I Hate it When My Snuggie’s in the Laundry

Being a cat, Damien always looked forward to another busy day of napping on the job.

Getting dressed for work was the hard part.

Sender-inner Janice S. says, “My boyfriend and I adopted this kitten, Damien, who apparently loves hair-ties so much that he eats them. Needless to say, a doctor needed to remove them, from him.”



  1. Look – you just don’t dress a black cat named Damien into yellow jammies! You just DON’T!

    Oh well, what’s done is done. It’s your soul we are -were- talking about here…

    *scuttles away to say nightly prayers to the basement cat*

  2. That onesie looks stunning with Damien’s eyes.

    Also, too, eating hair-ties? That’s a bad omen. 😉

  3. Black face with big round golden eyes– the Dante formula for stinkin’ cuteness. LOVE. 😀 And are those THUMBS? 😯

  4. same sh**t, different day

  5. Why, I eyes ya… 😈

  6. Yes Kitty, I hear ya.

  7. saw what you did.

  8. And he’s wearing his LONG JOHNs.

  9. To be fair, hair ties are delicious.

  10. I love how they picked out a matchink! onesie to go with his eyes.

  11. I LOVE black kitties – have four of them. Although 2 of them are super cuddlers (the boys, natch), I don’t believe I’d be able to dress any of them in jammies – not without much bloodshed…

    And I do believe we need a Matchingks tag!

  12. At least make it a formal white one! For the love of Basement Cat! *shakes head*

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Damien looks eactly like my Gemma! Except for the jammies. I don’t have the courage to try to dress her in clothes. And Gemma LOVES my hair ties. I used to keep them in a basket on my counter until they all disappeared. Now I hide them in a drawer but she can here me open it from the other end of the house and comes running!

  14. Yeah, but they do a real number on the intestines!

  15. ceejoe, I take it you’ve found boycats to be cuddlier than girls? I’m curious because my three boys, while each will accept affection in his own peculiar way, are not at all what I would call cuddly. Chloe, on the other hand, is my little cuddlebunny who likes to be carried around like a baby and is in my arms with her cheek against mine every morning.

  16. When the results are this cute, why not? 🙂

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Not only that, it appears to me the yellow jammies were made for DOGS! OMG the shame!!

  18. Oh, Don Piano…

  19. Gorgeous black kitteh owns my soooouuuuulllllll.

  20. The only thing wrong with this photo is that it is not landscape format so that I can set it as my desktop wallpaper without distortion.

    People already think I’m the office crazy cat lady. 🙂

  21. Stanley is my black kitty with green eyes. He was abused by farmers as a kitten, so affection is on his terms ONLY! BUt when he wants it – watch out!. I can’t imagine the blood shed over putting him in a onesie. The humanity!

  22. P.S. Nobody’s said it yet? Damien is the cat’s pajamas!

  23. My kitty chews my hair ties – thats what they do

  24. (golf clap)

  25. Awwww, that is SO sweet, with her cheek against yours every morning!
    Yes, in my case, my boys are cuddlier than my girls. But then, my group is probably not a good sample population, as most of them came from stray or abandoned backgrounds. And whenever I try to generalize about cats, I always insert the disclaimer that every cat is an individual!

  26. I wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t mentioned it skippymom. Good catch, ma’am, and a good pun J!

  27. All the live long day.

    As a side note, the captions say: “Why, I eyes ya”, but I always hear “Why I oughtta”, ala Curly.

  28. I used to say that my boys were cuddlier than my girls, but the dynamics changed when we got Philo. Philo is what I call “persnickety.” He can be exceptionally loving…on HIS terms. He can also be very pushy when he wants his lovins! The rest of the time, he’s all, “Meh.”

    Now I just say that each cat is affectionate in his or her own way. Gabby’s a clinger. Niko wants to love on us when we’re in bed (he’s a nervous type, and humans being upright seems to freak him out a little bit; humans in a prone position are a completely different matter). Murphy is an ankle-twiner and occasional lap-sitter. Philo will pin you to the couch or to the bed, and rub his muzzlepousche all over your face to remind you that you are HIS. Maggie’s affection seems to be linked to her body temperature: the colder it is, the friendlier she gets.

  29. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ All the live long day ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬. . .

  30. I’m familiar with cat obsession with certain objects, my cat Mia is fixated on pocket packs of tissues. She will get them out of my purse or from the pocket of my coat.
    She even pulled open the drawer of my desk to get at them.

