Sir Eyebrowdots the Great &Victorious

With my magnificent eyebrow dots, I shall conquer the world! Nothing can stop me now! Victory will be mine.
Can I bring you back anything?

Chris, please teach Mischa (11 mo. old Alaskan Klee Kai) to say, “Veni, vidi, vici.”



  1. Pure cuteness..

  2. Gah! The qte….it kilt me!

  3. ohhh man oh man I was noticing earlier how my week has been sorely lacking in eyebrow dots (even though Mme. Schnozz has them, I still need more)
    and boy does this little viking win ’em all !

    hooray for eyebrow dots!
    eyebrow dots make the world go round!


  5. I love Mischa! Those are some seriously spectacular dots! That adorable face and those gorgeous eyes could make me do just about anything. What an exceptional looking puppy.

  6. Veni! Vidi! SKRITCHIES!

  7. The cute cuts through my heart like a sword!!! *faints*

  8. I need to beep that nose more than I can describe in words.

  9. Sooo precious. Want!

  10. Smooooooches!

  11. I totally ignored the eyebrow dots. I was transfixed by the curb-feelers. And the tiny white bindi. Also waiting for the audio…

  12. Here comes the Barr-ooo. It’s from Turandot. (Dot!)
    All’alba vincerò!
    vincerò, vincerò!

    When the dawn comes, I will win!

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Well, the eyebrow dots definitely conquered me!
    *lying prone on the floor waiting for His Highness to walk all over me*

  14. no way- it’s the perfectly symmetrical single side whiskers that will win the hearts and minds of the masses.
    (is that what ^oo^ meant by curb-feelers?)

  15. *********Add Mischa and Mickie as a friend on!


  17. If victory equals the right to give me endless kisses, then declare victory right now, Mischa! I am yours to command!

  18. I thought that was a Klee Kai. Something about the shape of the head is different from Siberian huskies and malamutes. Cute li’l bugger!

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes! Curb-feelers! I didn’t know what to call them but they’re miraculous!! omg wonderful. (Not sure what the “white bindi” is but I’m sure I love it too!)

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    wait, is the white “bindi” that leeeetle tiny stripe on his forehead? Yes, I love it too!

  21. Veni, vidi, cutesi

  22. *Gilf clap*

  23. Eeeek! Golf Clap!

    (Slaps self upside the head)

  24. Re the hovertext:

    “I believe. I believe.”

  25. *ded* *waits for puppy kisses to be revived*

  26. Seriously, that pup is going to get anything he wants just by using the eyebrow dots to look all sad and worried.

    “I am sad because I have not gotten a treat.” *waggles eyebrow dots.

    “Here baby! Have the whole box of treats! You sweet adorable puppy.”

  27. Moderation? *sigh* I guess I’m warming up the lounge this morning. Whats on the menu?

  28. Northpoleon Bone-apart: small dog, big attitude.

  29. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Bindis are what Hindu women wear on their foreheads, and yes, that looks VERY similar to one! 😀 I was struck by the “curb feelers” as well-they crack me up!

  30. Lookee him nose stripe!

  31. I so want a Klee Kai!!!! They are the most adorable little creatures!

  32. Ok, so “eyebrow dots” is an official word now that it’s been used in a headline!

    That is one adorable pup!

  33. This is an unholy combination of a chi-hua-hua and a husky…. I shudder. Then I say, ” Awwwww!” Some dogs though not be mixed… like a shitzu and a bulldog.

  34. Sorry, I drank up all of the Tab, but there are some cheez doodles left over. Help yourself.

  35. Or as the Cowardly Lion might say: “I do believe in dots! I do believe in dots! I do, I do, I do, I do, I DO believe in dots!” (repeat)

  36. Shouldn’t eyebrow dots be an official rule of cuteness? I vote eye!

  37. Gilf?

    Gerbil I’d Like (to) F…luff?

  38. i is. i is conkered.

  39. Everyone was so mesmerized by the dots and teh whiskers… they for got to BEEP or BOOP his nose.

    BEEEP!!!!! and BOOOP!!!!
    There I rectified the situation.

  40. Oh Peeps, you MUST go see this puppy in ACTION. He’s redonkulosity itself!

  41. Eyebrow dots,curb feelers, white bindi, beepable/boopable nose…..all cute but those radar dish ears are what get me, I wants to scritch ’em and smooch ’em.

  42. Yes! They don’t come any cuter than that. Want! Want! Want!

  43. I love the fur lining the inside of the ears. It just looks perfect to me. I bet ear skritching him is the bestest!

  44. Reminds me of Sir Didymus, the foxy knight who rode a sheepdog in “Labyrinth.”

  45. I see what you did there. 😀

  46. HA! took me a minute…

  47. HA!

  48. Oh man, if there were a dog called a bulls**t I would SO get one!

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    I second the motion!

  50. I want a Rat Terrier/Labrador mix…a Lab Rat! 🙂

  51. uhh I think that motion will easily carry, with this crowd.

    I am totally in favor. eyebrow dots make my heart flutter.

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    Lol! 🙂 Nice twist.

  53. There are, I work at a grooming salon, it was a shitzu and a french bulldog mix… it was in all reality… a bull****.

  54. Thank you KA, I attempted to beep the adorables nose with my own nose; alas, only succeeded in knocking myself out on the (definitely, not snorgleable) laptop screen. Sigh.

  55. fiiiiinally an AKK!! they are the bestestest.

  56. Resistance is futile!!!!! I am totally powerless in the presence of these adorable eyebrow dots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I’ve been voting for eyebrow dots for what seems like FOREVER!!! THey absolutely slay me!!!!!

  58. My Klee Kai turned 1 yr. old today—they are just so wonderful.

  59. Turandot…The witch-princess Turandot? Oh, and my doggeh Teddy The Many-Named also has eyebrow dots. Exept he’s all back with tan eybrow dots.