Oh Nose

I used to worry about being a, you know, ferret, but now I’m going to go straight and I have nothing to hide.

If I have nothing to hide then I have nothing to worry about, right?

I am a ferret!

….. And I’m worried I have nothing to hide!

Whiskers is worried about keeping his nose clean, theogeo.



  1. Beep!

  2. aw, don’t frown, little dude!
    them’s some mighty whiskéres, Whiskers…

  3. I NOMimate Nosevember 17th as official ferret pride day !
    (throws rainbow glitter in the air )

  4. Well, of course ferrets have nothing to hide. That’s why they hid your stuff. Duh!


  5. Kari Callin says:

    Knowing 3 ferrets myself, I am surprised that the tennis shoe is still visible, and not dragged under a desk or bed! 😉

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    yep, Whiskers is a great name for this little guy as he has (worried looking) luxuriant whiskers, indeed!

  7. Awe! *smooch* on top of that head.

  8. You can come to my house and hide my stuff when ever you want as long as you let me kiss that pink nose!

  9. Is there a rule of Qte that has something to do with whiskerpalooza? If not, why not? This guy qualifies, fur sure.

  10. Well, if that little schnozz isn’t beggin’ to be beeped!!!

  11. *snerk*

  12. I’m thinking that expression is “Who, me? I wasn’t doing anything with this shoe!”

  13. Nothing to hide unless he/she’s in California.

  14. I wonder how he got his name…

  15. The nose knows!

  16. arachnophile says:

    Exactly my thought! That nose! It needs to be BEEPED!

  17. Dat weasel doesn’t fool me.
    It has somfing up its sleeve.

  18. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Equal rights for ferrets. Ferret marriage now!

  19. it’s a mystery, really

  20. HAW!

  21. doh! ferrets find things, not hide ’em! S-s-s-s-nake!!

  22. We had one ferret who was obsessed with dog kibble. Now, you need to know that our dogs are very large, and therefore their kibble is appropriately sized. Koda, the kibble-crazy ferret, would dash down the hall to the dog food dish, grab a nugget that was nearly as big as his entire mouth, and then scoot back down the hall to the bedroom, where he would invariably hide the kibble in my sock drawer. I don’t think he ever tried to eat the kibble, just stash it away for future contemplation.

  23. My ferts liked to go into my closet and not-so-gently nom my shoes.

  24. I love how little weasels look so sad when looked at head-on, but when you look at them from the side, it’s all fun times! Business in the front, party on the side — Ferret Mullet.

  25. My ferret, Doodle (RIP, sweet little woozle), would steal wicker drink coasters and run into the back bedroom to hide them. While the drink coasters weren’t huge, when he ran with one in his mouth, it might be comparable to you or me running with the top of a trash can in our mouths. Sweet little thief!

  26. that made me lol – just picturing me running with a trash can lid in my mouth