Coming to you live from the barricades, it appears that the small but scrappy protesters are engaging in constructive dialog with representatives of the NYPD.


  1. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Hope he doesn’t get a ride to the donut shop. He doesn’t need any more caffiene.

  2. (The Original) Mel says:

    We don’t all eat donuts.

  3. Oh for crying out loud! That was adorable! Love the little “I’m-so-excited-pay-attention-to-me-now!” spins. Horse sees an amusing and curious little creature. Puppy sees a giant playmate. :)

    PS: OMGPONIES!!!!11!!!

  4. Little Frawnsche Bulldogue is all, “I gotta trick! Wanna see? Wanna see it again?”

  5. Oooh, haven’t been in the mod lounge for a while. I see tonight we are serving donuts and coffee in honor of Johnny Law…

  6. “If you want to find all the cops
    They’re hanging out in the doughnut shop.” :D

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY Bangles!!

    “Walk Like an Egyptian……”

  8. Christina V says:

    that’s freakin adorable!

  9. Fird Birfle says:


  10. This is one #OWS protester I can truly support… :-))

  11. “Come ON ya big galoot.. Play wif me! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease??”

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    I love this.

  13. umm, I forgot to say this video made me smile tonight. I just saw a poor 16 yr old disable dog (Lucy), on my way home from work, who couldn’t walk but her gracious and patient master was helping her enjoy the fresh air while she was in a wheel chair. Totally depressing and I am glad I checked this video. :-(

  14. I think that’s a good thing. Lots of people wouldn’t bother with maintaining an elderly dog with problems but Lucy’s owners apparently care about her quality of life and want to do what they can for her.

  15. Agreed! Those people are awesome.

  16. Twist and shout!

  17. Or Twist and Snout.

  18. The little guy taking on the giant. How fitting. : )

  19. had to turn off the sound cause hubby’s sleeping, but even so i can see this video encapsulates all the reasons we love our weird-lookin’ hyperactive smoosh-faced frenchie/boston type dogs: THEY’RE FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS, that’s why….

  20. Fascinatingly different body language between the two cops/n/horses, the male centaur with crossed arms and the other engaging the crowd including the dancing little surrender monkey, and how they spooned at the end like two squad cars facing in opposite directions as the drivers chat.

  21. I suspect the “engaging horse cop” is a lady cop, actually… :-)

  22. Yes, the folded armed centaur is the male of the species,

  23. Oooh….you’re a big doggy aren’t you? Yes you is! Play with me…c’arn….play with me. I loff you.

    *This is just too beautiful for words. Thankyou CO*

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    Such a beautiful, tolerant horse and such a cute, bouncey dog! BFFs!

  25. Fird Birfle says:


  26. Mary (the first) says:

    LOL about 1:43 when the doglet pushes little girl away .. “Hey! Leave my friend alone!!” I think the dog wants to play “hide n’ seek”… “You hide.. if you can.. and I’ll “try” to find you.”

  27. I like that too. “Don ‘t touch MY horsie!”

  28. Heh, if this is anything like the conversations between my dog and other new and bigger animals, the dog’s side of their chat is going something like:

    “Oooh you are big! but I think I like you (sniff) yeah, yeah you are ok, I like you.”
    “Want to wrestle?”
    “Did you know you are really big? (sniff) I thought that should be pointed out… (sniff) But you haven’t stepped on me, so we are cool.”
    “How about tag? No?”
    “Well, ok, then there is always tug of war…” (sniffity sniff)
    “Must be weird being that big. You must flatten your couch!”
    “But the bigness, that’s fine. I’m not scared. nope, not me” (sniffffff)
    “We should revisit the wrestling or tag idea. If you tried it you’d love it! My stuffed animals have no complaints. Our cats aren’t fond of it, but then that’s cats for you…”
    “So the bigness.. I’m ok with it, but could you maybe try being smaller? I’m just thinking it’d make life easier, you know, for you. Not me, I don’t mind. You could be carried, and sit on laps, and get tummy rubs with a whole hand.. ” (sniff)
    “I’m going to have to insist on a game of tag. I’ll start. You run off and I’ll count to ten. 1…2….3…”

  29. Awww, Melanie — I thought I couldn’t smile any bigger after the video, but your play-by-play made it even more fun. Thanks!

  30. Haha, sniffity sniff. :D

  31. Excellent! You write it much better than my brain was thinking it! :-)

  32. Hilarious! Clearly, you doggie is very comfortable with the bigness.

  33. Awww horses can be so patient. It remind me of a frison horse I use to know (Name was Batman, I couldn’t make that up). He was the biggest, blackest and kindest horse I never met, and always so careful where he was putting his hooves. Better had to be, the riders in the pony club were all children or young teen, so tiny next to him ( or on his back)!
    And one day, the club owner’s bought a new dog to keep the shetlands company. A baby yorkie. The little one wasn’t bigger than one of Batman’s hooves. And he LOVED the big boy. It was funny to see Batman checking the ground before putting a foot down just to make sure he wasn’t going to hurt the little furball barking around him…

  34. Oh so sweet! Nice story!

  35. Aw! That’s lovely!

  36. I have a feeling the little french bulldog was trying to “bee” the horses nose…

  37. “Lets play lets play lets play… whoa you’re too big and smell funny! Lets play lets play lets play… whoa you’re too big and smell funny! Lets play lets play lets play… whoa you’re too big and smell funny!”

    Frenchies are so silly.

