Behold the Future of Advertising

Back in August, we toured a cutting-edge cat video studio. Now we explore the next phase of this global feline media phenomenon, as brand marketers embrace the emerging medium’s transformative potential to create relevant, best-in-breed, virally immersive product interaction experience yimbity glopfarble wah de doo dah.


  1. Cute Overload has revamped the idea of robust data hygiene. We usually visualize B2B2C subscriber communities. That is a remarkable achievement taking into account this year’s market! We will maximize the industry jargon “synergistic”. What does the jargon-based jargon-based standard industry commonly-used term “real-time R&D” really mean? The all-hands meetings factor can be summed up in one word: dot-com. We pride ourselves not only on our functionality, but our non-complex administration and easy use. The capability to grow virtually leads to the aptitude to grow micro-dynamically. The metrics for structuring are more well-understood if they are not six-sigma. A company that can integrate courageously will (at some indefinite point in the future) be able to redefine fiercely. What do we streamline? Anything and everything, regardless of anonymity! :P

  2. how do i get a job at this agency?

  3. Excellent! Couldn’t have put it more succinctly myself.

  4. i likes thems because they use “comprise” correctly. bleen…

  5. A robust and bold statement of purpose. An organic take-no-prisoners approach. A holistic solution to the tedium of corporate congruity. Blatherdy gab is our business, our only business. She works hard for the money, honey.

  6. I totally went to that meeting where this was rolled out in a 6-hour power point marathon involving 10 different ESVPs. And still, it never gets old.

  7. So, you’ve worked for the government too?

  8. that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    omg you must work at the place I used to work (until I was synergized right on outta there, thank heavens)

  10. *golf clap* Very nice use of corporate goobledy-gook!

  11. I didn’t even veeblefetz the wibblewobble shmutzified bilgegeflarp. :D

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    such a lost opportunity, Th :)

  13. bob drummond says:

    Don’t ask me to repeat whatever it was that that person was saying ! I even have a degree in Bus. Admin. but still could not interpret it !!! Duuuuuhhhhh!!!

  14. sunnylessmum says:

    I am dying over heah! That was HILARIOUS!

  15. yes!!
    all cat videos all the time.
    (no kittehs harmed in the making of any video.)

  16. The icon for “Porn” videos was freakin’ hillarious!

  17. I didn’t even notice that. I had to go back and look a 2nd time. I also didn’t notice the Sheen icon either.

  18. Bwah! They storyboarded Ninja Cat!

  19. I can’t believe 1100 people disliked Ninja Cat! 8-O

  20. I want a cat video!

  21. Who stole my tuna sandwich out of the fridge?!

  22. Bwaaahaaahaaaa!!!!

  23. Lewis n' Clark says:

    so now advertising interns probably start with the cat box litter duty

  24. Makes me wish I had an intern……

    Not in Advertising

  25. Fird Birfle says:


  26. I love the mad marmie, “I’m washing myself, leave me alone!”

  27. “Mad Marmie” is such an oxymoron. How can they be mad if I’m hugging them all?

    But wait… you’re saying I can’t hug all the kitties???

  28. Or redundant, depending on your perspective….

  29. You might need some armor….

  30. Seriously !!!

  31. Hilarious! All cat videos all the time would be fine with me.

  32. These folks are really clever. I too could live in a world with cat vids 24/7–beats ads!

  33. Marshwiggle says:

    Are they hiring??!

  34. NormallyLurksOnly says:

    Pay close attention to the graph at 0:54.

  35. (The Original) Mel says:

    Hey. o.O

  36. Thank you–so intent on the cats I missed that! *snerk* If only this were true!

  37. Preston Rhinelander was a visionary.

  38. Fird Birfle says:

    My new noun for the weekend….or perhaps it should be a verb???

    “Glopfargle” !!!!

  39. OK, peeps, stroll on over to, the maniacs who made this vid, for more fabulous anti-advertising samples. Under “work,” find vids about a campaign they did to promote testicular cancer awareness that had a real guy in his underwear, online live, for 25 days. OR, laaaaadeeeees, learn about an app that has a hot guy of your choice remind you to check yourself for breast cancer! Plus a hilarious “pink pony” birthday party, another faux agency-promotional vid. Then get in line to emigrate to Canada where all these good things happen!!

  40. songbirdnurse says:

    FREE Man Reminder app downloaded….muchas gracias! Ole!!! :-D

  41. My favorite part was the whiskey ad with the cat who Did Not Want, complete with aerial cat hair as he GTFO’d.

  42. Word.

  43. Everyone knows that cats prefer beer over whiskey duh.

  44. One question, what if cats as for a pay rise? They’ll end up being better paid then humans. :D

  45. Once upon a time cats were the superior race on this planet, but because they realised that humans would do just about anything for them, they became lazy and left the superior status to the humans.

