And so, as the unholy hour approaches, we light the ceremonial candle and offer our chant to the dark Elder Gods

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn (ow)
Et in uno dominos parcheesi scrabble (ow)
E pluribus unibrow, caveat nabisco mausoleum (ow)
Amday atthay andlecay eeallyray urtshay (ow)…



  1. earlybird1 says:


    Should have licked his paw really good the first time… to AVOID getting burned! Ha!

  2. Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy…no way to wake up. Stop letting that poor kitty burn it’s paddies! And it clearly needs an exorcist. (Riffling through yellow pages for Veterninarians/Exorcists)

  3. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

  4. That is a very determined kitty! Also, possibly not the brightest bulb in the bin….

  5. I love you, NTMTOM. Only you would re-write Lovecraftian and put it on Cute Overload. Thank you. [Also, that cat may be mentally challenged…]

  6. Moi, Actually says:

    I love the sizzle of roasted toebeans in the evening.
    It smells like deviltry.

  7. “E pluribus unibrow, caveat nabisco mausoleum”

    sunday morning snortlaff!

  8. Jackie Rose says:

    I agree, Meliss. I didn’t care for this video when I saw it on Icanhascheezburger. The person who filmed it needs a good swift kick administered to their nether regions.

  9. Have you ever run your fingers through a candle flame real quick? It’s in no way hot enough to do any damage without prolonged contact, which you’ll notice Kitty sensibly avoided. My guess is that he/she wasn’t licking his/her paws because they hurt, but because there was something burning off in the candle that tasted good! And the owner was obviously right there in case Kitty got too adventurous.

    If there’s anything to be concerned about here it’s that this is evidence cats have come one step closer to mastering fire.

  10. Humm…has kitty been at the catnip? Not that I would recognize the look or anything.

  11. Number 1 sign that your kitteh’s not all together there:

    What’s that flickerly light. [reaches out with paw] Ooh, that;s hot [lick]
    [waits a second]
    What’s that flickerly light. [reaches out with paw] Ooh, that’s hot [lick]
    [waits a second]
    What’s that flickerly light. [reaches out with other paw] Ooh, that’s hot [lick]
    [waits a second]


  12. Mmm.. the smell of burning cat hair..

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    oooo da puir kittaye !!!

    however, I will admit that Mike’s verbal acrobatics and Ig-pay Atin-Lay were just a bit comforting to ME (if not to da puir kittaye’s paws)

    Amday atthay andlecay eeallyray urtshay (ow)…

  14. trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results
    burnt toe beans, singed fluff and a stupid human

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    I think NTMTOM might be like the Lord of Silly or something. I love it!

  16. Who is the idiot that let their cat near an open flame?

  17. Flutter-by says:

    Oo tay unny-fay Ommm-Tommmm!

    Methinks kitteh haz found a new way yo rid himself of those nasty between-the-pads fur thingies they are always trying to pull out with their teeth! Gross, but true….

  18. Most kitties, when introduced to a candle, will slooowly sniff or paw at it, once, and then they know what fire is and stay away from it.
    Some kitties…. well, some take a little longer to learn [pats kitty on head]

  19. Kitteh was raised by moths, I think.

  20. It must be one of them scented candles, prolly Holy Mackerel. And kitty is smart enough to wet paw. Later into video I’m sure both paws get slurped and there’s a big smack – flame out!

  21. I used to have a kitty who burnt the wiskers of her face off because she was staring at a candle too closely. (We didn’t realize she was that close to it) She would also stick her head up lampshades and stare at light bulbs. We always said it was a good thing she was beautiful cause she certainly wasn’t born with any smarts. Loved that little girl.

  22. Faith…
    I agree. Negligent idiots!!!

  23. Kitteh should careful. You know what they say about curiosity and cats.

  24. Looks like he sniffs his paw after sticking it in the flame, like he enjoys the smell of burning fur! Goofy kitty!

  25. Part Lovecraft, part PDQ Bach, I believe.

  26. Curiosity keelled the cat, but satisfaction brought her back. 8 more lives to spare! =)

  27. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Ahahaha, cat is pretty dumb.

