Sharing? That word is unknown to me. I do undertand: I got it! Iz MINEZ!”

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I spent Thanksgiving with my cats and rats and that’s good enough for me. Who needs “nutty relatives?”

  3. kibblenibble says:

    I want to crack that walnut open for the wee leetle fella.

  4. lucy's mommeh says:

    Hed 2 nut ratio iz redonk.

  5. LisaLassie says:

    Pets never argue, accuse or disappoint, do they?

  6. I love the”about to grabbit” pose. Anerable!!

  7. PS
    Looks like me with the dressing! lol

  8. Amen!

  9. Dewd, you believe that when I came to the table, I literally didnt have a chair to sit or a plate? They had forgotten a place for me. If that doesn’t give you a complex…

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    He wants the precious. Always he is looking for it. And the precious is wanting to go back to him… But we mustn’t let him have it. Precious Precious MY PRECIOUS.

  11. Kari Callin says:

    His walnut runeth over! Hope everyone’s day was just as full-filling! 😀

  12. LisaLassie says:

    Well said!

  13. well said

  14. And doesn’t it look like he’s smiling in the second photo? “YAY I GOTS DA NUT!”

  15. Stosh in Costa Rica says:

    Now here’s the PLAN..You can have all the FUN of Cracking Open This baby—and I’ll let ya have 20%…Good deal, Huh ??

  16. It”s Mine, It’s Mine, It”s Mine OH BOY IT’S MINE!!!!!

  17. “NO my eyes are not bigger than my stomach!”
    Jeffery I love you:-)
    Auntie Abby:-)

  18. CritterMom says:

    Aw, little Jeffrey, who adhered strictly to the “Only eat things bigger than my head” rule.

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    *iz sad and worried for kar*

  20. Sweet, sweet, ohhh so sweet… Jeffrey you just served me the best dessert I could ask for 🙂 Your mama’s love light still and always shines for you.

  21. Amen. And God bless and keep us all along with all the little creatures on earth. Amen.

  22. Squirrel looks like a fortune teller to me! http://www.cutethingsinpaint.com/2011/11/future-holds-much-stank.html

  23. Look at his feet in the second photo. They are buried in the carpet fibers, from the weight of the walnut!!!

  24. Jeffery!! Put that down, and get in the house RIGHT NOW!!1!

  25. earlybird1 says:

    I love his grabby hands!