BRB, Taking the Dog Out for a Run

A very long, fast, twisty, bumpy run with banked turns. Awesome.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    My money’s on the Jack Russel Terrier, gettin’ there first !!!
    He needs to live at the bottom of a mountain, that he can run up & down again twice daily !!!

  2. Lily is a star. Jack Russells are awesome. I had a mellow one, Cookie she was the best dog
    I ever had. Lily has a great owner who takes her out for such a great run.

  3. All of that running and she still has the energy to take on vicious, desert-dwelling rocks!

  4. My head just literally fell off and landed on the floor.

  5. Lily rules!!!

  6. Yikes, I am tired just from watching that!

  7. I love the joy that Lily expresses in her run! Her leaps are awesome! What a fabulous video by a fabulous owner! Thank you!

  8. Now THAT is Big Fun! 🙂

  9. Wow, apparently it is NOT possible to wear out a Jack Russell Terrier – LOL! Lily FTW!

  10. Did your head fall off, too?
    p.s. Those burritos were yummy, weren’t they?

  11. I love it near the end when they get on the retun trail and the guy actually has to pedal and Lily is like: Hey guy! Why you going so slow? Come ON!!

  12. What a fine pup! Hook that doggie up to a treadmill and you could power your whole house!

  13. OMG! Yay Lily!!! I can’t believe how well she caught up, she didn’t slow down at all! Not once! I have a Lily dog too, but she is an English Bulldog and would have laid down for a nap midway through.

  14. You go girl!!! Really like the slow mo’ with Lily flying through the air. This looks like so much fun!

  15. At first I thought the person was taking the bike for a walk, then I saw where they were going.
    That is one awesome dog!
    Anyone know the list of songs?

  16. Jackers are Cri-zay-zay! For realz! One of my Jacker fosters was able to do a 5ft vertical leap onto the top of the garden wall….and would do it about 50x a day, just for fun. They’re like the ADHD poster children of the dog world.

    I loves me some Jackers!

  17. I love when Lily catches as much air as the bike does–and I especially love that she plays with a rock as though it were a ball!

    Terriers are great. Jack Russel Terriers and Rat Terriers especially have such feisty, perky, energetic personalities!

  18. Well, the 1st one is The Clancy Brothers singing ‘The Mountain Dew’. I’m not sure about the second one.

  19. LOVE LILY AND HER OWNER!!!! Does anyone know what Lily is wearing? At first I thought it was one of those weight vests, but it didn’t really look like it…

  20. arachnophile says:

    THIS! THIS is the kind of person who should have a Jack Russell, not a home-bound grandmother. Just say’n.

    This video is pure JOY!

  21. Second song is “Young Blood” by the The Naked and Famous.

  22. OMG the Dog Lily is such an Athlete.. Did you see the parts where she is flying so fast she leans over like a motercycle in teh turns

    and her leaps over the hills. JAck Russels are

    WOW Wow WOW!
    Gets in the Lily Fan Line!

  23. You guys got it all wrong. It’s not the JRT being taken out for a walk/run. The JRT is the trainer and is taking his human out for another training run of x-country biking.

  24. The second one is “Young Blood”, by The Naked And Famous

  25. wannadance says:

    i never never thought a doggie and a guy on a bike could be SO beautiful to watch. of course he is a terrific owner but that lily is to snitch and hug, all in a space of a fraction of a second. gotta watch again…

  26. Holy Flying Jack Russell Terrier, Batman!

  27. The second song is Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.

  28. Lily of the (Death) Valley

  29. There is no reason for that doggy to get air, except that is how her Dad does it, so she does it too! TOO funny!!

  30. The second song is ‘Young Blood’ by The Naked and Famous. My most played song in iTunes. 😀

  31. THAT is what every Jack Russell needs at least once a day!!! Lol.
    This video is full of AWESOME!!!
    One other dog I know of that could do this with such joy, would be a Border Collie.
    I have a huge grin on my face form watching this. 😀

  32. oh she is so happy! and so fast! and so leap-y!
    Hate to say it… but I’d bet on Lily in a race against Miss Schnozz…
    (and M.Schn. is a professional)

  33. I love how Lily was literally running circles around him at the beginning. But there were a lot of great moments in this video. So cute!

