Lower My Bills

Little duckie wants to know why dat crotchety old man and dat lady doing the jig want to lower little duckie’s bill?

Where do we sign up, jpockele ?


  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Aflac in training??

  2. WIN!

  3. “Got any grapes?” :P

  4. BOID!

  5. Moderation? Srsly? For mentioning a fruit? Pomegranate smoothie, please!

  6. ohhhh I see why…
    it’s because of the ‘word’ in the middle of the word – subtract the g and the s and I guess you go straight to moderation station…
    who knew the ‘thing-wine-is-made-from’ would be the next ‘thing-pickles-are-made-from’?

  7. Good detective work Tracylee!

  8. Now that is just ridiculous.

  9. Re-WHAT-ulous? :P *wiggling eyebrows*

  10. What we gots is keywords, Skips, not true AI. Which is why there will always be a meatspace Mod in the CO Dream Office. 8-)

  11. He is the 99%!

  12. :D

  13. Baroo ??? head tilt

  14. Hmm? I don’t get the commentary, but I LOVE the picture!!

  15. It’s not TV commercials, it’s Internet gif ads. Some random person making random faces or bouncing up and down. They’re extremely annoying.

  16. Ah, well, that explains it – I don’t pay attention to those ads either…

  17. ceejoe, your power of selective sight is strong.

  18. AuntieBellum, apparently you and I are the only ones who need better ad blockers.

  19. LOL!

    I have a good ad blocker at home, but not here at the office. :(

  20. Same here, but I was waiting for someone else to ask. :) I’m guessing it’s tv-related, since I don’t watch much tv…

  21. I watch lots of tv but I don’t get it either (Pyrit help!) but I still love the duckling head-tilt and furry feathers.

  22. I confess, I don’t get it either.

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    I watch tons and of TV (way too much to be healthy), and I didn’t get it. And I do tend to watch commercials…

  24. Can you quack me now?

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    ya ni panimayu slovwyi noh “the boidie is fuzzy & cute” :)

    I can remember only small bits o’ Russian.

  26. Bleen…

  27. A duckie baroo!

  28. flutter-by says:

    Gleep! Y’all arr quacking me up…


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