‘Cause it’s a Twit-taaaaahhhh!

Cuteness falls across the land
Halloween is close at hand
The pumpkin-carving costumed set
Will terrorize y’awl’s Internet.

From ‘Salem’s Lot to Sleepy Hollow
They know which website’s best to follow
Where black cats from the depths of Hell
Look cute inside a pumpkin’s shell.

And though you fight to stifle “aww”s
Your heartbeat starts to flitter.
For no mere mortal can resist
Cute Overload on Twitter.

Photos (from top): Don HankinsAlisha Vargas, Michaela M.


  1. Fird Birfle says:

    (Not That) Mike, M.J., Boids and Trick or “Tweet” !!

  2. That’s another MJ song– “Tweet it, Tweet it . . .”

  3. victoreia says:

    HAW!! :lol:

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    we get to be skeeeeered today, but be safe tomowwow !!! :)

    (a most xcellent clip as always, Th :) )

  5. breeeelliant, as always

    p.s., also read this one in Vince Price’s voice

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    Ha, so did I. Couldn’t help it.

  7. victoreia says:

    Oh, yeah, toooooadly! (‘Course, it helps that I’ve got that on my Halloween mix on my iPod!)

  8. Adorable. Thanks so much fo the images! Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween!

  9. “MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! MWAHAAAAAAAAA!” (freeze frame on scary parrot eyes)

  10. I’m skeeerd!!
    Plus, I want a black kitteh in MY pumpkin!

  11. Me too, on both!

  12. Thankfully I already have a black familiar but I wouldn’t mind something with fur and purs in my jackolantern.

  13. I would of picked that cute little black kitty out of that pumpkin and began to cuddle the little sweetie :D

  14. i don’t think any of my black kittehs would fit in a pumpkin anymore.

  15. Haha! I was singing this song in my head when I got to CO!

  16. I’m thrilled!
    and in AWE of the Qte!

  17. Now I will always imagine that NOMTOM’s voice sounds just like Vincent price.

  18. Hmmmm…in the Moderation Lounge…? Wonder why they….oh look! Frou-frou drinks!

  19. and shows at 8, 10 and the “blue edition” at midnight!

  20. Yippee! (If I can stay awake that long…)!

  21. I love the voice of Vincent Price, I have a recording of him reading Edgar Allan Poe The Raven.

    In other news, Mia is back home, she is a little shaky from the anaesthesia but she ate and is doing fine. Thank you to every one for the good wishes and the information about tooth loss in cats.

  22. AWW :( Poor little Mia :( I am glad to hear that she will be ok, Gigi :D

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    yay Mia & Gigi

    *pompoms shaking*

  24. Good girl, Mia!

  25. Brilliant versage NTMTOM!

  26. baby birdie says:

    He’s always brilliant, ffleur. ;)

  27. [ZOMBIE DANCE] :mrgreen:

  28. with sassy finger snappin’ and quick head turns!

  29. Check out the Rockapella cover sometime. Harry’s is good stuff, but his version is tamer.

  30. “Tamer”? How you like THEES?
    Don’t be dissin’ the Belafonte. :P

  31. victoreia says:

    Just finished listening to “Thriller” again, and I hate to have to say this, NTMTOM, but you skipped a verse. :(

    (Jus’ kidding!)

  32. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I did skip a verse of the Vincent Price rap! I was struggling to come up with another verse, but I didn’t want to strain my braaaaaainsssss. ;)

  33. Om nom nom

  34. Mmm…pumpkin with a fluffy kitten center. My favorite.

  35. Loving all the Halloween cuteness!


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