Owl Rightie, Then

This video is so hootin’ cute it’ll spin your head around. Where do we sign up to give head scritchies to owlets? Is there, like, a waiting list or something?



  1. Kate garfield says:

    That is soooooo very cute! The older owl did sure look a little jealous, ain’t!

  2. I just imagined I was getting a head pet and massage with the bebeh owlie. oooooh that feels better.

  3. Oh my god, head-a-splodin’ cute! Loved ‘owl’ the disapprovals from the adults Ooh, boy, I love me some hooters. :p

  4. I want to pet the head of that Pygmy owl so bad it hurts!!!

  5. Oh my gosh! The sleepy baby owl is sooo adorable and is soooo relaxed and happy. He’s in head scratch heaven! Such gorgeous eyes.

  6. I want a Pigwidgeon!!

  7. I love that little guy – I want to give baby owl scritches!!!!

  8. The baby owl was adorable, of course, but honestly my favorite part was when the great horned (?) owl blinks its nictitating membranes at around 1:04. That was so cool to see! Great music too.

  9. TrixandSam says:

    There is no questioning that little owlet lurved the petting. You can tell it was just giving itself up to the touch of that woman’s hand. Such a beautiful little video.

    *sniff sniff.. wipes water in eyeballs*
    What!? Can’t a girl have allergies??

  10. I love this so very, very much. Thankyou Cute Overload…..my life is now complete.

  11. I know! I felt so relaxed after watching this!

  12. But remember kids, No Post on Sundays! 🙂

  13. Wollies! How stinkin’ cute!!!

  14. I could watch videos of people petting owls all day long. I swear, they look like they enjoy it SOOOOOOOOO much. It’s so cathartic.

  15. JohnnyJohnny says:

    When someone is kind enough to scratch my head, I fall asleep. I actually might have to take a nap after watching this.

  16. And oh so disapprovinks.

  17. arachnophile says:

    These little guys are almost exactly like our endangered burrowing owl in North America. If you want a chance to touch one, go on and volenteere at your local wildlife/raptor rehab centre and after the prerequisite poop-cleaning and training, you may just get a chance to touch one of these lovely creatures.

    I can speak very hightly for The Albert Birds of Prey centre in Coaldale, Alberta that breeds these preciouse creatures and does a lot of other amazing things for birds of prey. 🙂

    I can reccomend them because I used to work there. They always need help and donations. Just remember that most birds of prey won’t thank you for touching them. X-p

  18. I’m not sure if the adults were disapproving, or jealous!

  19. Me, too! (jumps up and down like a five-year-old)

  20. I want one! Actually, I want one of each!

  21. Owls are so SO cool!!!

  22. I’ve never seen an owl purr before.

  23. I love the word ‘nictitating’.
    And the word ‘bliss’ at 0:17, esp. in slo-mo.

  24. Was that Owltalian they were speaking at the end?

  25. Lol, ditto! Fortunately/surprisingly the video didn’t end with a triangular chomp out of the hand to match the bad manicure.

  26. *snicker*

  27. OWL MY GOD, that was owlstanding.

  28. Yes, there is a line to give owl ear scritches. It is twenty-seven miles long. Now you are at the back of it. Don’t even think about buttin’ in front of me.

  29. i never realized how incredibly cute owls can be. that sweet baby blows me away….

  30. I felt the same way!

  31. Owl heartbeats sound like a cats’ purring. (my neighbor is a licensed wildlife rehabber, who loffs teh wols)

  32. I used to volunteer in a raptor education program at the San Francisco Zoo, and we fed the little ones — like Burrowing Owls — crickets. Imagine this big-eyed cutie holding a cricket in one talon like a popsicle and munching on it thoughtfully. While blinking meditatively. (And actually they also blink to help themselves swallow.) I’m surprised I survived the cute to tell the tale. Arachnophile is right: VOLUNTEER!

  33. Wol! Milne fans unite!

  34. So want! Especially the little guy. I swear its ultimate relaxation has now made me ready to take a nap. mmmmm…nap.

  35. Thank you. I don’t need that xanax I was going to take anymore (literally). Sigh.

    New Rx: you don’t need blood pressure meds or anti-anxiety pills, just take home this little pygmy owl – be sure to pet it at least three times a day, minimum.

  36. arachnophile says:

    We had a lot of the big grasshoppers. We’d have a pocket-full of them ready for teeny-owl munching. They have that “look” that is so much like kitties, when they train-in on something they really want. It’s so cool. XD It’s the definition of KEEN!