  34. Now, THAT is doggy joy! She loves the running and her fella, and he loves her to take her out to the dirt bike trails. But holy cats, that is one speedy little dog!

  35. This was freaking FANTASTIC!!! Such a happy pair Lily and her owner make! And I love the air that Lily catches in her jumps. She is just radiating so much joy while she is racing across the planet. What a great video. LOVE Lily’s owner!

  36. Can we get Lily’s human in the Men of CO Calendar?
    not sure we can see his face re: handsomeosity, but it appears we all agree how awesome of a doggeh poppa he is 🙂

  37. Megumi's Mom says:

    I love how much air she gets… that dog FLIES…
    (and I’m catching my breath after watching her… best exercise I’ve had all day.)

  38. I love that Lily was catching air! That is one athletic puppy. I am intimidated.
    Also, my exercise skills are terrible. Clearly I need a jack Russell terrier trainer.

  39. Oh yes! My dog, Miri, is an Aussie/Border Collie mix and she LOVES to run…and man is she FAST!! Loved the video!! =)

  40. weasel wardancer says:

    Are we sure she’s a Jack Russell? Looks a little tall. Could be a smooth coat Fox Terrier?

  41. One word sums it all up….LOVE!

  42. *standing ovation*

  43. My feeling exactly. Where does all that energy come from?

  44. kibblenibble says:

    Made me mist up a bit. I love to see an animal so full of joy.

  45. I feel that dog’s joy, I really do …. but it also made me kinda nervous. What if a paw got run over? Or the man falls over on his bike? (OMG – did I just nuff this video? I’ll shut up now. I believe in non-nuffing generally. But I cop to being an extreme worry-wort.)

  46. Watching Lily-just makes you feel so happy. What a wonderful spirit!

  47. It is too adorabulhs on her. What a great dad!!

  48. SlaveToCat says:

    I got a ROCK….I got a Rock…..

    um now what do I do with it.

  49. SlaveToCat says:

    I’m tired too and …. I think I lost 5 lbs from that run.

  50. I was thinking the same thing. We had a smooth fox and he looked (and acted) just like Lily. Often joked we wanted to race him at a dog track =)
    *sigh* I miss my Buddy =(

  51. Electric dog is happy to follow you!
    And gets a rock at the end!

  52. I wish I had as much energy as that little pooch. Lily freakin rocks!

  53. I love Jacks. I have two of them but they are old now and don’t have half of Lily’s energy!! I love her airborn! Go Lily….

  54. Totally awesome and I’m thinking that Lily’s a rat terrier.

  55. I can’t help but worry over her safety a little..but she clearly loves this!

  56. I don’t know, but could we possibly bottle it and give it away to the energy-impaired?

  57. OMG I want them

  58. Lily tired me OUT!

    And if someone knows what cameras that guy using, I’m curious to know!

  59. I love Lily!

  60. For those worried about Lily’s safety, I think the cute vest she’s wearing might be a doggy-sized body protector.

  61. For those more discerning than I: Pictures of all 3 terrier breeds. Lily is in such constant motion it’s hard to get a good comparison! Regardless of breed, awesome dog and finely crafted video! 🙂

  62. I sensed this comment would get moderated. What’s being served in the lounge today? I could use a pick-me-up! 🙂

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    very true.

  64. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Birdcage: I had ‘xactly the same worries about Lily.

    (Eventually, I convinced myself, that, perhaps Lily’s person and she might have reached an understanding, that if she was gonna dart here there and the other place, it was her obligation to keep her lil’ pawsies, out from underneath him and his vehicles’ tires…)

  65. Fird Birfle says:

    I’ll go along with anybody’s better-informed opinion. I just went with my first guess, and with all the statements I’ve heard that Jack Russels are high-energy. I think the best wording of it, was on Animal Planet that if one chooses to add a JRT to one’s life, one is wise to be prepared, to provide the doggeh with objectives and projects to occupy his/ her energy and dedicated efforts.

  66. Fird Birfle says:


  67. well, the cook left early for the long drive tomorrow, but i think we can rustle up something. squash flower fritters with a garlic aoli okay for now? what’re you drinkin’?

