Quick! Get Me Two Singing Italian Waiters and Some Meatballs!

And now, let’s watch two unusual pals pasta time by sharing a pot of noodles. Look sharp for a “Lady and the Tramp” moment around 1:10.



  1. That’s amore!

  2. Wow! I love that amazing kaw-ka-too. I am not sure whether he intended to feed his noodles to the dog or not. I’ve seen my own bird feed the family ground-pets by shovelling pellets out of his food dish onto the floor, but spaghetti is something much adored and fought-for by my boid. I am not sure my guy would just mildly sit back and let the dog take it!

  3. Awww, gross. Who KNOWS where that pasta’s been??


  4. Mission Impastable

  5. Tried to figure what language the lady in the video spoke. Finally I realised that it’s my native tongue, Swedish, albeit a southern dialect.

  6. Cute video… Made my day. thnx 🙂

  7. Interspecies Nomming!
    To qualify for this category, do the two species have to be sharing the same food, or does it count if I am sitting at the table eating from my dish and a couple of cats are on the table eating from their dishes?

  8. I think if the cockie didn’t want to share, he would eat it over the pot instead of walking back to dangle it over the dog :3


  10. Oh waiter, make those Swedish meatballs, please!

  11. Is not fair that one person should have two such BEAUTIFUL critters to share their house…I demand that one of them be sent to my house so we can each have one 🙂

  12. They’re canoodling. Or canineoodling. Or cockatoodling. Or something.

  13. arachnophile says:

    Be afraid, if the shear tenacity and athleticism of the doggie continue to be harnessed by the brains of the Cockatoo, the cat is next and you know it’s the assassin!

  14. arachnophile says:


  15. So now we know who is Dog’s Best Friend…

  16. Very cute but I must confess I get a little grossed out by a bird in the kitchen without a flight suit. 😛

  17. 🙂

  18. Ditto…gasp….

  19. Thank you. I was wondering.

  20. THREE beautiful critters – there was another puppers by the door, watching the, ahem, proceedings…

    Methinks the lovely boid is convinced the puppers is its baby – a really BIG baby!!!

  21. True. I think this is something that these two have worked out. For whatever reason. 😯

  22. arachnophile says:

    I hear ya. Dried pasta-gooblies can be hell to get out of feathers. X-p

  23. How cute! Wanna cuddle that doggy!

  24. Everybody says this, in different ways… but you really do have a remarkable gift for 1-liners & wordplay.

  25. PS: Given that the goggie’s a Malamute, I wouldn’t be surprised if they discussed this thoroughly before putting their plan into action.

  26. I THOUGHT it was Swedish! 🙂

  27. Well, to you and all the other kind peeps I can only say “thank you” for turning my little tic into a talent.
    (humbly tugging my forelock in your general direction)

  28. I’m not sure that I’m comfortable with this display. Tonight it’s leftover fetticuine, next week they’re squeezing past high tech security systems and evading laser triggers to lift the crown jewels from the great hours of Europe.

  29. Is Southern Swedish like the same language but with a twang in the accent, like English speaking folks in the Southern United States? Like English in Britain and Scotland/Ireland being accented differently?

  30. Swedish? I’ll take your word for it.

    I was guessing the language that Leeloo (with the multipass) spoke.

  31. I now know how to say “Spaghetti” in Swedish!!

  32. Yes, it’s the same language with different dialects or regional varieties. The variety spoken in the south-most of Sweden, where the video-lady is from, is notable for its heave use of diphthongs.

  33. Like others, I can’t figure out what the bird is getting out of this. If it was merely carrying the spaghetti away to eat it, and the dog was “stealing” most of it, surely the bird would notice and do something else. If it’s intentionally sharing with the dog, what does the bird get out of it? Can it possibly be using the dog to cut the spaghetti down to an easily eaten length?

    Whatever the bird’s reason, it’s a fascinating example of inter-species relationship.

    I’m going to hope the spaghetti was leftovers before they let the animals at it.

    And … what is the object the bird is walking on? It looks like a kitchen drawer taken out of the cabinet and set on the counter top.

    And … what is the bird doing all those times it appears to be wiping its beak on the drawer or the pot? Is it cleaning its beak or is that a way that birds sense or explore objects?

    This video is full of mystery, reminding me how little I understand of behavior, other species’ or my own.