    Agreed – Volunteer! It was the most rewarding time of my life.

  37. arachnophile says:

    Yep, there’s a reason you don’t see people manhandling the bigger owls. I had the turkey vulture who was my best bud, and constant lecture companion take a nice chomp out of my arm one day, just for kicks. He looked at me like, “What?” “You’re yummy, it’s a compliment!”

    And the beak is not their true weapon! Those talons are mighty and the Great Horned Owls feet are the size of a man’s hand. If they were the size of eagles, we’d all be in trouble. ;-p

  38. Martha in Washington says:

    Not just cute, adorable owls…but cute, adorable ITALIAN OWLS! Molto Benissimo!

  39. Yup. Hurts so BAD. Waaaah.

  40. I FINALLY figured it out. The caption was driving me nuts. I knew it was an comedic actor in a movie. “All righty then”….Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, Jim Carrey. Whew…that’s been driving me nuts for several hours.

    Thanks a lot NTMTOM! That’s worse than an ear worm when the info. is in the deep dark recesses of your brain and you can’t quite pull it out.

  41. Owlgasms all around.

    So damn cute!

  42. That is just the sweetest thing. I had to see where this magical raptor place was. It is outside Milan. http://www.ifalconieridelleorobie.it/Mappa.html

  43. Wow .. its the Scritchers of Ga’Hoole.


  45. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Adorowlble. And I think that’s a full grown, not babeh screech owl. I had the opportunity to hold one on one finger at the Pittsburgh Aviary. Poor little thing had crashed into a telephone pole & would never fly again. It had the hottest little feet, and my hubby said I looked like a kid at Christmastime.

  46. 😆

  47. 🙂

  48. earlybird1 says:

    “…luckily Owl kept his head and told us that the Opposite of an Introduction, my dear Pooh, was a Contradiction; and, as he is very good at long words, I am sure that that’s what it is.” A.A. Milne

  49. Awww, I love the little owl that is being petted. They are all precious!!

  50. I just knew there had to be an Owl-and-Pooh reference here! Thank you!

  51. you got that right – it is purring!

  52. it’s all fun and games, until someone swallows a mouse.

  53. i never got that part. wizards have blue laws?

  54. i have a book of that. let me pullet out and check.

  55. No, but Vernon didn’t know that. 😉

  56. Horned Owl, “Jealous, WHOOOO?”

  57. bookmonstercats says:

    I was wondering whether the horned owl would drop his horns if his head was scritched.

    Then I decided I might live a little longer if I didn’t try to find out.

  58. bookmonstercats says:

    Nope, Violet, I won’t butt in.

    *Waiting patiently as number eleventy billionth and one hopeful owl ear scritcher*

    See, I even have my numbered ticket.

    *Holds out ticket as long as a toilet roll for Violet’s inspection*

  59. Just say you have an owllergy

  60. Bookmonstercats – LOL! Yep, probably. Heck, my cockatiel will take a chomp out of you and she’s teeny tiny. I can’t imagine the aftermath of the horned owl!!

    Loooooved watching the baby get his head petted though. Such expressive eyes. So sweet! Now, I’m tooootally relaxed.

  61. Alice Shortcake says:

    Dammit, that’s ANOTHER critter to add to my what-I-want-for-Christmas list. Where will I get a Christmas stocking large enough to contain a sloth, a clouded leopard, an owl, an elephant and an otter?

  62. Wal-mart’s One-Size-Fits-All section!

  63. Correction….


  64. Snowpea, that is some punning worthy of 260Oakley right there. Well done!

  65. Jesses? Check. Rugby shoulder pads? Check. Hockey mask? Check.
    I’m ready for wolunteering!

  66. Owl was my first word and I’ve loved them ever since. Oh, how I wish to be the fingers of that lucky human petting tiny owlie!

    I also loved the shots of the Barn Owl. Barn and Snowy owls are my favorites, but probably not as suitable for petting.

  67. Even parrots are more often like this than tame and amenable. I figure they don’t get the difference between feathers and skin.

  68. Fird Birfle says:

    Ah b’lieve them air whutcha might call enDORphins,
    er sum sich newfangled thingamajig!!!!