  31. I was once at the vet when there was a poor goggie in the waiting room who had eaten a bunch of pantyhose.

  32. My thoughts exactly! Damien is rocking those jammies.

  33. My experience is that my cats were all different. Tiny Mimi was very demanding and imperious of attention and pettins. Stinky was sweeter and more laid back, and very affectionate. He wanted to be in my lap all the time. Dante likes to hang out close to me, but he’s more of an active, playful guy, and gets feisty and starts slapping and biting. It’s frustrating, though, because he’s an incredibly cuddly, smoochy-looking cat.

  34. I never have any idea when or how in the night/early morning Chloe gets into position, but when I wake up there she is, body under the covers, head on the pillow, and my arms wrapped around her sweet little self. It’s pretty much the most satisfying thing in my life.

  35. Hey, bug man! What’s buzzin, cuzzin?

  36. Dante is obsessed with drinking straws and pipe cleaners. Mimi was obsessed with makeup brushes.

  37. Hey Theo! What’s shakin’, bacon?

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep! Nothing better than waking up with a warm kitteh in your arms! (Ok, maybe George Clooney, but otherwise, kittehs win!)

  39. My cat is obsessed with any kind of plastic cap. He’s 16 years old, and still goes crazy when one hits the floor.

  40. TrixandSam says:

    My cat Muczki (pronounced “moochkie”) was obsessed with super balls and with the plastic rings off of milk jugs. She’d slap those rings around the kitchen floor like she was playing hockey (the underneaths of the fridge and stove being the goals). I miss that kitty. She was solid grey with the most beautiful green eyes.

  41. The heck with George Clooney! I’d much rather have the kitty.

  42. For some reason this reminds me of the time I found my sister’s cat, Annie, in Dad’s underwear. Oh the memories….

  43. My Maggie has two particular obsessions so far (she just turned one year old, and she’s young yet). One is the lid to my bottle of eye makeup remover. I have to put it out of her reach (like in a pocket) or she will slap it to the bathroom floor and then it’s gone.

    The other is when I take out a bottle of vitamins or supplements, she streaks, from wherever she is in the house, to the bathroom counter, whereupon she installs herself in the sink and watches me very closely.

    Don’t worry, I don’t let any human medications or pills or cosmetics get into her paws. I just think it’s funny how she’s such a little control freak about these things.

  44. TrixandSam says:

    What freaks me out is the start of a likely 360-degree head turn. Damien’s head already looks disconnected in this picture and it’s barely a 90-degree twist!

  45. Maggie goes bonkers over the kinds of caps that come on 20-oz. soft drink containers. We keep these on hand for her amusement. 🙂 Since all parts of the house but the bedrooms have hard flooring (laminate or tile), these bounce endlessly and can be batted around for great exercise. 🙂

  46. The cat I had growing up loooooved rubber bands. She would pick them up at night and put them in her dish. If you ever needed a rubber band, look in the crunchies bowl. We’d redistribute the rubber bands every day, and by the next morning they’d all be back in the bowl.

  47. That head-tilt is made of awesome. He’s all “Ehn!”

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    LITerally rockin’ them 🙂

  49. Emmberrann says:

    I can only mention once again about my late-and-much-beloved Mr. Picky Cat insisting on wearing only his own fur, Ever, refusing even a very dignified and non-belled collar, let alone a leash-and, or a very cute and personalized sweatew, or onesies, or any some such. I guess he figured that if grey floof was good enough for the Great Heavenly Cat Powers That Be, it was good enough for him, and should be good enough for everyone else! I still miss his presence by my feet at night.

  50. Fird Birfle says:

    *wonders just WHO is getting the exercise ….” 😉

  51. Stanley is obsessed with chewing on the little plastic points on my hairbrush
    He also likes to chew on the ends of my glasses.

  52. someone does have to lean over and pick them up. hmmmmm 😉

  53. Cna’t believe we all missed it! Congrats!

  54. earlybird1 says:

    Yay! Custard colored eyes to match the jammies. Love it!

  55. Teho!! Yay!! Still makin’ the world a safer place for marmie kittehs everywhere??

  56. What is it with cats and their silly death wishes? I had one that would eat hair ties, rubber bands, dental floss, paperclips, chew on electrical cords, and you could NOT have one plastic bag anywhere in the house or she would find it while you were at work and attempt to strangle herself with it. One time I came home and found she had gotten one out of a cabinet and gotten herself completely wrapped up and half choked to death wedged back behind the TV. No kidding.