    Seems like the human is trying to see if the cat is able/willing to learn that fire=hot, and thus weather the cat can be trusted around lit candles without constant supervision. I think he’s failed the test. God only knows how this cat’s ancestors survived the days before electricity.

  28. No, no, it’s really a moth in a cat costume.

  29. Caveat Nabisco mausoleum!

  30. Moochiecat says:

    Sooooooooo….we think this is cute? Really? If this was a video of a little kid doing the same thing there’d be hell to pay, but a kitty makes it cute?
    Come on, people….this sort of crap needs to be ignored and not shared.

  31. I can relate to this kitteh.There have been a lot of times where I’ve wanted to stick my hand in open flame, it’s just so warm and pretty…what could possibly go wrong?

  32. A friend of mine who had a long-haired kitty with a floofy tail, once had an adventure when kitty swished his magnificent tail negligently over the candle flame and set it on fire. It was, fortunately, exdtinguished quickly without injury but there was panic involved for both human and kitty, and kitty’s tail was not so magnificent for about a month. I have ever since hearing that cautionary tail (!) taken great care to keep my curious kitters away from candles.

  33. SlaveToCat says:

    If my kitty tried that there would be a giant woosh and there would be a hairless kitty sitting there blinking her eyes at me, just like Daffy Duck. blink blink

    Maybe kitty is trying to get the kitty litter out from between the toe beans.

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    My thoughts exactly.. very stubborn and/or very stupid cat. And those are two words I don’t normally put together (stupid / cat).

  35. Flutter-by says:

    Theresa, thanks for the PDQ Bach education on Nabisco Mausoleum!

    Thank the gods there is always someone around to educate the uneducated and you always seem to have myriad resources from which to draw!

  36. Why thank you, that’s so sweet! What my father says is “Your brain is like a swamp.” 😀

  37. emmberrann says:

    Umm, Jade? Y’think this particklar cat’s got all 8 left? Might not, seein’z how’t keeps on testin’ thet flame!

  38. “E pluribus unibrow, caveat nabisco mausoleum”. That’s the greatest line evah!!!!!

  39. I believe that line is part of the Offertory for the High Solemn Mass for the First Sunday After the World Series.

  40. That’d be the idiot filming it. I put this in the same category as those moronic home video shows where filming grandma falling over on the dance floor is ‘funny’.

  41. Snort! Good one!

  42. After raising 3 boys and watching 9 grandchildren growing up….I would think it was funny if it was a kid (I wouldn’t let them KEEP doing it of course!! or if there was crying involved). But animals, kids, etc doing silly, wonder what’s going on in their little brains, under supervision things…ehh, what’s the big deal?

  43. ….. “caveat nabisco”?

    I request — nay — *demand* more fake Latin on CO!!!!

  44. I just yelled, “You’re gonna hurt your toe-toe” at the screen.

    The neighbors now think I’m nuts. Thanks CO.

  45. I’ve got a dim bulb myself. If I saw Max doing that I’d snatch him away (as if I’d leave open flame anywhere near my cats!) because he’s dumb enough to do damage to himself before realizing, “Oh hey, THAT HURT!”

    As I said on ICHC, a big part of being a pet owner is KEEPING THEM SAFE! Not letting them play with fire.

  46. I have never seen that before. Sheer genius! Thanks for sharing Theresa.

  47. Flutter-by says:

    Theresa, my brain truly IS a swamp lol !!

  48. victoreia says:

    Might be???? 😆

  49. victoreia says:

    Aughedlay yselfmay illysay.

  50. victoreia says:

    I ❤ Peter Schiekle! (sp?) I have to check if our local library has any of his stuff. (I also have to check when our local public radio station plays his show……)

  51. Have you ever run your hair really quick through a flame? ‘Cause those paws could catch flame really easily.

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    Related here (although not specific to kittayes or open candle flames)

  53. the neighbors suck.

  54. Poor baby looks sleepy to me. He’s thinking: “How do I turn this dang light off?!” (that’s what I would be thinking…)

  55. okaasan59 says:

    Kitty is either truly dumb or has been watching too many Jackass movies. Oh wait, same thing!