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    haccum thar be sich smart peeples ‘roun hyar, who know ’bout
    “nictitating membranes”???? 😯

  70. Fird Birfle says:

    endorphins endorphins endorphins endorphins endorphins

  71. Fird Birfle says:

    endorphins endorphins endorphins

  72. this adorable little owlette looks and behaves like the gentliest and sweetest of my four cats, Carmen (we call her Caramel) 🙂 thanks, CO! You’ve made yet another day of mine:)

  73. arachnophile says:

    Well yeah and our clumsy, oily fingers aren’t the best thing for their carefully tended feathers. Those feathers are complex, light–weight miracles that need a lot of maintenance.

    Wild birds REALLY hate it (touching) because their feathers are their survival. It literally RUFFLES their feathers. There are some more social species that are an exception. Burrowing owls are a tad more cuddly because they live a lot more communally than most birds of prey so a certain amount of social touching is beneficial. This goes to a greater extreme if they are imprinted birds that think they are people anyway.

    Most of the rest will fluff up and proceed to preen with prejudice the second you touch them. XD

  74. Fird Birfle says:

    *joins in the jumping up & down, but not sure for what reason*

  75. Fird Birfle says:


  76. OMG!!! I WANT TO PET AN OWL!!!!!!!!!!

  77. My Umbrella Cockatoo gets an expression on his face very much like this little owl’s when I pet him and scritch his haid. He’s very much like a cat when it comes to being petted and scritched–he’d sit on my lap 24/7 if he could!

  78. Ah such a sweetie. Released my enDolphins..happy just swimming thru my body. Zzzzz…

  79. I can’t stop watching this video! I need help!

  80. Fird Birfle says:

    naw. Just keep hittin’ “Replay”. You’ll be fine.

    Endorphin Enabler

  81. I feel so relaxed after this!

  82. Oh fer cryin’ out loud, people, it’s a just a small type of owl, not a baby.

  83. I was waiting for a reference. Books or movie?

  84. Err…I practically groaned with contentment when mini owlpants was getting his head stroked….ok….there was no ‘practically’…..yup, I’m weird.

  85. Ah! See, this video just tempts me to risk federal prison; considering all of the adorable burrowing owls in my neighborhood. It is very hard I not jump out of my car or off my bike to cuddle some owls. I really need to get into the volunteer groups in the city. Just I keep myself calm.

  86. Gosh, it’s been months since the last time I nicitated!

  87. These are all adorable owls, but for my money, the cutest, most head-splodingly, stinkin’ adorable owls are the tiny Northern Saw-whet owls. Read ’em and squee:

  88. Thank you for the link! Loved the photo gallery. 😀

    Now let’s get them to tour America!

  89. Volunteering is a great way to get close to some amazingly adorable owls such as this one! I volunteer with a wildlife rehab center in California and my weekly duties include caring for a Northern Pygmy Owl and a Western Screech Owl (and many other birds!). Cleaning up the poop and the castings, preparing the food, and all of the other hard work is SOOOO worth it just to be able to experience these beautiful birds close up! Volunteer! 🙂

  90. Sharon Wilson says:

    We had a resident burrowing owl at our wildlife center, and he was so cute a volunteer just had to pet him, and the next thing he was gnawing her finger and wouldn’t let go. I think owls have to be socialized to petting.

  91. Snerk. To you, he’s a cutie wootie, but to him, you’re a LOT of MEAT. 😛

  92. The Owl of Disapproval. 😡

  93. Owl right, since no one else said it….plinkplink.

    When my kids were little there was a zoo that had a pure white baby owl about this size they let the kids (& parents, bonus!) pet. To this day, still the softest thing I’ve ever touched. Bliss!

  94. Absolutely, Sharon! The owls we have at the center where I volunteer are wild, and we keep them as wild as we can. When we have them out at public events, people ask if they can pet our little Northern Pygmy Owl and we tell them no. Then they ask if we ever pet him, and we tell them no, because we like having in tact fingers! Those beaks and talons are SHARP and wild owls are in no way happy to be pet. That being said, people who practice Falconry have a different type of relationship with their birds, and get them acclimated to human touch. Giving a little owl like this one some head skritches would be soooooo sweet!

  95. It’s a Furby! Those old toys that blinked and moved their heads. Their eyes even went plink if they blinked.

  96. tobesograteful says:

    Oh, pet some more!!!!!!

  97. I just got prescribed meds to calm my perpetually racing heart.
    This video works better than the meds. Big owl eyes plus soft music…

  98. His enjoying of the scritching made me feel al happy and calm. I would like to touch a tame owl. I used to have cockateils but they didn’t like being petted (they were rescued birds from bad homes and were scared). This baby, however, gets a lot of love! ^_^