It’s shocking we say. Owners going nuts over their pets, treating them like super heroes, taking them out and showing them off to everyone on Halloween. Puh-lease, this should be happening every day!

Happy Dog-O-Ween, Ellie, Marley, Shep and Ashley C.


  1. The Princess Leia doggeh has keelled me.

  2. I. Can’t. Take. The. Level. Of. Greatness. That. Is. Princess. Leia. The. Pommeh.

    [giggle, on repeat]

  3. I personally favor the ABSURD level of redonkulousness that is Super Shepard.

  4. We need “Redonk” tag. Pretty pretty please with sugar on top, Meg?

  5. Was gonna say the same thing – am stifling laughter here at work…

  6. OMG Princess Leia Doggy! I have to look away she keeps making me grin and laugh.

  7. I can’t take my eyes off the princess Leia. Too. Silly. For. Words. *snort*

  8. she knows she looks good. look how happy she is!

  9. OMG–Little Princess Leia is hilarious!!! :)

  10. The big ol’ german shephard haid on the little Superman costume is pretty hilarious too. :) And of course, the stern Doggeh Vadar is adorable. (Don’t want to exclude anyone!)

    I’m just trying to envision the hilarity of getting them to sit still and taking the picture… I love peeps that love their animals!!

  11. cellarmouse says:

    silly ol’ shep … the cape goes over the arms…

  12. Look at the big ol’ googly eyes on that Shepherd! Those are almost anime eyes.

  13. Darth Dogger looks most in ~character, methinks.

  14. It’s the laser eyes that does it!

  15. That’s adorkable.

  16. Dog Vader looks so serious!

  17. Threadjack – I wasn’t online yesterday when we had the video of the tigger cubs from Sydney posted, so I wanted to share the news of three new Amur tiger cubs born at my local zoo! Check out the live cub cam too. w00t!

  18. Wow! You think they shredded all that paper themselves?

  19. Yay!

  20. That’s it – I don’t need to see anymore pet costumes. Princess Leia has won the entire interwebs! LOL

  21. Bark Vader?

  22. victoreia says:

    *hands Deckard Canine trophy*

  23. AWESOME! I need a superhero to come rescute me from my Monday morning of work. (Do I send up a bark signal or something?)

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Another one where it pays to read the whole thing and then scroll down.. for the reveal of the Princess Leia.. omg too funny!!

  25. The only costume at my house tonight will be the pitiful baby costume.
    My vet just called my poor baby cat Mia had to have 4 teeth pulled. She is only 5 years old, the vet says it genetic, poor baby, she’ll probably end up loosing all her teeth. I am so going to spoil her went she gets home.

  26. Skippy and Eddy have each had a bunch of teeth removed in the last couple of years, and our doctor told us cats do fine eating without teeth. Hugs to Gigi and Mia.

  27. My vet has told me my two younger kittehs will soon need their back teeth removed due to congenital gum disease. I was feeling devastated but am feeling better that ceejoe said kittehs are fine after this operation. <3 <3 ceejoe!

  28. …and <3 to Gigi and Mia!

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    poor Mia & poor Gigi !!!

    *tries to think of something soothing I could do over teh Innernets*

    *sends Best Wishes*

  30. Gigi, I have several that have hardly any teeth left, and my vet says they theorize that it’s either genetic or due to a virus. So who knows. I definitely spoil them for a few days after the tooth-pulling, but she will be fine in the long-run. They can eat just fine without teeth, both dry & canned food. Hugs to you and Mia!

  31. Poor Mia. My vet said just as some people just have lousy teeth (like me), some kitties have ’em too. My tiny Mimi had ’em , too, and had to have some removed. We just had to have ‘e, checked and cleaned regularly.

  32. Poor Mia! Give her snuggles and spoil her rotten.

  33. Dog Vader says “I find your lack of treats disturbing.”

  34. What lack of treats? Come to the Mod Lounge, we have biscuits!

  35. Don’t know if you could see it from there, but that gust of wind was Miss Schnozz’s ears perking up at the mention of ‘biscuits’

  36. Sweet li’l Schnozz! Is pumpkin OK for goggies?

  37. yes ma’am! it’s actually really good for upset puppeh tummehs

  38. I just have to agree, Princess Leia (my 6th grade costume BTW, back when the original SW was contemporary) is REDONK.

  39. Wait a minute…was Superman in Star Wars?

  40. Don’t you remember? *shifty eyes*

  41. Heheheheh.

  42. gynntnx42 says:

    Is it just me, or does Superman’s eyes look like they belong on an anime character?

  43. No, you’re right. He has AstroBoy eyes.

  44. LOL, I will learn to read all of the comments before I make one.

  45. victoreia says:

    *dies laughing*

  46. Flutter-by says:

    Skippymom: Apparently he was in this redonkulously cute episode!! LOL Leia…snortlaff…

  47. I am always impressed to see happy dogs in costumes. My Border Collie + any sort of costumed clothing = murther, murther I say!

  48. Fird Birfle says:

    “Murder, He Says” + (sigh) Teh AWESOME Betty Hutton (sigh)
    Get ready for a humdinger, pholks!!!

  49. LOVE HER! I once before posted Ol Man Mose here for Queen of Dork.

  50. I was doing fine as I scrolled down…until I hit the donut hair of Princess Pommeh…I is ded of teh cyoot. And my sudden snort of laughter scared the bejeezus out of my cats for good measure.

  51. *falls off chair wiping tears of laughter from eyes*


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