The Most Heartwarming Thing You’ll See All Day.

Susy P., I love those Go Pro cameras—excellent for cuteporting.



  1. awwww…..

  2. I fell in the water and then I walked around and then this guy came and then he chased me and then he grabbed me and he pulled me up and then I rode on a motorcycle and we went fast and what’s for dinner?

  3. NOT CUTE!! He got pulled up by his FEET!! He was terrified!! He could have had his ankles twisted, or broken.

  4. lol Dona, that’s perfect!

    meep — what other option was there?

  5. Aww, he/she deserves a cow-pat on the back for helping the calf!

  6. Bahaha!

  7. Let me guess, you were not raised on a farm.

  8. Have you never had to hold a cat (or other pet) down while you gave them a pill, or cut their nails, etc, and they were scared, but you were doing the best you could, and what was best for them?!!!

  9. Yes, better to have left him in the canal to drown. His ankles weren’t twisted or broken- he walked to his momma!

  10. yeah or the certain alternative: die of drowning after exhaustion sets in.. i pick option A!

  11. Could not wait until I got home, I sneeked out of the office and went to were there is Wiifi connection. What a good guy! We can’t see his face but he still should get a place in the Men of CO calender.

  12. Well, the alternative was drowning, meep, so…

  13. I’m sorry, did you not see the part where the guy stopped what he was doing and SAVED the calf?!?!

  14. Another way to go straight to heaven! What a lovely person! And the calf ain’t bad, either…;)

  15. The ResQte stuff gets me every time. I love how the calf swims over to the cyclist’s side of the canal when he pulls up.

  16. And I forgot to say, that’s the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen ALL WEEK!

    Oh wait – there was the puppy rescued from the top of the moving train car.
    And the lost dog that was found in MI and returned to his owner in TN.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    See – there are ALOT of good people in the world! /nods head empahtically/

  17. So wonderful. What a good person and what a well-behaved calf!

  18. Knittybun says:

    For the record, just in case anyone was worried about the method our hero used to pull the calf out of the canal: when a calf is being born and gets stuck the farmer will reach in and wrap a rope around the front hooves and pull, hopefully resulting in the calf coming loose and falling to the ground. It sounds, and looks, rough, but they are built to handle it. This is coming from a farmers’ daughter who watched her parents save many babies and mothers this way. But usually in a field or barn, never in a canal. Yah motorcycle dude!

  19. I tweeted this a couple days ago declaring my absolute love for Motorcycle Man. Seriously, what a DOLL. Have to say I was worried about the bike tipping over on that first attempt. Wonder how he finally worked it out. And I LOVE how the calf just submitted to Motorcycle Hero, like “Okay, take me. I don’t care anymore. Just help me.” Then he gets his first motorcycle ride!! Awesome. Lol!

    All in all a great day for the calf! In the words of Charlie Sheen: Winning!

    that should be him 🙂

  21. Darling, but I hope that veal was not on the menu that night

  22. What a great dude! GoPro cameras do rock, but he was using a Drift HD170 different company, same idea.

  23. There’s a tune written bout people like him…

  24. cute 😀

  25. Sasha's Mum says:

    My new hero! And since we don’t get to see Mr. Nice Motorcycle Man’s face, I’m just going to fantasize, um, I mean visualize Ewan McGregor from his “Long Way Down” stint. ‘K?

  26. Exactly. This is a farm animal. Not a china doll. Cows are pretty sturdy critters.

  27. consider it visualized!

  28. Gotta back up Knittybun. On the cattle ranch where I lived, we actually used a pulley winch called a ‘come-along’, and tho that may seem barbaric, many a calf was saved that way.

  29. Or the part where he said he tried four other ways of getting out of a steep canal carrying a 50-lb CALF and using only a strap, before he found Plan 5?!?
    Pulling on the legs is how you deliver a calf in a difficult birth, so I thought the guy did brilliantly.
    Back to the good stuff: I also like how the calf moved TOWARDS the noisy machine, as if knowing the good man astride it would help.

  30. Wups, sorry, birthing part already mentioned below, so pre-harumphed.

  31. I believe meep is pointing out that this video is not cute, i.e. makes you feel cuddly wuddly. Instead the video portrays a situation approaching life or death and therefore is rather serious, even if it happens to end on a high note.