    Fortunately, she also had 4031 lives and lived to 18 and passed from natural causes. Go figure.

  57. then it’s time for you to go away 😉

  58. Oh stink, were you saying that about C.O. or were you saying that from the perspective of the cat? (I think I’ll put myself in the mod lounge for awhile…)

  59. FTW. Seriously.

  60. Yup, I don’t think I’d try to put pj’s on a cat named Damien. And the innocent look in his eyes..it’s always the little innocents who turn EVIL!

  61. HRH QueenCat says:

    the jammies match Damien’s gorgeous eyes …

    cute name too – better than Demon 🙂

  62. HRH QueenCat says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Emmberrann 😦 Blessings to Mr. Picky Cat;

    re trying to dress black cats, my two will only wear their furr, too; in my little female’s case, I call it her LBD

  63. Does Damien go for the snappy crotch onesies..?

  64. Black cats are the best. I have one now, plus a tuxedo cat who’s 75% black.

    I volunteer in a no-kill shelter and about half the cats there are black. I don’t understand why people have such stupid prejudices against them. They tend to be very friendly and affectionate and have great personalities.

    I was there tonight and spent literally an hour, maybe 90 minutes, holding a purring happy black cat. He was just passed out in my arms, after putting his paws around my neck and washing my face. I was so tempted to volunteer to foster him, but my husband won’t let me bring any more home.

    Someday when I have lots of money, I’m going to open a black cat rescue.

  65. Damien! This is for you, Damien! For you!

  66. Black cats are the best…. For some reason I’ve found they have the sleekest, plushest fur of all kitties. 🙂

  67. Currently, we have two black cats, one floofy female (a “Show Cat”) and one sleek male, together known affectionately as “The Darklings”. We have had a succession of black male cats, each one a Buddha incarnation… peace-loving, calm, wise, and silly.

  68. 😯 I thought it was bad when Kyuri ate a ball of twine!

  69. I’m with skippymom on that!

  70. Yup, plastic bottle caps are hockey pucks in our house. Of course, they only like to play with one when Mommy needs it back!

  71. i seriously love you people! i just sat and happily read and giggled through 65 straight comments about cats! who’s obsessed with what here? 🙂

  72. There could be no better way to start your day.

  73. My friend’s cat LOVED hair ties – would fish them out of my purse – even tried to take one out of my hair once. I miss that girl!

    In my house, I have to floss behind closed doors. If my Teya hears me get the floss out, she comes running and will take it right out of my hands. String is her only true obsession. If she gets bored and I’m laying on the couch, she will come and rip out a piece of my hair so she has something to play with.

  74. They are SO obssession-worthy! 🙂

  75. That’s because it’s actually a 450 degree head turn.

  76. Especially if he wears a Size 666!

  77. I have a cat that loves to eat paper, plastic, strings and carpeting. I am afraid she is going to cost me a hefty medical bill one day! We try to hide everything small enough for her to eat, including toys with string and plastic, but we can’t hide the carpeting which now has little bare corners here and there from her treating it like a buffet!

  78. Isn’t ‘bunch’ the plural noun for pantyhose? Poor goggie!

  79. No bounce, no play.

  80. Thank you! Damien is now my desktop wallpaper. That’s sure to make me smile and make my coworkers worry even more about me. 🙂

  81. I think that is wonderful! I love black cats, and as you said, they have the best personalities. And as you said, people have some crazy ideas about them. In this day and age, even. It’s unacceptable to judge a person on the color of his or her skin, but I can’t tell you how many coworkers I’ve had who say they’re scared of black cats and can’t even really articulate why. It comes up at least once a year because before Halloween, I’ll bring my collection of black cat figurines up to decorate my desk with, and inevitably someone will ask me, “Aren’t you scared?”

  82. The *ahem* other cat-related site once posted a picture of a gorgeous black kitty with big shiny eyes and the caption, “Little black kitteh. Chic. Goes with everything.”

  83. Oh, they have a way of traveling around, being lost and re-discovered, without any interference from the humans!

  84. Malia, have you tried a product like this? http://www.odordestroyer.com/product/BDRY22CAT.html
    I can’t make any guarantees, but it works with some of my cats (disclaimer: but not with all of them) 🙂

  85. bookmonstercats says:

    Velvet pawsies!!!!11111!!!!!!!

