Don’t Wake the Puppy

Shhh. (whisperinks) Please keep it down will ya? Yes, it’s a yellow lab puppy. But it’s sleeping. You can have another look if you can scroll down quietly. But don’t wake the puppy!

Oh noes! You noisy scroller!!! Go back up and try again.

There goes the souffle’, Shanley M.



  1. *giggles*

  2. Oooh, sorry! :-/

  3. Of this puppy doesn’t qualify for a Sleeping in a Sunbeam rule of cuteness, then NO puppy qualifies! What a cute little loaf of adorableness! 🙂

  4. No worries! i will cuddle him and sing him a lullaby and he’ll be back to sleep in no time! *scoops up puppy.*

  5. Cutest. yawn. EVAH.

  6. I’m enjoying a nice dog biscuit shaped cookie here in the Mod Lounge…

  7. Putting nose close to the computer screen… sniff, sniff
    ARRG! can’t smell puppy breath 😥

  8. Curse my noisy scrolling! Sorry puppeh!

  9. I’m going in (nose first ) for some of that puppeh bref !
    (sounds alarm) dive, Dive, DIVE !!

  10. As IF we could let sleeping dogs lie. HAH. 😛

  11. eeeee! puppehpuppehpuppeh!
    oh noes, I’m getting dizzeh…

  12. Puppy bref.

  13. Wow, so bad it was relegated to moderation!

    *sits and nibbles on biscuits with Nikki*

  14. Maybe we could just let the sleeping dogs fib a little.

  15. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Ahahaha, he’s a pile of vaguely puppy-like goo, like I could pick him up and mold him into some other shape.

  16. ♦They call him Mellow Yellow (quite rightly).

  17. arggggh! The cuteness! The roly poly cuteness! I’ll just keep scrolling back and forth to see the cuteness. 🙂

  18. HRH QueenCat says:

    why – what did you both do ???

    poke the puppeh ???

    here, have a Martini 🙂

  19. The ear to head ratio up there is redonk.

  20. Martha in Washington says:

    I want to snorgle him…riiiiight… THERE!!!! *sticks nose into neck softness*

  21. I woke the puppay
    But I did not wake the malamute…

  22. *giggle*

  23. *giggles*

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    It could have been all the people gasping in love for the puppeh .. not the noisy scrolling.. that woke him up.

  25. Baby, baby, please let me hold him
    I wanna make him stay up all night
    Sister, sister, he’s just a plaything
    We wanna make him stay up all night
    Yeah we do

  26. Fird Birfle says:


    Donovan Philips Leitch

  27. HAW

  28. When I wake up early in the morning,
    Lift my head, I’m still yawning
    When I’m in the middle of a dream
    Stay in bed, float up stream

    Please don’t wake me, no
    don’t shake me
    Leave me where I am
    I’m only sleeping

  29. Little dumpling, sweet little sack of sugar, adorable little fortune cookie so tie-tie. Babies grow when they’re sleeping it is said, so let’s keep this little munchkin awake!

  30. Oh. My. Gaaa!

  31. Hee.

  32. I feel ya Emmylee!

    I also tried scrolling multiple times to see if I could get it right. Oddly, no matter how slowly I went, I always woke the puppeh! 😦 but 🙂

    I don’t know what is cuter, the captions or the pup. Dear lord the qte is overwhelming!!…I’m…smothering in eet!!

  33. Aww. Puppy Loaf! Ear Flaps! Don’t mind me, I’m just lying here in the grass with my head against a pup for a while.

  34. A pup! Lying in the sun! Lying like a loaf, now, waking up, exclamashuns!
    Cuter now! Yawning hard! Trying to snorgle it! Kissing it! MOD-ER-A-SHUNS!


  35. When we brought our Labbie-boy home from the breeder, he looked just like that; but during the two-hour car-ride, he DID NAWT SLEEP EVEN ONCE….all he did was to keep climbing up from my lap to my shoulder, lap to shoulder, the whole time; by the time we got home, he had finally fallen asleep, from Exhaustion….(and I myself was totally tie-tie from holding the busy bebbeh goggie…….!) 😯

  36. I tried to gasp quietly! Honest!

  37. Blue Footed Booby says:

    They say you can hear the ocean.

  38. Is it bad that I was disappointed when my scrolling was silent and didn’t waken the puppy, so I coughed loudly several times to get him to wake up? Does that make me a bad person?

  39. Wow, my first time in the moderation lounge. It’s cozier than I expected. Is Tab Cola served here?

  40. Haw.

  41. That’s actually the sound of the puppy’s tummy digesting his latest snack.

  42. Fird Birfle says:

    Definitely! We’ve had entire comment threads about Tab, about Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew 🙂

  43. Today they’re serving my grandmother’s favorite drink, Black Cherry Diet Tab with Southern Comfort. I just ordered one for old times’ sake, even though it is thoroughly disgusting.

  44. Ewww! Southern Comfort was the first thing I got drunk/sick on… /shudder/ and I STILL cringe at the thought of it!

  45. Fird Birfle says:

  46. I think I would like some Tab and some cheez doodles, then. Then my hands will get all covered with orange cheez dust and I’ll make the puppy turn orange when I pick him up and squeeze him. Yes, I’ve thoroughly thought this through.

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    I feel the same way about rum. *gags*

  48. Have we ever discussed cream soda here?

  49. Hmm; haow bowt Blackberry Liqueur and Lemon Soda…… usta be considered a rlly smart drinkee back in the day…… and also I would like some teenee weenee hot dogs in miniscule rolls….. don’t haz them….?? well that stale bag of cheezee poofs will do just fine….. k’…… I am ready to leave the Mod. Ruum just around now……. 😉

  50. cheshire, how is your little tuxie doing today?

  51. Here, have an internet.

  52. Funny, that’s how I feel about diet soda. (Any diet soda.) *shudder*

  53. it doesn’t matter. simply viewing immediately cleanses you of all badness.

  54. Ever notice that puppy breath smells like shredded wheat in milk? I can almost *smell* the second picture.

  55. Or Big Red?

  56. Seconded on the Big Red 🙂

  57. Tuxie is doing very well: running around and doing exactly what she wants, just like always; her fur is starting to grow back on her tummy, just about hiding the stitches; and the shaved part of her foot where they inserted the IV is just about grown over; it’s so easy to forget that she had surgery just awhile ago; her bosom-buddy cat pal left her three years ago due to brain-cancer; but Tuxie is a tuff little cat, and every extra day I get with her is a gift…….. 🙂

  58. Glad to hear Tuxie is doing well, Cheshirekittehkat. hugs to you and she both that recuperation continues to go smoothly.

  59. Aw.

  60. Speaking of cleansing, I must confess that each night before I go to bed I MUST visit CO for what I call a palate cleanser. It really should be called, “mind cleanser”. It helps me purge all of the bad, annoying, sad, and/or meh things of the day.

    Ahhhh, a refreshing CO cleanse, good for all that ails ya!

    Night everybody!

  61. No, but I HAVE noticed that lots of dogs have Frito feet; particularly hound dogs and labs.

  62. Fird Birfle says:


  63. What are frito feet? Ohhh! just googled it and now I kind of get it.

    Puppy breath, yum, sounds like it would go great with some biscuits.

  64. Those feets smell like stale popcorn to me.

  65. Absolutely, Mamabear, CO = instant cleanse, far FAR better than all that meditation nonsense! Thanks for putting it so well 🙂