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    and, in a related “note” (to The Amazing Lily and her Human) :

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    (oops, Youtube won’t entirely cooperate. Please hover & click at the Youtube emblem in the lower right-hand corner. It should go to a screen of Youtube without the Cute Overload “stationery”, where you ? might be able to hear the song and see the photos loaded with it. Hope it cooperates, pholks!!!)


  70. You said it. I was really tearing up by the end.

  71. I love the look they share at the end. Such a bond!

  72. DanceWitMeBehBeh says:

    I’ve been sad a long time now, and Lily? She makes me heart siiiiing!!!!!

  73. Such joy, reminds me of the scene at the end of ‘Road to Perdition’, where the boy returns to the farm after the journey of a lifetime, and the farmers’ dog flew across vast expanses of the open field to greet him, then back to the house. He ran so fast his tail was parallel to the ground, every strand of his long hairs seems to radiate outward with happiness.

    Have not seen another animal exude such joy in their own speed. It’s almost as if the dog was aware that “This is what I am born to do, this is me at my happiest, when I run, I am faster than all my troubles…”

  74. Woah! I wish *I* had that kind of energy! What a fantastic dog. If my alpha male tom Lugosi wouldn´t try and kill it (he´s had stand-offs with Staffordshire terriers before!), I would love a JR terrier too. 🙂

  75. I had the same thought; I’m glad Birdcage and Fird weren’t afraid to express it. I thought, that dog is so fast she’s going to run UNDER the bike while it’s in midair and it’ll come down on her and there won’t be a thing the rider can do. Dog and man obviously have done this a lot and are good at it, but it only takes one mishap to ruin things. Even if shnoodles is right and she’s wearing a doggy flak jacket I’m not sure it’d be proof against a falling bike. However, as long as they stay out of accidents, it’s a wonder to watch. That is one fast dog. And smart; she takes the inside of all his wide turns.

  76. Lily rocks! Literally! (o:

  77. I thnik the video is edited. It wasn’t all filmed in one go. Or was it?

  78. That is a happy, happy dog!

  79. Fantastic! Lily got air on some of those jumps, very cool.

  80. Glorious video – I just wish Lily had got a hug at the end 🙂

  81. Schnauzer mom says:

    Red Bull?

  82. I beleive it is a car safe harness, the seatbelt goes through the loop on the back so the dog is safe in the car.

  83. I was a tad nervous for injury too but there’s one time where she is watching for it and steps back, so, I think she knows to look out at least. I love her little racing suit.

  84. That WAS awesome!

  85. earlybird1 says:

    YES! JR’s need a special kind of person, one whose energy can match theirs. I get exhausted just watching her, but she is adorable!!

  86. earlybird1 says:

    Right on, Oak!

  87. earlybird1 says:

    I know! She was just itching to get going, and wanted him to get off his feet and PEDAL!

  88. earlybird1 says:

    @6Rabbits: A quote from the first JRT link: “If they do not have an outlet for their natural instincts, they will invent new and fun jobs for themselves, which frequently include Guardian of the World…” HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Also loved the part where it said they enjoyed hunting birds, bugs, and leaves. 😀

  89. earlybird1 says:

    I had the same fleeting worry, but then I figured, it looks like they have done this a thousand times already, and I bet they’re used to both the speed and the terrain. Clearly this kind of run is not for the inexperienced cyclist, and both owner and dog seem to know what they are doing. So then I just relaxed and enjoyed the fun immensely!

  90. wannadance says:

    how could this possibly be moderational????

  91. Husband and his crew mountain bike and always take their big dogs out with them to “run with the pack” (and you never see happier dogs, either). Lily proves some small dogs can endure a run, too!

  92. I am with you there!

  93. Well, I’m a “cat person” but I want a Lily dog. Truly awe inspiring.

  94. Great piece of work – thanks for putting a smile on my face. You can feel the love!
    Happy Thanksgiving – much to be thankful for, as evidenced in this film.