  86. Heheheh, my husband and I sing the Oh Don Piano song on a regular basis…

  87. Malia, I don’t pretend to know your cat, but do you think she could be a little frustrated? If you have already tried adding all kinds of amusement (Maru -style) and playing with her several times every day, I suggest Feliway -spray (to reduce stress), taking another cat, walkies… Some indoor cats are prone to confinement induced stress and may have weird symptoms (bladder pain, peeing in wrong places, aggression, obsessive behavior to name a few). Hope any of this helps!

  88. You should educate your co-workers about black cats, Noelegy. You can look up on the internet about black cat heroes 😀 There is one I read about in “Cat Fancy” magazine where this black cat named “Midnight”, two years old at the time, saved the owners’ infant daughter when the baby was having trouble breathing due to an illness. The cat’s yowling alerted the mother to the problem and the baby girl was saved. “Midnight” lived to 15 years.

  89. The Power of Christ compels me to … snorgle him.

  90. It is good to hear from you, Theo 😀

  91. Your cat, Damien, sounds a lot like our cat, Dooley, who had a bad habit of chewing on rubber bands (hid them all) and my hair ties (which I have to hide under my hair brush), Janice S. 😀 I am glad to hear that your boyfriend and you adopted this sweet little kitten 😀 I just LOVE black kitties 😀 I hope to get one and call him/her “Puma” 😀

  92. (golf clap for “What’s buzzin, cuzzin?”)

  93. Megumi's Mom says:

    handsome Seimei 2

    My handsome blackie cat Seimei, he’s also mellow calm and silly…
    and looks forward to Costume Time (yay! treats)

    He’s named after Abe No Seimei, Japan’s version of Merlin the Wizard.
    Hopefully, Damien will continue to enjoy costume time and being photographed.

    Yay black cats! Yay cats of all colors and combinations!

  94. Our petite tuxie recently came home from the vet attired in a onesie (which the vet techs had put on her to discourage biting on the stitches)…….She had just had surgery to have cancerous growths removed from her tummy; Everyday I put her on my lap and check for any new lumps (the vet said that’s all we can do in the way of prevention)…….Please say a prayer to Ceiling Cat that she stays healthy……(our Lab also had cancer surgery a few weeks later, to remove his spleen and a huge growth on it; but he was totally benign, thanks to CC…….. I have missed reading CO …. also my fellow cutetologists……glad to be back.

  95. Fird Birfle says:

    *prays fervently for cheshirekittehkat and family*

  96. joins Fird in prayer

  97. Oh, that is so sweet! I want a cuddle kitty! *pouts*

  98. “The Darklings”–LOVE! 🙂

  99. Awww. Kitty in a onesie.

    My best wishes for your little one.

  100. He is indeed a gorgeous beast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coat so glossy.

  101. Sounds like my dear departed Libby! She had to have a whole spool of silk embroidery thread surgically removed from her intestines once. And it was during her tenure that I had to stop putting tinsel on the Christmas tree.

    We got her the special breakaway flea collar because we were sure she’d get hung up in it at some point. We came home one day to find her wedged between the pane and screen of the kitchen window, with her paws stuck between her neck and her collar.

    Another time we came home to find her perched precariously on the top of a dressmaker’s dummy, sitting very still, with the cords to the window blinds wrapped around her neck with the ends in her mouth.

    We got her in the first place because her mama cat had brought her through a broken window in the basement, where she proceeded to sleep under the water heater and singe all her whiskers off on the pilot light.

    She pulled through scrape after scrape for fifteen years.

  102. Makes me miss my little black girl Lily. She was quite the eccentric. If you set down a cup of coffee or a glass of Coke, she’d usually manage to take a few sips before you could get it away from her. And she’d roll around on anything that could remotely be expected to support her.

    The funniest thing was when she started using the toilet. We didn’t train her to do it or anything, she just watched us doing it and decided she’d give it a try.

  103. What a lovely long tail he’s got!

  104. Ditto what TUM said. I am in love with Damien.

  105. This guy gets my vote for weirdest expression on a cat’s face,EVAR!

  106. Although I visit this site every day, I do not think I ever commented. But with the conversation about black kitties I had to comment. I love black kitties and have never met a mean one. They really do have the best personalities. I have two currently, Lily and Ozzy. I cannot even imagine thinking of any black cat as scary.

  107. Holy cowz a total 100% complete exact genetic copy of my cat Weezer.
    The eyes always give the guilty away.

  108. Its ok Jane..you were chanelling basement cat..