  56. when Oscar was a baby kit, the same moment I realized he was already big enough to jump to the top of the fridge, his tail swept a candle and caught on fire for about two seconds. I was right there at the sink and got him quick. thank god he was fine except for a putrid-smelling black stubbly tail that he didn’t recognise as his own or stop trying to kill for months until his fur grew back.

    i learned a lesson and so did he. years later he still won’t go within 5 feet of the enclosed flame of the gas fireplace, even as Asha-cat sleeps with her body wedged up against the glass.

  57. “Et in uno dominos parcheesi scrabble” comes pretty close. Brilliant NTMTOM!

  58. Definition of insanity, amiright?

  59. I know somebody whose cat does this with the pilot light to the heater. They try to keep him from doing it, but, you know, cats. Doesn’t hurt him, doesn’t actually burn his paw. Her best guess is that he likes the way the singed fur smells/tastes. Don’t worry about candle kitty. Even really, really dumb animals are good at avoiding pain, and this kitty is doesn’t seem to be in any distress.

  60. Shorter: Leave Candle Kitty Alooooone….

  61. This just makes me mad.Would you let you five year old do this?

  62. Kitty-on-fire story here!

    We used to have a little zen-corner set up in our home with a little fountain and a burning candle. Well, we also had a cat who LOVED to drink running water… so one day the cat hopped up on the table and started drinking from the fountain, not noticing how close he was to the candle…

    I looked up to see a sheet of blue fire licking its way up the cat’s flank… cat hadn’t noticed. I jumped up and grabbed him, threw him on the floor and put out his fur. Cat was VERY annoyed with me for interrupting his drink!

    Over the next ten minutes, cat could be seen licking at the singed fur on his side, with his ears back and an annoyed expression saying “Hey! How’d this happen?” …Cats…

  63. I felt like blowing out that candle, grabbing that cat, give the cat a scolding for getting so near a flame and PUNCH THE ONE FILMING THIS IN THE FACE!

  64. dogsleder says:

    Surprisingly, this one didn’t elicit many comments! I thought sure the kitty was going to wet it’s paw enough to outen that candle at the end.

  65. dogsleder says:

    Well, wait. Always refresh the page after coming back after several hours away….only 8 comments when I posted the above.

  66. KariAnn64 says:

    LOVED the PDQ Bach video! I Iaughed for quite a bit and heartily, I might add. Wonderful storytelling and humor! Made my day!

  67. Agreed. Kitty is cute, but the video is not.

  68. Kitty is cute. The video is not.

    Candle light is pretty, but not necessary unless you have a powercut. I am a person of the gothic persuasion myself and love candle light, candle holders etc., but I have stopped putting on candles for many years now because I have 3 kitties. It only takes 2 seconds when you´re not looking (e.g. you go to the toilet, or answer the door) and accidents can happen, not only to your kitties, but your whole house!

  69. OMG, this is probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen on I was picture this poor kitty just getting a fraction of an inch closer and………shuddering at the thought.

  70. Charlotte H says:

    Is it sad that I now want my “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.” tattoo to have a kitty pawprint next to it when I get it done…?

  71. Exactly. I get the humor of this, no doubt. But that catparent needs a kick in the butt big time. Did I ever mention the time my cat’s tail caught on fire?* Not. cool.

    *I was a new cat mom, in my 1st apt, drinking a glass of wine and reading a novel after dinner, with candles mais bien sur… Don’t worry – kitten was fine. But the SMELL…

  72. Exactly. It was a choice – pretty candles, or pretty kitties. If I *have* to have candles, I put them in tall glass candle holders, or little fish bowls ONLY.

    Otherwise – I manage to live without ’em. Candles that is.

  73. Hope you folks who think this is responsible pet ownership don’t have kids. And those who do who thought it was…good luck with that.

  74. exactly…I’m gothy, too, but if I burn a candle it is right in front of me and blown out if I even go get a glass of water from the kitchen..not just because of the kitties, but because, you know , FIRE.

    Also, when my girl cat was a tiny ceiling walking demon of a kitten, she some how managed to get candle wax from a recently put out candle into the fur on the back of her neck….so it isn’t just the fire that is a danger to pets, but the wax can be bad, too.

