I Just Don’t Get It…

Not that I’m knocking Thanksgiving; it’s my favorite holiday. I work the room, do the “soulful eyes” bit, rake in the table scraps. Pretty sweet deal. But there’s one thing I’ll never figure out: How do they manage to get pumpkin pie from one of these things?

Leeloo’s a lovely licker, Erika T.



  1. Owh no! Maybe the Pugsky is frozen to the big orange pumpkin! Look at his sweet little pink tongue aaaahhhhh Love me some pugsies!

  2. G. Gourd-an Licky

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Oakley, and thanks for all the pun-kin pie.

  4. Happy Turkey Day! Nice punning, pyrit!

  5. Gobble, gobble, gobble! Wattle the next pun be…

  6. WIN!!!!!!!!

    Between the cute pic, NTMTOM’s commentary and 260Oakley’s masterful puns, I am ROFLMAO and I have to admit, it hurts SO GOOD!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Sometimes peeps don’t pun like they should,

  8. “Maybe if I just get past this outside layer. The pie might be inside!”

  9. So this is the true reason why some dogs are bred with smushed noses? To get them closer to the object they want to leek?

  10. I love the smell of pun in the morning, it smells like Oakley!

    Cue the choppers and the The Ride of the Valkyries.

  11. Queen of Dork says:

    Hahahaha! You all are so wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for all of you! 🙂

  12. Pumpkin POV:

  13. Oh, no, not the mod lounge on Thanksgiving. There’s nobody here and no pumpkin pie.

    Oh I’ve got Trouble. Right here in mod city. With a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pug.

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    How ’bout a lit’r’chua pun??

    “The Rine of the ancient punkin…”

    It ain’t much, but it’s all I got

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    to LisaLassie:

    (if it won’t play here, hit the Youtube logo — lower right hand corner of frame,
    and go there, song should be pre-loaded there)

  16. Thanks for all the sage remarks, pyrit. I’m a big typtofan of yours.

  17. Wow, I’m watching this on TV right now!

  18. “Mmmmmm…..tastes just like paw prints!”

    Such a helpful leetle puppay. He cleans da windows and ebrything!

  19. Fird Birfle says:


  20. Here’s some stuffed mushroom caps and a glass of chenin blanc, LisaLassie. Oh, and some peanut butter pops for your goggie friend. We can’t have starvingks in the Mod Lounge. That just wouldn’t do.

  21. Now I’M in the Mod Lounge for handing snacks to LisaLassie who’s also in here. Well, I’m thankful there’s someone fun in here to keep me company!

  22. Whatta co-inky dink! 😯

  23. LisaLassie says:

    thank you, thank you. fun to watch in the mod lounge. “76 kit-tehs led the big parade. with a hundred and ten pup-puhs close behind. And there were buns and birds, yes and much more Cute! There were critters of every shape and kind”

  24. LisaLassie says:

    kimmaroo, so glad to see you., My peeps handed me punkin pie. Sorry there’s no pug attached, but it’s good nonetheless. Have some! And some warm mulled cider.

  25. Just when you think Oakley couldn’t possibly outdo herself, she does.

  26. My Grandma’s fave musical; she was a huge fan of Robert Preston.

  27. Ooh, that floppy ear deserves a soft kronche, for sure…

  28. Y’all this is the best website in the history of ever 😀

  29. It’s so easy. You just divide the pumpkin’s circumference by it’s diameter!

  30. best comment ever?

  31. No math wiz here, but do you get pi??

  32. OMG! let that bebeh insiiiiide!

  33. My dog’s name is Leeloo too! Awesome name!

  34. i wanna a pug!!!