  38. Cute bouncy dog and oh so patient horse! But SOMEONE needs to go on a diet (not saying who!)!.. Glad I’m not the only one! (o:

  39. That is one gracious horse! The officier must have know how stable he/she is. This video is a treasure and I must share to my dog and horse friends!

  40. how stable he/she is…??
    unintended pun?

  41. Fird Birfle says:

    I’m about 99.4 % certain that one of the primary traits of personality, for which particular horses are selected to be members of the police forces, is that they
    happen to be remarkably unflappable with various distractions whether sight or sound distraction.

    This horsie is “jist doin’ his job”, ma’am. Admirably, huh??
    And the doggeh is admirably enthusiastic, about his “new friend” :)

  42. Horsey is a real professional.

  43. It’s called being “bombproof”– police horses are calm by nature, but have to be trained to ignore sudden noise, umbrellas opened in their faces, yelling rioters, crazy dogs bouncing off their noses….

  44. Aaaawwww…It’s an Affair to Remember.

  45. Just like my frenchie whenever he meets another dog he loves! Always cracks me up how they invite everyone in the world to “play.”

    Re: Ashagato: Frenchies are by no means hyperactive. They just get excited like any other dog. Mostly they’re giant couch potatoes who would love nothing more than to snuggle all day.

  46. Are the animals trying to tell us something about getting along? No matter your size, shape or color of origin, I wuv you man. Want my kennel no.??

  47. Those are French bulldog pirouettes! :)

  48. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    What a beautiful & gentle horse. Very patient with the excited little doggie! “Hey, play with me!” Awesome video.

  49. Now this is the way the world needs to communicate and work through problems. I am happily surprised the officer allowed the horse that much freedom to check out the pup.

    Too cute, we need to more cute to fix our world!!!

  50. “Here here!” or “Second!”

  51. Kariann64 says:

    Love the officer’s reaction to pup’s actions, too! Love horses anyway.

  52. Not only are our first responders freakin’ awesome, their horses are too!

    Spinning doggeh tooooo cute. It has caused me to be ded.

    …and yes, OMGPONIES!1!111!!!!111 :)

  53. …and this is clearly doggeh’s theme song….

  54. Little Frenchie is a-NOR-able!

    Horses are great with small animals. Some race horses have their own little rabbit freenn (or goat or mini horse) to keep them company in their box stall and when they travel.

    Fat Buddha dude cop over there is pretty funneh…

  55. I think CO is a safe place to admit how much I adore horses’ upper lips.

  56. Oh I love them. So soft I love when they sniff you and tickle your face with their lip. . I love the smell of horse breath too or is that TMI?

  57. the whisper snuffle? when their breath blows your hair softly?

  58. and then the half-chewed sweetfeed drooled down the side of your head? Oh yeah, good times.

  59. Oh, good grief, I’m being moderated. Was it “wiggily agility”?

    But while I’m lounging, let me add: Isn’t this chestnut a particularly gorgeous color? So much red in it!

  60. It’s the wiggily agility of their upper lips that just kills me. It’s like an elephant’s trunk, but shorter. They use it to reach out and grab a mouthful of grass before they chomp. But yeah, the softness and the snuffles, etc., are nice, too.

    And their CHINS! The way their little chins just fit into your cupped palm . . . .

  61. And don’t forget leaning in to kiss them on the muzzle just as they lift their giant head suddenly, breaking your nose. Sigh. Gotta love ’em.

  62. Did I see that Frenchie actually “beep” that ponies nose ????

  63. JLAmusings says:

    *waves hand* I saw it too! :-)

  64. best thing i’ve seen today. love, love, love!

  65. I love the excited, freaked out spins. Come and play with me * spin spin spin*

  66. of course, then again that’s what my Boxer does to every creature she meets too.

  67. Redonkulously cute. Cuter even than the pirouette play invites from the Frenchie is the nozzle snuggles between the two of them. It’s not just sniffing–it’s affection. Mr. Stoat (above post) could learn a thing or two from them. Please box up this cute pair and send them to my house for Christmas!

  68. Valerie Blackwood says:

    Well now young Feller-me-lad are you going to settle down or am I going to have to look at you VERY sternly?

  69. Play? Playplayplayplayplay!!….. Play? Playplayplayplay!!!

  70. That’s just tooooooooo cute!

  71. I don’t think we’ve discussed the leetle puppeh’s sweateauw yet, have we?

  72. I hope the little Frenchie’s human knows that this video has gone viral – and that she starts a blog with her little pooch’s adventures! Want so moishe.

  73. Illini Jen says:

    Life is great with a dog.

    Life is a freakin’ blast with a Frenchie.

  74. Snerkymom says:

    It’s Whirly-Dog in a sweater! I think it was love at first sight. LOL too cute.

  75. Kariann64 says:

    I loved this video! Thought the horse very patient and interested in this little canine. And the dog!! Well, he just didn’t quite know what this animal was, it seemed to me. But he was bound and determined to find out!

  76. hamstarpwr says:

    I do them to when i see awesomeness…

  77. Maggie & Koko's Mommy says:

    That is beyond adorable. and i think my brain melted a little when they touched noses at 1:02. She’s all “you’re the biggest puppy i’ve seen, play with me! PLAY WITH ME!”

  78. I don’t think the other dogs at the doggie park would enjoy these two having a playdate.

  79. Possessive little doggie! “Bug off, little kid, this is MY bff horse!!”


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