Haunted Meerkat Manor

At Marwell Wildlife in England, the annual Halloween Festival includes some time-honored cuteness: Giving meerkats a Jack-O-Lantern to play in. (And don’t miss the sleepy little trick-or-treater at 0:25!)



  1. Wow food and a bed all in one… This is the life!

  2. And not just any bed, but a fancy designer bed!

  3. Meercats are such kooky characters. Always so delightful and entertaining!!

  4. The adorable flute music tied it all together! If only my life was adorable and had a soundtrack like that 😀

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    I loved how the one meerkat tried to dig through the pumpkin lid! “Ooh, there’s gotta be some way to get to all those cream-filled grubs in there!”

  6. I luf meerkats!

  7. Meerkats are quite simply the most awesomest animals in the whole world.

  8. Meerkat Babeeeeees!!!!!!!

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

  9. Seriously. They look like little people looking back at us.

  10. skippymom says:

    I have a photo hanging up in my office of six of them standing up in a row with their arms hanging in front of them. Five have friendly smiles on their faces, and the little one in the middle has his mouth wide open like he is laughing his head off at a joke the photographer told.

  11. skippymom says:

    When I first saw your comment, I read it as Meerkat Barbies, and was trying to imagine what sort of creature that would be. Might be a good Halloween costume, come to think of it.

  12. skippymom says:

    Time to find out what special treats are being served in the Lounge today!

  13. Martinis and little cocktail wieners wrapped in strips of pastry to resemble mummies.

  14. Right there with you, Skippymom. Have a martini while we wait.

  15. Hmmm….the comments seem to be a little jumbled, also.

  16. Flutter-by says:

    Nothin’ more relaxing than watching a bunch of meerkat bebehs tumbling about. And then there’s the prosh little one, so tie tie, he almost tips over …squeee!

  17. Flutter-by says:

    I think this site is haunted….the comments ARE out of order oooohhhEEEEEoooooo!

  18. and DO try the french-fried fingers with a dab of ketchup! and do you dare put your hand into a bowl of peeled eyeballs?!

  19. victoreia says:

    Were they playing “Patty-cake” at the end?

    P.S. OMIGOSH they’re cuuuuute!!!!!11!!!!!1!1!

  20. The sleepy little darling at 0:25 is beyond anorable… Put that on a loop and you could hypnotize people. That is some potent cute!

    Also, I’ve only ever seen puppies, kittens and humans do that. LOVE!!1!

  21. Sodorable.

  22. cellarmouse says:

    it is … you didn’t discover it here, you recognized it … be still and hear what’s there … you have the adorableness in your being … when you can own it, you can give it away… that’s it’s only worth (and it is a treasure)…

  23. NO. NO I DON’T. 😯

  24. cellarmouse – you are a gift
    thank you for sharing this lovely thought with us

  25. Personally I’d want my designer bed to look like a pumpkin race car.

  26. bob drummond says:

    It’s a gift you can give away but never loose it !