THIS JUST IN: The Most Popular Man in the History of the Entire Human Race

Well, maybe not at this exact moment, but he will be. Oh yes… he will be.

UPDATE: Yes, this is an (accidental) encore; hope you enjoy it again.



  1. ooooooooooohhhh swoon!

    No no, I was swooning at the KITTEN!

    Oh alright. They´re both kinda cute.

  2. Not that I’m complaining, but didn’t we just see this one? The newest addition to the calendar??

  3. What the hell? No way the guy is 42. At least that´s what it says on his YouTube Channel. :O

  4. Yes, this is definitely a comb-over. Or a hairdo-over.

  5. Actually, erm, you´re right. I thought I had seen it before too, but then I am on youtube so often, didn´t know if it was there or on CO. I think Meg has just lost it over the double cuteness of the two together. 🙂

  6. Are they a package deal?

  7. he’s got my vote for cute calendar man. and i like the kitten too.

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    I want to be that kitten!

  9. He’s got a new video of him and the cat! Dude needs a haircut though.

  10. Gives a new meaning to ‘cat hair.’

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    You did, but I forgot about it, and when I saw this video on another site, I scrambled to post it here without checking. Enjoy the encore! 🙂

  12. Once A Fish says:

    Oh my gosh… in the new video, the kitty’s wearing the cone of shame! And yet he is STILL doing the grooming thing! 🙂

  13. I seriously hope y’all are working on that calendar for 2013

  14. Obsession…for cats. For men. For men who like cats. Cats who like men.
    (Organically grown catnip essence, now in hair gel* and body spray..)
    *There’s Something About Marty)

  15. kibblenibble says:

    FORTY TWO?!? Yay! I’m not as bad of a cougar as I think (know) I am. Ahem.

  16. You just can’t tell with some people. Like you would never know that I’m a hundred forty- two.

  17. cellarmouse says:

    he’s so tom hanks…

  18. ROFL… Well he is a total hottie and now that I know I am only 10 years older I feel better. 🙂

  19. Kitty looks like some kind of fancy blow dryer attachment with the cone on.

  20. This is just a very pleasant bundle of cuteness!

  21. Haha! I noticed in this video that if he tries to get the cat to stop licking, it bites his face!

  22. gnaa I’m not allowed to see this vid in Germany 😦
    stupid GEMA hiding all the cuteness from me

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    We enjoy anything you post but if it’s a QTPie guy and an even more adorable kittayn.. well… that’s just good stuff! 😀

  24. Lewis n' Clark says:

    wild applause!

  25. his second video plays Ruby & The Romantics ❤
    handsome and good taste!

    well, obv. the kitteh thinks he has a good taste too 🙂

  26. In the second video of the guy on Youtube, the kitten is wearing a cone because it got neutered.
    The guy is a responsible pet owner, that makes him even cuter in my book!

  27. Miss Kitty Fantastico says:

    Yeah… he’s definitely centerfold of the calendar. 😉

  28. NTMTOM, PLEASE post a video of yourself with a kitten or a slow loris kneading your head. This guy is spectacular and all, but he’s no NTMTOM!!

  29. I am in love….soooo sweet and cute, love it!!

  30. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Theresa: only now, we, here @ CO WILL know that 🙂 (JK, JK)

  31. Fird Birfle says:


    Ennybuddy notice the URL here???? heh heh

  32. Just another tip-off that this is a NTMTOM production! 😀

  33. Forty-two? He’s twice my age, but….I’d still…do…everything…yum

    Now, why is he on cute overload? Is there a cat somewhere in this video? Maybe if I watch the background?

  34. lalala lala laaaaaaaaaa. says:

    AGAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNN and again and again and again….. la vie est belle. I’m in LOVE. (with the song, and the guy, and the kitty irreverence as well.)

  35. Kitten: This is my Daddy. I luvs him. He’s MINE!

  36. Reminds me of husbandthing and [his] new kitten. He said, “noo, we cannot bring that tiny orphant bebeh kittie in the house, no cats, don’t you dare, no no no!” But I did anyhow and he was doomed from the start. They’re out on the couch snuggling right now.

    Wait…. what am i doing in here?!?

