See, I Told You They Were Real

Not only is there a monster under the bed, but it’s a stealth ninja monster, too!



  1. Tag! You’re it!

  2. I’m meditating. I am achieving inner peace and tranquility. I am a kind and sweet cat who will not harm others without reason….


  3. I’m telling you there something there…
    Listen I hear it moving…
    Quiet I’m going to take a look.
    AHHHH! there’s a human on top,


  5. Dante does this to me. BTW, he’s about 20 pounds.

  6. I probably should add I provoke him by singing to him. :mrgreen:

  7. bookmonstercats says:

    Perhaps you shouldn’t be singing Die Valkyrie to him, Theresa. Try Brahms’ Lullaby instead.

  8. And don;t sing him anything by Poochini; that could get ruff.

  9. This is why you never put any part of the human anatomy below the bed frame after midnight!!! *huddling up against the headboard with the covers up to my eyes* 😮

  10. Actually, this is what I sing. Fast forward to 4:25. :Mrgreen:

  11. Oh crap, wrong embed! Take 2. FF to 4:25

  12. cellarmouse says:

    a little string bend here – but if tou want to see some seldom-seen kitties (including a great big marmie) – check this out

  13. Hey guys, can I interrupt for a moment to ask for a reassuring pat? My little Chloe seemed “off” this morning, and I’ve worked myself into a state. When I got up to serve breakfast, she stayed up under the lining on the bottom of the bed in her secret hangout, the first time ever she wasn’t waiting by her dish to be fed. I did manage to get her to come out and eat some by shaking the dry food bag and then putting her dish under the bed, but then she went back up under. Earlier in the morning we were cuddling and she seemed fine, but the breakfast behavior was not normal. She is leukemia positive and was supposed to be dead two years ago, but instead has stayed healthy. But because of her status, the least thing makes me very worried. I’m just desperate for this day to be over so I can get home and see how she is. Trying to convince myself that everybody can have an off day now and then. The fact that she did eat is definitely a good thing.

  14. WOWEE 😯

  15. I’m in moderation for saying I’m worried one of my cats isn’t well. That really stinks.


  17. 😦 Have a toddy. Or, hey, I just made cocoa coffee (it’s not quite mocha without the espresso machine)…?

  18. Clouded Leopards are GORGEOUS.

  19. LOL… The CAT 1 the boy -15

  20. Thanks, Theo. I feel a little bit better. I suspect my baby is fine; it’s just so easy to become worried about them.

  21. What a wonderful family

  22. {{{{skippymom and Chloe}}}}

  23. musicalnote says:

    Oh, Skippymom, You’re so right … our furbabies can definitely make us grab our worry stones. So hoping your little girl is acting exactly like her sweet self again when you get home. Keeping both of you in my thoughts and saying a little prayer for your Chloe girl. May the day put a rush on for you …

  24. Thanks, victoreia and musicalnote. A few more minutes and I can head for home. All I want in the world is for her to be waiting to greet me, ready for hugs and supper.

  25. Thinking of you and Chloe, skippymom. Hope all is well.

  26. Hahahahah! It all happened so fast. I had to watch it over and over to see what happened.
    Skippymom, thinking of you and Chloe.

  27. cellarmouse says:


  28. Hahahaa Theresa, that song would drive anyone to attack. LMAO!

  29. cellarmouse says:

    yeah, and i shoulda said tortie not marmie…

    (:})… (i’d put my little personal icon- round face, turtle lip – in that little box if i knew how)…

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m sending much love to you and Chloe, skippymom.

  31. Please let us know how Chloe is doing! 🙂 xo

  32. cellarmouse says:

    it’s just your ability to imagine the worst that hurts so bad… you know it’s probly just a cold, right? ahhh…that’s not maybe a great help…have a cup of tea and be strong…you’re not alone…

  33. Warm fuzzies from me and Miss Schnozz..!

  34. cellarmouse says:

    that’s what he said? adieu? why?

  35. Powerful, loud and vulgar Dante purrs on the way.


  37. I’m fainting of big cats’ cuteness overloaded!

  38. Hey Skippymom I hope Cloe is okak. For kitties not eating is Bad. so I hope she was waiting for you to get home and ate a nice big dinner.

  39. Ippon !!

  40. I am “cross the other side the pond – but I too – love Cats – hope all will be well with little Chloe

  41. Blessings – I have seen a post – perhaps they moderated it for its being too long – that is bad – should not be doone to you you are a regular poster

  42. Queen of Dork says:

    skippymom? Peeps? Here’s a sad. There have been debates on this site about whether or not to let your cat go outside. I was always for it but many said, “No! Never let your cat out!” Apparently, the indoor argument was right. I have a cat door which allowed my cat, Albert to go in and out as he pleased. Well, on my birthday last month, he went out his cat door as he had many times but this time, he never came back home. *sad* I miss him very much. For this whole time, I left his food/water bowls and toys lying about. Until today. Today, I finally accepted that he’s not coming back and so I put all that stuff of his in the garage. So I feel terrible that I made such a mistake by letting him play in the back yard. *sigh* Also, I won’t try to have another cat again. 😦

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    *I miss Albert too, Q* 😦

    *cries and wails*

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    Best of events to skippymom & Chloe

  45. Queenie, that’s terrible! I am so sorry. That is crappy beyond belief. I don’t know what to say that probaby won’t make you feel bad so I’ll just shut up and send Dante purrs.

  46. musicalnote says:

    Oh, Queenie … I’m so very, very sorry to learn of sweet Albert’s disappearance. Please allow yourself to grieve without guilt; you simply gave your boy the freedom that he had learned to enjoy. Just as Theresa said, there are no words at this moment that will lift the sadness from your heart. Just know that all of us here in the CO family feel your loss and will keep you and Albert, wherever he is, in our thoughts and prayers. I would only ask, since there are so many homeless furbabies needing rescue, that you don’t forever close your heart and home to the love of another someday. {{{{Queen of Dork & Albert}}}}

  47. Did he say what I thought he said…?