Eine kleine Nachtmeowsik

Next in today’s program, we will enjoy Mozart’s Serenade No. 13 in G Major, performed by The Hairless Headbanger Trio.



  1. That was some inspired conducting!

  2. My favorite moment was the ending!

  3. awesome freaky looking kitties! I loff them!

  4. They’re not freaky looking. They’re hypo-allergenic. No fuzz, no dander, no sneezing.

  5. Was the fourth kitty the understudy?

  6. cellarmouse says:

    nice cheekbones…

  7. Humans once again in thrall to the Twiddle of The Sphinx.

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Bahahaha, I love the one on the left spazzing right off the bed.

  9. That was fabulous! But what an abrupt ending.

  10. That would be true if allergies to cats had anything to do with fur or dander.

    It’s a protein found in cat saliva and also secreted through glands under the skin that causes a reaction, so hairless breeds can actually be worse for someone with allergies than other breeds would.

    In some cases though, people with allergies can acclimate themselves through continued exposure. Someone who buys a Sphynx thinking they’re hypoallergenic may ride their allergies out long enough to adapt. It worked for me. 🙂

  11. Alas, for some of us we still have allergies. Mine are specifically to the protein in the saliva (and sometimes the sweat) of animals. When they lick themselves, some of the protein gets on the fur, dries and can transfer to the environment, causing asthma. If I am licked directly or touch them I itch and can break out in hives.

    So many people have told me this breed or that breed of cat or dog is truly hypo-allergenic – it’s not true unless the allergy is to something other than the protein. I read that one breed was developed to have less of the proteins but they can’t get rid of it altogether.

    I was fortunate to have cats growing up but eventually ended up with allergies too serious to own one anymore. We did try one recommended by a vet, I spent time around the breed, thought it might be okay, but once we got one in the house it was just a few days and we had to give it back to the breeder.

  12. Fourth kitty probably gets told “You’re adopted!” by his twinsy brothers and sisters all the time.

  13. Moi, Actually says:

    Gotta love the timed ear-wiggle at about 0:17.

  14. Some one was slightly off but soo cute. I too am allergic to cats but i have one. I got her when she was about 12-18 hours old and hand raised her. She gets a bath once a month and my allergist told me since i had her from the very beginning, i have become aclimated to her only. I get around any other cats and i start sneezing, runny eyes, itching, etc.

  15. When I posted my comment (very similar to yours) I was put in moderation. So it appears I am copying your post – but I was in the mod lounge! I swear it!

  16. bob drummond says:

    Ach Du Lieber ! Das ist gut ja ? The three kitties aren’t bad either !!!

  17. In 1787, Mozart wrote this piece of music knowing that one day, someone would have a group of cat clones who would rock out to it. Like a boss.

  18. *snort*

  19. OMG! That was the BEST! Made my weekend. 😀

  20. I knew it! I just KNEW it, that the kitty on the left would jump at whatever was conducting them! Was waiting for 56 seconds!

    Love the elephant too!

  21. Why and when is someone put in moderation? It has never happened to me. Or I never noticed. How do you know it happened?

  22. Is the ‘kline’ in the title a typo? On purpose wrong? I get ‘Nachtmeowsik’, but ‘kline’ should be ‘kleine’ no? Meaning ‘small’. Just wondering.

  23. When you click the button to post your own comment it shows your comment but says: “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. It may take a few minutes or hours before it is reviewed and posted for others to see.

    Why does it happen? Sometimes a word or part of a word triggers a filter to catch inappropriate language. Other times – who knows?

  24. I was waiting for that too, I had a feeling that would end the video 😛

  25. Goodness, gracious me (said in Peter Sellers’ voice, for those old enough to remember). Oakley, you are on fire today.

  26. That’s just what the native German speaker in me wanted to post ; )

  27. Oh, please. “Freakiness” is subjective. He/she thinks they are, you think they aren’t.

  28. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Yes, it should be “kleine.” That’s German for little or small. In Mozart’s music it suggested a piece of music for a smaller setting and not a large orchestra hall, as well.

  29. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    That was a typo, thanks for correcting me.

  30. actually, WE know. 😉

  31. ’tis true.

  32. Lol, amazing – I can’t believe it took them so long before they actually tried to catch it!

  33. Olympic-caliber synchronized headbanging. As only cats can, BTW 🙂 Brilliant.

  34. Hahaha (gasp) haha Hairless Headbanger Trio… a true Not-That-Mike-ism !!

    Synchro-kittehs, never thought I’d see anything like THAT either…made my day, so far anyway!

  35. So then Final Net would NOT be the sponsor for their world tour, then? 😉

  36. Stupid head cold…ignore that last then, ‘mmmmkay?

  37. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    No problem. Just look at how much we all learned about German and Mozart!

  38. @Sharpy – would you care to enlighten us? 😉

  39. 😆 Same here, Wend 😆 I just love this video 😆

  40. Sorry, I heard that in Anthony Daniels’ voice (C3PO, for non-Star Wars nerds).

  41. bob drummond says:

    Years ago ,America’s Funniest Videos showed a clip of pengins watching a spot from a flashlight bouncing back and forth across the wall and they’re moving their heads to the tune The William Tell Overture ! (which by the way, was the theme song to an olde western t.v. show ….. anybody care to take a guess as 2 the name of that show ?

  42. I WISH they would create more of these! Particularly using the Dance of the Little Swans / Dance of the Cygnets from Swan Lake. That head- action would be amazing to see!! : )

  43. the Lone Ranger?

  44. bob drummond says:

    Yeah, Jewels, you got that right!!!

  45. Really cute and funneh!

  46. This was so funny! I laughed out loud for 5 minutes! This is the best post for 2011!
    These cats are adorable.

  47. How on earth were they able to get the cats to do that?? I could understand it when they were just turning their heads, I figured they were probably following a treat or a toy. But then the head movements got more complicated and I was quite shocked!