Do Not Ask For Whom the Bird Tolls – it Tolls for Thee

Beware toll cheats! Authorities have installed new toll gate birds. The toll gate birds wont go up until cars come to a complete stop. This way, you wont miss the basket and the birds are given time to admire themselves. Hey, it’s in their contract.

Exact change only, Or Hiltch



  1. Mirror , Mirror on the car who’s the prettiest bird by far ???

  2. Whoo, Victoria Crowned Crane! Awesome bird!

  3. Note to self : Do NOT “crow” about being the first !

  4. Lavralee Snooth says:

    Hair in mirror may be larger than it appears…

  5. Um, anybody else not seeing the pic? (Thank goodness for the link to the flikr stream!)

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    Yeah, I don’t see anything. Just a red x.

  7. I do get the hovertext, though…

  8. Yeah… I got nothin’

  9. ….And now I see it. *shakes head*

  10. heh heh… /looking around quickly for the bleen police/

  11. Was this bird designed by a committee?

  12. why is that boid wearing a porcupine hat?!
    more importantly, where can I get one??

  13. It’s BELLS!… oh. wait. no it’s not ;0)

  14. Looks like a Philip Treacy hat!

  15. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. AAAAIIIEEEE!!!!!!

  16. I can never get this hair right.

  17. i remember there was one of these in the movie, Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I loff him.

  18. Here in the Bay Area, there are several toll bridges to cross. However if you try to “run” the bridge through the fast trak lane the cameras catch you and then the fees are added to your registration. It’d be much funnier to have alert birds though:)

  19. oh i see another feather hair extension has hit the market.

  20. Looks like Pyrit’s Donne it again.

  21. I’m loving the mini-fro he’s got in the front.

  22. *snerk*

  23. That’s like four equally fantastic birds melded into one. There’s a penguin, a woodpecker, a peacock and… whatever bird has a fuzzy Afro…?

  24. Yes, Ambassador.

  25. urgh, bloody youtube and their newfangled links…

  26. baby birdie says:

    Or, in this case, hair feather extension.

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY lit’rachua Ref !!!!

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    no, no, the last one is Don King. See below.