  37. love you NOMTOM, but you can tell you’re a guy here. no girl woulda ever “forgot” about seeing this cutie before, or his cat either! 😉

  38. The kitty is very cute too!

  39. Martha in Washington says:

    I love how his ear seems to be ticklish…he giggles and squirms when kittie sticks his nose it his ear. 🙂

  40. Wants! (both)

  41. Oh sure, like you all haven’;t see my modeling gig:

  42. bookmonstercats says:

    I remember that gig, Theresa. I auditioned as well, but they chose you.

    Not that I’m… you know…. bearing a grudge or anything…… after all these years….

  43. Crazy talk. WAY more likely that he’s mathmatically dyslexic than actually 42.

  44. Never had a cat that would groom my hair. Have too much of it, lol! My cat licks my face sometimes. I had a kitten once that would not stop suckle my earlobes (it tickled the hell out of me and I couldn’t stop giggle silly..). Very possibly because it was taken away from its mom too soon. Was a sweet little thing. It was taken away from me though… )o:

  45. 3 years older here.
    OMG is this community actually made up of middle aged and little old ladies? LOL

  46. And because the kitten has been “sick” for maybe a few days his hair is in a right state, sticking up in all directions, and it desperately needs a bit of kitten spit to tame it and paste it down again…

    (ok, I do realise that the guy´s hair has grown since the kitten was little, hehe)

  47. Can’t watch the video because it is not available in my country because of music rights. Sucks.

  48. I’m definitely not sorry to have an encore! And the next coney-lovin video was great (but yes, he does need a haircut). I totally get his ear spasms– nothing is as absurdly strange has having a little fuzzy creature breathing and purring right in your ear, it’s completely twitch-inducing! Not to mention the whiskers!!

    Sigh. Love.

  49. Yup. But it’s not like we’re dead. And this hottie is definitely fair game w/out being all cougary.

  50. Nothing wrong with window shopping. It keeps us young! 48 here. LOL!

  51. What’s with all the “Get a haircut” comments from a bunch of women who are old enough to know what guys with hair should look like? A younger guy I worked with said he needed to get his hair cut before his wedding and I said, “Oh, don’t do that– long hair will give your lady something else to play with.” He turned beet red. Jeez, the things I COULD have said….

    I used to cat-sit for a sweet old tortie who didn’t groom my hair, but she rubbed her bony chin on my head to scent-mark me as hers. I really miss you, Athena.

  52. funneh

  53. My marmalade fluff Milo luffs to lick our hair SO MOYSCHE but we don’t let him because we figure his little guts have enough to content with his long fur, he does not need long people hair (mine’s about 18 inches, hubbie’s in his Messianic phase) so we have to keep pushing him away.

    Poor Milo. Never gets to give us the luff he wants to give.

  54. HRH QueenCat says:

    grabby hands steal the Kitteh furr a while,

    and give the guy a much-kneaded haircut 🙂

  55. hee!

  56. I love the little sigh of contentment at 0:38. 🙂

  57. i agree! How can you not remember this? Cutiepie boy & kitten are seared into my memory…Im glad i got to watch it all again though.

    Can we track this boy down? I need more of his adorable-ness


  58. You can use a webproxy like hidemyass to hide your IP-Adress. This way I could watch the video even though I’m from Germany. I hope this works for you as well ^^

  59. Shazzanorth says:

    New Uncastable vid of the guy – but without the kitten 😦

  60. there are so many reasons i shouldn’t let this through… but i’m a lone wolf, baby, and it’s my time to howl!

  61. 2 years older here :blush:

  62. 😆 AWW, poor guy 😆 Well, at least you know your kitty loves you 😆

  63. Okay, that was adorable, but I was starting to get worried that the guy wasn’t blinking. He doesn’t blink until about 35 seconds into the video.

  64. Nope. I’m 24 and DAMN. That is one cute… kitten….

  65. I know what I want for Christmas

  66. I’d take a bite outta that

  67. Yummy.

  68. Totally agree with you on the hair! I don’t understand women my age suddenly preferring that awful, super short cut that’s so popular right now. Yuck! It makes most guy’s heads look too big for their bodies and it’s just NOT flattering on most men. My hubby has hair below his shoulders and I don’t want that ever change.