Honk If You Love Screeches

Oh, I can stop traffic.

But what I really want to do is direct.

It’s not just cars that need to control their emissions, Ingrid T.


  1. Fird Birfle says:

    I LOVE THIS PARROT and his perch SO MOISCHE !!!!!

    (listens for ebil chortle from parrot)

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: HONK !!!!

  3. Go on green!

  4. How clever! Boidie can matchink! both the red and green light!

  5. Flutter-by says:

    Oh, oh ~ in the red light district, you dirty birdie.

    I sure hope someone was able to rescue the little stinker, as I’m sure his hoomans are beside themselves with worry – I sure would be !!

  6. I think he’s one of the feral parrots that live in San Francisco. There’s a whole colony there, perchin’ around.

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Might be a wild parrot; we’ve got lots of ’em.

  8. There’s even a movie about them: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0424565/

    “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”

  9. Yes! Wonderful movie–I recommend it.

  10. Flutter-by says:

    Feral parrots – learn something new every day ! Thanks for the education. Now I’m envisioning bands of those guys screeching, perching and depositing all over the place! ugh…

  11. We have ’em in Brooklyn, too. Ours are Quaker parakeets, aka monk parakeets. Neither name is especially approppriate. Since they’re not pacifists, and they sure ain’t celibate!

  12. They’re called quakers because the young birds shake when they want food. It’s their way of begging their parents to be fed. Hence the quaking quaker parrots.

  13. bob drummond says:

    That’s an understatement baby ! Keep the head covered or you’ll spend more time in the shower !

  14. I live on Telegraph Hill and they’re actually not that bad, they tend to stick to a few parks and wooded areas and not really bother people. Their screeches aren’t exactly musical, but you only hear them for maybe 10 seconds a few times a week.

  15. We even have a feral colony of parakeets in Chicago!

  16. victoreia says:

    We have a flock in one of the valleys on Oahu. I used to see them all flying to and from the mountains……

  17. Bringing traffic to a screeching halt.

  18. Where the horns go “honk” and the cars go “vroom,”
    In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room!

  19. AWESOME!!

  20. bob drummond says:

    That’s cute T.U.M. ! I remember the TIKI ROOM from Walt Dizzy World !!
    Excuse me, I meant to say Disney.

  21. I’ve also seen huge flocks of feral parrots & parakeets all over the San Fernando valley in L.A.

  22. Yes, there are tons of them here in Burbank and in Glendale too.

  23. HONK! His feathers match the colors of the traffic light, isn’t there a tag for that???

  24. The tag is called Matchingks! I do believe it applies here…!

  25. reminds me of the movie Rio. when a bird warms his tail to the stop light but then has to fly to a different red light when it changes.

  26. 260Oakley says:

    Sing along with Sting: “Roxanne, you don’t have to t*rd on the red light!”

  27. Brilliant!

  28. Oh I forgot….*honk toot honk*


    Have you heard Sting sing that lately? Not quite so many high notes anymore, eh, Gordon? :P

  30. 260Oakley says:

    Last time I saw him he was toting a lute and singing something along the lines of “Hey nonny nonny.”

  31. That would be the Dowland CD.

  32. Harry Potto says:

    So, birdie, is you changin’ from green to red, or red to green?

  33. I’ve lived in Pasadena, CA and Chicago, and they both have feral parakeets. They’re loud squawkers, but cool to look at.

  34. At CSULB the Long Beach colonies of conures come to feed. For several months out of the year they inhab the tree outside my dorm window. Loud, social, cute, did I mention LOUD.

  35. bob drummond says:

    Yes ,U certainly did mention LOUD ! Perhaps u can throw in NOISEY too !!!

  36. There are now so many established colonies of feral parrots and parrakeets in the US that the latest edition of my bird field guide now has a whole page on them. None of them are originally native to the US.

  37. Did you know there’s only one species of parrot native to the U.S.? It was the Carolina parakeet but they’re extinct now. :( So I’m glad to see wild groups of parrots forming again! :)

  38. bob drummond says:

    I repeat what I said before – Don’t stand underneath ’em or U will pay for it !!

  39. bob drummond says:

    Just remember Folks – traffic lights R for the BIRDS !!!

  40. I live with a little green parrot who ACTS feral from time to time. Does that count for anything? I lub heem so moiche. Right now, he’s sleeping on my bedside table with his little head tucked under his wing. But he’s only half asleep I know because I keep hearing his whisper “hewwo” from his wing pit.

  41. Waaaaay too cute. I have a sizable flock of budgies, and I love it when they tuck their heads into their back feathers to nap, but keep singing…

  42. Oh gosh, “Hewwo” is the cutest thing a birdie can say. I once met a guy with a little cockatiel in his front shirt pocket, who was screeching his little head off. The guy took the cockatiel out, told him to mind his manners and say hello. The little bird said the most adorable, bashful, grumpy little “hello.” *melt*

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    OMGARSH that is insanely wonderful, birdcage!!

  44. AWW :D Sounds like you have a feathered friend, birdcage :D I would love to see a picture of your sweet little green parrot :D

  45. Oh no, I’m in the Mod Lounge! For mentioning a member of the parrot family! You know, a Male Chicken-atiel!


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