  34. Don’t they eat from your dish too, Skippymom? Mine do, all the time. And I must confess that I love it 🙂

  35. Some birds like to share their food with their favourite people, as many a bird lover has discovered after having a mashed up piece of fruit lovingly shoved onto their face. Another poster further up commented that it looks like a baby-feeding behaviour.

    The rubbing is just sensory play – its like scratching an itch and playing with the best toy ever (seriously, a shiny that contains noms? Birdie heaven!) all at the same time.

    Don’t know what the object was – you might be right, it may just be a drawer set up an impromptu birdie stand. Birds prefer to perch on things rather than stand on flat surfaces, in general.

    *misses living with parrots*

  36. earlybird1 says:

    I can’t answer most of your questions, although they are good ones and I share most of them! But I think that thing around the edge of the stove is some kind of barrier that’s been attached there to prevent pots and pans from being pulled down by furry friends, and to protect said friends from hot burners. The boid’s just got to use his common sense, apparently. 🙂

  37. earlybird1 says:

    At the end there it seems like the bird is having second thoughts about sharing, and tries to figure out a way to lift and carry off the spaghetti pot, all to himself. Ha!

  38. I love you, Rover.
    I love you, Polly.
    More skitties, Rover?
    Don’t mind if I do, Polly.

  39. Mine sit on the table patiently waiting for me to let them lick the plate once I’m done.

    And how about interspecies drinking? I’ve given up trying to keep them from drinking out of my water glass…

  40. lol

  41. I think the bird wants to keep the dog well fed – in case he has other ideas! LOL. Maybe a fowl dinner later?

  42. Dried poop-gooblies can be hell to get out of pasta!

  43. SlaveToCat says:

    Love birdie feeding his pal. Or is she bribing him?
    But, I’ve had disasters involving pot holders and hot burners colliding. I would hate to see what happens with feathers and hot burners. Covers eyes and runs away to hide in the mod lounge before anything bad happens.

  44. cockatoos tend to be pretty good not to just ‘go’ wherever.

  45. yes burns would be bad, but let’s assume the human knows enough to keep them away until things are cool. after all, there seems to be a safety barrier around the stovetop 8D

  46. Yes, it’s Swedish AND a east Danish dialect. Scania (Skåne in Swedish) used to belong to Denmark.
    (On top of that, some linguists are of the mind that Swedish, Danish and Norwegian is different dialects of the same language. Those linguists have never heard a Danish person count)


  48. Thanks CO I’ve now seen it all. Again. A bird feeding a dog pasta! Who woulda thought!?

  49. and my mind, thanksverymuch.

  50. Lucky you. My cat tends to want to drink from the toilet. And she acts like a dog in other ways too…like jumping on me when I come in the door and playing fetch and giving you her tummy to rub (which I understand a lot of cats don’t like…)

  51. Well, birds are attracted to sparkly things… and no one can dismantle jewellery faster than a hook-bill… I think you might be on to something Kar!! Better notify Interpol immediately!!1!!1

  52. My birds love noodles too. They “dance” on their perches and vocalize until given their share. Funny that they have never caught on to macaroni being pasta as well. Maybe half the fun is in the shape of it. Love this video!!!

  53. My sister’s bird eats from her husband’s plate all the time. She starts out on his arm, but when he DARES to actually take a bite for himself, she scuttles further and further down, eventually hopping off to just help herself to whatever he has on his plate. She is particularly partial to bread and butter. 🙂

  54. EnglishPerson says:

    Umm, I’d just like to point out that Scotland is in Britain (however much they might not like it). I think Ratchic you mean English in England. Just a fyi there 🙂

  55. Mainly Loves Animals says:

    I LOVE IT! Such an adorable pair. 🙂

  56. The divine language, spoken throughout the universe before time was time! /father cornelius

  57. I wish my birdie and my goggie would get along…..I have tried socializing them (still trying) But my Senegal parrot Ozzy was the “firstborn” and won’t have anything to do with our rescue pup Luke. Oh wells…We’re a happy famblee none the less.

  58. oonaghrose says:

    Wend said: Maybe the long pasta resembles worms?

  59. Good thing doggies don’t want (tastes like) chicken with those noodles.

  60. I sure hope those claw marks all over that dog’s face aren’t from the bird………..

  61. Same here! Both my Sun-Jenday mix conure and Dachshund are rescues…and neither like the other (although they both get along with the other birds and cats in the house). I guess we can dream of them feeding each other pasta someday, eh?

  62. I found myself more worried about where that bird was gonna take a dump than by what it was eating.