    But because a few thousand years later all the humans have done is manage to almost destroy the environment they live in (which is also kitties´ environment of course!), the time has now come again to take back that superior status from the humans. With the rising popularity of the internetz, it is the most purrfect moment to begin Feline World Domination (FWD) again.

    And this is just the beginning.

  46. songbirdnurse says:

    My stinkin’ allergies! *in biiig echo-y voice* I’m DOOOOMED!!!!!

  47. “wah de doo dah” should be the quote of the day.

    Words to live by!

  48. Fantastilicous!

  49. OMG.. *works on resume* I needed a new career direction and I just found it!

  50. This is effing brilliant!

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    twue. so twue.

  52. yimbity glopfarble just about sums up my week

  53. :37 – the cat drinking out of the mug – perfect!

  54. So funny!! Loved how serious they all were, I bet that was hilarious to film. I also was a big fan of the porn graph & kitty who does NOT want to drink whiskey (along with floating hair poofs) SO funny!!!

  55. If only we could all work at a place where cats are allowed in the building, on the desks, in laps and lapping out of coffee mugs. Best work place ever!

  56. :lol: I would just LOVE to work at a place like that :lol:

  57. Oh please people, be realistic. If you thought it was bad having 1 boss at a time, imagine five of them telling you to get them more catnip, their cream is slightly curdling, that feather lure needs waving, they need more paper balls to chase, that litter box ain’t going to clean itself. Not to mention their editorial ‘comments’ on your quarterly report.

  58. Oh, damn. Burst our bubble. Rain on our parade, will ya?

    (JK, of course. I already have two of those bosses. ;) )

  59. I’d respond but my *bosses* are demanding more food, cuddles and fresh pillows for their slumber.

  60. I do hope there wasn’t coffee in that coffee mug, though – cats bouncing off walls/ceilings/floors can be just a tad hazardous.

  61. Though many do that anyways, coffee or not ;)

  62. bob drummond says:

    As long as they do not drink from my coffee cup – while I’m still using it !!

  63. There’d definitley be alot less stress! :)

  64. baileysgrandmom says:

    Yeah, everything would be just hunky-dory until Take Your Dog to Work Day…then see if any gimbledyfarb gets done at all!

  65. Does the sniffling guy have an allergy? If so, nice touch.

  66. bob drummond says:

    Maybe he’s allergic to cats – ha ha ha ha !!!

  67. “We’ve seen phenomenal growth in this CATagory. . .” HAHA!!!

  68. In the 1988 film Scrooged with Bill Murray, the TV Execs want to have mice in the tv program because cats are beginning to watch TV

    [Props man tries to attach antlers to a mouse]
    Props man: I can’t get the antlers glued to this little guy. We tried Crazy Glue, but it don’t work.
    Frank Cross: Did you try staples?

  69. Fird Birfle says:

    SCROOGED was/ is a REALLY excellent film, with LOTS AND LOTS of
    screwball, “Airplane”/ “Young Frankenstein”ian dialogue, much of which is easy to miss if you don’t hook up an extra ear, while you’re watching the main plot ….

    And hooo BOY is Carol Kane a devious yet seemingly insouciant “ghost”.

    NOT to mention (but of course, I will :) ) that the soundtrack album includes THIS:

  70. That was Preston Rhinelander which is why I mentioned above that the man was a genius and visionary. Seriously, there are people who watch the animal planet channel because their cats like it.

  71. KITTIES!!!! You gotta Love Them.

  72. Fird Birfle says:

    does that include EARTHA “kitt” ??? ;)

  73. Cat videos, has anyone asked the cats? ‘Cause they have a few things to say about your kids:

  74. omg i’m in tears! those are awesome videos!!

  75. Ohhhhh That is awesome. Poop already HEhehehehe

  76. At least he cares. LOL! :D

  77. that was awesome! thanks for sharing. I went and watched the others – the dog toy box one killed me. I’m sure my dog thinks that about me.

  78. Remember Peeps. Whatever you do.. do it with CATITUDE!

  79. P ersuasive
    U nignorable
    R elevant
    R ememberable


  80. Congrats to john st for thinking out of the box! tI must have been obvious from the robust draft that this concept pushed the envelope, even before they ran it up the flagpole to see who saluted. It’s a no-brainer that this paradigm shift heralds a new era in advertising. It’s a value-added win-win situation for everyone!

    (From a writer who used to stay awake in pharma meetings by noting all the
    cliches uttered)

  81. hey, i was in the same boat!

  82. The Little Myrmidon says:

    And I thought the insurance industry had a lot of jargon!

  83. This video is a copy of the video below! What cheaters!!!

  84. How is this not a ripoff of the Kittywood Studios video?

  85. I’m pretty sad they didn’t credit the original owners of the cat vids and pics (or at least credited the sources they found them on)… Lowdope on youtube, so example, is the owner of the so-called ‘ninja kitty’…

  86. sad? srsly? there are about 4,000 images in there and they’re all memes.

    also, have you checked out some of the other things to be sad about in the world?


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