  95. So much energy and pure joy radiated out of that video…I feel like I just came in from an invigorating run myself, even though I can no longer run like I did when I was young *sigh* …

  96. Wow. Loved this. Great video, great dog, great bicyclist.

  97. I volunteer to be first to try this!! I need an energy infusion!

  98. When we first got our puppy, I “trained” him to go for”walks” with me on my bike. It wasn’t really that hard… much easier than trying to get him not to pull on the leash when I am on foot! 🙂 He seemed to know instinctively to stay away from the wheels, and we started out very slowly, so if he tried to dart under the bike, all I had to do was lean one foot down. Once he got the idea that if he stayed off to one side , keeping the front tire in sight at all times, he quickly discovered that we got to go much faster and farther than traditional “walkies”, and He LOVED it!!!! 😀

  99. Go for it! With the right dog, it’s a blast. I once had such a dog and a great bike. I was a little nervous about the speed and terrain while watching this vid. But the magic between them makes it OK.

  100. Rat Terrier!!! I love me some Rat Terriers. They have the sense of humour of a Jack Russell but are a lot more laid back. My Rattie would sleep 22 hours a day if I let him. He’s currently having his post breakfast nap to get ready for his pre lunch time nap which he’ll take in my clean laundry straight from the dryer.

  101. Ok Just read further up that there is some question on Lily’s breed, I should read comments before posting in excitement. What ever breed she is she is awesome and looks like she has a great life.

  102. wwax. Ver very true, Who cares what breed she is. She’s adorable. The owner of Lily is very lucky!

  103. Wish they could bottle that energy.

  104. I found the descriptions at that site very amusing, too, yet informative. It obviously takes a very special person to be the right fit for a JRT! 🙂

  105. Thanks! Food served in the lounge is always so…experimental! And, still drinkin’ Dr. Pepper, despite the for-males-only ads!

  106. awwww, BFF’s. so sweet.
    beautifully filmed.

  107. Brilliant video – made me want to take my bike out of the cellar and go for a ride on the hills (problem is I’m a bit past it at 60 and, even so, I don’t think the cat could keep up with me). Never mind – it made me smile!

  108. *ahem*

    [assumes snooty pose]

    would you prefer a look at our “For The Little Hombres” menu? (free Dr. Pepper refills)

    the truth is, i can’t cook. i don’t understand cooking. i know that i eat stuff that has been cooked. that’s all i know. also, you can turn anything you like into ice cream if you are an iron chef.

  109. This explains so much! 🙂

  110. i think fried squash blossoms would be good with garlicky aoli, actually! and i loves me some dr. pepper, so *clink, clink*

  111. That looks so dangerous!! They could both get seriously hurt! What if he hits a stone or a stick and sends it flying back at her? What if he crashes or falls and she runs into him? What if he accidentally runs her over?! That’s SO, SO careless! Also, the dog isn’t getting a sufficiently stimulating walk if she isn’t given time to stop and sniff and scent mark and socialise… ugh.

  112. Lost my boy a month ago, seeing this video just made me smile. Its tough to loose them, but its so darn worth the heartache to have these kinds of connections with our furry friends.
    This is a very fulfilled little dog. Imagine her doggie dreams when she is snoozing after and amazing run.
    Rock on Lily!

  113. The above memo was brought to you by the Official Crepe Hanging Committee.

  114. LOL! Yeah, well, there’s always gotta be one hater in the room. Sigh… Terriers are MADE for this type of activity and as someone else mentioned, it appears they’ve done this many many times. The doggie isn’t just following her rider, she already seems to know the trail. Maybe I should have been concerned but I wasn’t. Not once.

  115. coriejlCorie says:

    I believe that’s what it is.

  116. That was pure joy!! I’ve watched a dozen times, and shared it with my family on Thanksgiving. Does anyuone know about how fast they were going?

  117. In JR heaven all JR’s live like this

  118. Marjan (the Netherlands) says:

    Looks like Lily knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s excellent at it. She runs, thinks and reacts so much faster (taking inside-corners & all) than any human can ever hope to. Somewhere in the video, the guy did fall off the bike it seemed. Which made me wonder about a helmet :))

  119. MichelleMac says:

    the ultimate separation anxiety??

  120. it’s a Ruff Wear Web Master Harness, originally for rescue dogs to help them over rough terrain. There is a handle at the back as well as leash attachment.

  121. uh-maz-ing! what a joy to watch!