    I love the look on this kitty’s face and the caption is truly inspired, but over all, this isn’t “cute”. Some fancy video editor person should turn this into a PSA about how cats n candles DON’T MIX so it could nudge back over the line into cutedom.

  75. My late great Merlin cat use to love to pet in dry winter air and lick his owners at the same time. Every time he licked the static discharge would spark on his tongue. He’d react, pause a few seconds (presumably to let the charge build up) and do it again…and again…and again….

  76. Merlin sounds like a fantastic name for that cat.

    I bet he was thinking “LIGHTENING BOLT! LIGH- Grr, dang cooldown… LIGHTENING BOLT!”

  77. Francesca D. says:

    I think there’s no problem with the fact that the kitteh was doing this because obviously his paw DIDN’T catch fire, and the owner was most likely right there in case kitteh did have an accident. But as i was watching this the only thing i thought of was, “I wonder what filet min-paw tastes like…” 🙂

  78. Guarding pets/thinking living beings from all forms of possible harm is also no way to raise a child. Many of the really bubble-wrapped ones that I knew when I was little ended up being rebellious underage drinking rebels, probably because they weren’t given a chance to make mistakes early on. Obviously negligence is never cool, but this cat keeps touching the flame by its own free will…it’s a tiny candle, and it’s being watched.

  79. Oh NTMTOM, you’ve done it again. H. P. Lovecraft and Pig Latin? Marry me. Just marry me.

  80. *applauds*

    Thank you Simi! Cats will not do anything they don’t want to. He’s being naturally curious, he’s not getting hurt, and he’s under supervision.

    Bloody nuffers.

  81. arachnophile says:

    LOL, if it was the cat’s tail and they just filmed as their fur burned, then they are evil. This is just funny. The kitty is feeling it. They are pulling back from any real damage. Even jellyfish are able to move away from pain, if the pain overcomes the curiosity. 😉

    This kitty is fine.

  82. Good idea about using little fish bowls to put candles in, Ciroccok 😀 Taht has given me a great idea about where to put my candles if I have to use them 😀 We have kitties here too and, even though we have candles, we usually use flashlights if the power ever goes out.

  83. You are a good mom to your 3 kitties, Barbarella Buchner (@themadcatlady) 😀 What are the names of your little sweeties? 😀 I have been looking into the Goth lifestyle these last 2 years. It was the show “Lost Tapes” episode “Hellhound” (2009) which talked about a Goth-themed website one of the characters is said to have that got me first interested.

  84. warrior rabbit says:

    I guess the ‘ow’ was supposed to be the cat’s reaction, but I flashed to Holy Grail and the monks who whacked themselves with their books after reciting each Latin verse.

  85. Fird Birfle says:

    The back end of the line of candidates for any *second* wife ( should he someday need to choose ……he’s all ringed-up on the third finger, presently, with Spouse # 1 ) …..begins over at Pluto now, I believe ….the PLANET
    Pluto …. [aka it’s a looooooooooooooooooooong line of candidates ….] 😉

  86. LOL! That was a good one!1

  87. 🙂 When will people stop being so negative about everything all of the time?! The cat should be taught no, fire isn’t a play thing… BUT there is no way the cat got hurt doing it and it is a wonderfully entertaining video.

  88. Redundant Redundant says:

    Eh? As you wish 😀
    Stoodina fieldicoldious longtimus no Ego incontinentius

  89. Redundant Redundant says:

    Or maybe….”put ze candle BACK!”

  90. How is grandma falling over on the dancefloor not funny?

  91. luvstehQte says:

    e-may oo-tay. does pig latin count as speaking a second language?

  92. luvstehQte says:

    this reminded me a little of my friend in high school who saw someone do a trick where he sprayed his palm with hairspray, lit it on fire, then extinguished the fire by closing his hand. (cool looking trick, but not very smart). my friend then tried it, but didn’t spray carefully and some of the hairspray seeped through to the OUTSIDE part of her fingers and couldn’t be extinguished by closing her hand. she had some huge blisters for a while.

    the moral of this story–some critters learn things the easy way and some learn the hard way (even when they have good parents).