We Don’t Have to Worry About Our Claws in This Water Bed

I wonder how much she paid for our fancy new kitty beds? But it was the thought that counts. Yep, and the box. Yeah the box! The gift wrap was awesome too. It was the best! Wore me right out. Me too.

Getting your sink back from Lizzy (black) and Bell (grey) is just a pipe dream, Lauren D.



  1. Wow, that bathroom looks so clean and pretty…OMG kitties in the sink!!!!!!!111!!!

  2. #OccupyTheSink !

  3. Emmberrann says:

    Many years ago, when I still lived in New York, I used to find my roommate washing her hands at the kitchen sink, rather than in the bathroom, because our resident cat, christened “Cool Paw Luke”, exactly filled our bathroom sink and was not about to be removed therefrom.

  4. those new beds may as well be a sinked (sunk) cost….

    sorry y’all, I’ve had a bunch of wine, it was all I could come up with…

  5. Is there actually room in that sink for the body of the kitty on the left, or is he/she just a head and one paw?

  6. Basin Street Mews

  7. what we have here… is a failure… to get outta the sink

  8. here, Th., enjoy! *hands over one Internet*

  9. Ooooh! All Mine! 😛

  10. And how much exactly is a bunch?

  11. Narrative of talking kitties is awesome. This is so very cute – Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. Can you blame them when we make the sinks so perfectly kitty-sized?

  13. I had a cat once who loved to sleep in the sink but he would scratch inside it like he was digging for 15 minutes before he settled in.

    Cats are nuts, that is why I think, we love them so much.

  14. Especially the soap. The soap, freakishly, looks photoshopped.

  15. You never fail, 260Oakley.

  16. A couple of hand-soap opera stars taking a cat nap.

  17. Marshwiggle says:

    Comments like this are why I wish we still had the “thumbs up” button! Bravo!

  18. The tuxie looks just like my dear departed Mr. Whiskers, who also used to love sleeping in the bathroom sink.

  19. Best cat name I’ve heard all day! (He kept his paws cool by sleeping on the cold porcelain.)

  20. Pamela Sinclair says:

    That sinking feline….

  21. I want a kitty shaped sink pillow!

  22. cellarmouse says:

    he was just fluffing it up…

  23. cellarmouse says:


  24. Ha!

  25. enough to where my bad jokes are legitimately terrible, and not just ‘bad’ because they’re so great.
    I think wino tracylee has an Oakley complex

  26. Noooo! Thats just the silliest thing I’ve ever heard! S/he is just a head and TWO paws. ;P Or, a head, a paw, and a hind foot if you want to get nitpicky.

  27. Nope…the other paw belongs to Lizzy….so he/she is a head and one paw. 😀
    (Sorry to be contrary).

  28. Maybe we could re-institute a “thumbs up” system with no ‘thumbs down?’

  29. I would be so in their faces and paws. I love cats like this.

  30. Gorgonzola says:
  31. This is the ultimate feline yin-yang experience with the soothing coolness of the sink and the warm coziness of snuggling with your best bud.

  32. It is a lovely bathroom, with the cool blue and white, complemented by the pink accents!

    And I just love it when kittehs snuggle up together like that. I always want to stick my face into the pile of kitteh fur.

  33. *laughsnort!*

  34. Excellent point.

  35. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It also looks like drinking it restores health points.

  36. hee-hee….

  37. the best…is when the faucet has a drip

    never stopped a cat yet

  38. i thought 260Oakley tried to faucet a little with that one (and i’m certain i did with this one…)

  39. Offended them, sure, but has not stopped them.

  40. My cats don’t lay in the sink, but they like to drink from the dripping faucet. So they’ll sit on the side of the sink, waiting for me to come along and turn on the faucet to a slow drip. I have learned to leave the bathroom light on, so that I’ll see it & remember to turn the faucet off eventually, after they are done. Yes, I work for them…

  41. Punning can be so draining at times.

  42. You are not alone…
    we ALL work for them,

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh heh

    (and I mean that, in the best POSSIBLE way ….) 😉

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    R.I.P. Mr Whiskers.

    *stands nearby, in respectful silence, hands held together in front*

  45. Fird Birfle says:

    aaaaannd (IMHO) Pamela Sinclair WINS !!!!!

    (but each participant gets a lovely rhinestoned tiara, for their excellent contributions)

  46. Ooooooh, I hope that’s a Jethro Tull pun, because the first thing I thought of was “Baker Street Muse.” *dances happily*

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Rosie:

    I know. How darned inconvenient for the faucet to actually PRODUCE water while the cats are reclining !!!

  48. Kind of like slipping into cool clean sheets with my warm hubby. 🙂

  49. It is very…luminous, isn’t it?

  50. Warning label: I would recommend NOT going to that website unless you have unlimited time to keep clicking on the show-me-another button!

  51. Haha, I stand corrected. I thought that was the grey cat’s hind foot. I thought she was all smushed up like cats are wont to do. But now I see! 🙂

  52. I think their ears are on high alert if anyone should dare start a water fight.

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    The one on the left is Method’s “pink grapefruit”. Very eco-friendly and yummy stuff. (IDK about the other one.. :D)

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    YAY! And I agree with ceejoe, don’t go there unless you can stay awhile. It’s addictive!

  55. My cat Fatso was to fat for the sink so he would jump in the tub and demand I turn on the water to a slow stream so he could drink. He would then go lie down at the other end of the bath and snooze.

  56. 😆 Our dear departed, Spot, would ask for the same thing about the faucet, but he always wanted the cold one turned on just enough for him to get a nice drink before laying beside the bathroom sink and snooze there while the water was running 😆 He would always give me a look whenever I turn off the faucet like he was saying “But I am not finished yet.” 😆

  57. Same here, ceejoe 😀

  58. 😆 Sounds like “Cool Paw Luke” was one spoiled kitty, huh, Emmberrann, but whose kitty or kitties are not spoiled 😆

  59. 😆 AWW 😆 What a pair of cuties 😆

  60. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: I am doing my happy dance, b/c Pyrit le Brilliant
    remembered to include a “Sleppy” Tag !!!!!

  61. Fird Birfle says:

    Et voila la belle Therese, upon receiving the Internet:

  62. 😆

  63. “Not spoiled kitty”……Illogical! Illogical! Does not compute!

  64. *stands next to Fird, solemnly.*

  65. 🙂

  66. Y’know, Bugs always seems to take a wrong turn at Albuquerque……

  67. Second!

  68. bob drummond says:

    You must have a thumbs down button so you will know how many supporters you have as opposed to how many stinkers you have out there !!!!

  69. bob drummond says:

    Ditto !!!!

  70. bob drummond says:

    Or slipping into a nice warm bed only 2 discover that your Other half has -COLD FEET !!! ouch !

  71. bob drummond says:

    Has anybody thought of trying to turn on the cold water and see what happens when Mr( or Miss ) Whiskers suddenly feels the invigorating chill so suddenly ?
    Anybody got a video handy ???

  72. I want to live!!