    Having been raised on a farm, I can add that the preferred method is to lift animals by their torso, not extremities. Bone fracturing and muscle twisting are both possible when lifting by the hind legs, though thankfully the calf did not make matters worse by struggling on the way up.

  32. What a brave and kind human, and what a cute and strong little calf!

  33. I was thinking Clive Owen from King Arthur.

  34. Don’t forget Jack the [Beautiful] Cat, found in JFK airport after two months!

  35. Yes, I was a little worried about his “anchor” too – like the bike was going to go swimming also.

  36. Anyone who’s read James Herriot’s books knows all about this!

  37. YAAY!

  38. That puppy saved from the train is an amazing story. And he’s so cute!

  39. whoever you are motorcycle stranger… I (heart) you!

  40. God bless the motorcycle rider who stopped to help the calf. What a kindhearted soul he is. The calf seemed so calm on the motorcycle! And you’re right, this IS the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen all day!

  41. What else was he supposed to do? Pull out his magic wand and shout, “Wingardium leviosa”?

  42. Shows to go that not all superheroes have to wear capes (based on his shadow at approx. 0:55). 🙂

  43. 1, 2, 3, visualizing NOW!

  44. I’m getting a Lenny Kravotz vibe. Just gonna go with it! ;P

  45. I know and talk about being prepared. And who carries a rescue line?

    I guess a Motorcycle Hero does. 😀

  46. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You win!!!

  47. Official winner of Best Comment Ever.

  48. I LOVE YOU!!! thank you so much for saving that baby!!

  49. good job!

  50. That was so heroic it made me cry a little. What a great guy!

  51. What a great person to help the little guy!!!

  52. Entropy's Bitch says:

    Think about what one saved calf can mean to a farmer in Africa. I mean..really, think about it. This guy was in a race? And he stopped. He stopped to help the calf, but really, he helped the whole herd. And the families who will benefit from the very cute, floppy earred calf. Who actually looks like a goat from the top.
    And, while it’s easy to nuff the nuffers…if you haven’t been around farmlike animals, you don’t know how much different, larger and tougher they are than the usual housepets. You wouldn’t treat a puppy in the same way you’d treat a calf. You wouldn’t treat a Yorkie the same way you’d treat a Great Dane…

    Now, I’m ordering that camera.

  53. Hey, that’s a real calf hanger, I mean cliffhanger.

    (Okay, it’s not technically a cliffhanger, but you know what I mean. You’re on tenterhoofs. Er, tenterhooks.)

  54. Yes, climbing the side of the canal was not going to get any easier the longer the little guy struggled, and I am glad that this fellow was so persistent. He didn’t give up until he found a successful option. Potentially sore ankles or certain death by drowning for the wee calf? Not a difficult decision…

    I love the fact that he just put the calf across his bike and motored away. That calf has some good stories to tell the herd!

  55. In case you’re interested, this is in South Africa.

  56. Dr. Emile Schoeffhausen says:

    Who was that masked man?

  57. Here’s the best part…if I read the yahoo page correctly, he was ON a qualifying run for a race yet still stopped to rescue the calf!

  58. Lewis n' Clark says:
  59. snoopysnake says:


  60. Wonderful! I like how the calf heads towards him at first but then changes his mind when the guy gets closer- maybe he remembered that his mom told him not to talk to strange humans?

  61. hehehe!

  62. This little story would make a great kids book from either point of view!

  63. OK Meep, what would YOU have done?

  64. that’s never good. I’ve lost a horse and a cow to a dried creek that suddenly flooded in 2 different storms. it’s not just the mud trap but the Pneumonia they get from being exposed to cold water for so long.

  65. You beat me to it!

  66. Love!

  67. Yay, for bikers! Oh, and did you notice, he rides a BMW, that immediatelly makes him better looking, more intelligent and much cuter

  68. Mary (the first) says:

    OH yeah. He’s definitely a MoCOC entry. Definitely.

  69. HELLO !

  70. so true.

  71. loving the acronym, Mary!

  72. *pout* My wand just sits there; I never get that spell to work! 😦

  73. *giggle*

  74. Kravitz!!

  75. Tearing up! So sweet! What are the chances that he just drove by at that moment!!! And saw the calf!!!! Lovely story!

    Hope they let the little calf grow up, before they eat it.. It deserves some years of life!

  76. Now that´s a REAL man!!!! 😀

  77. To all of the naysayers, there is a Guardian Angel for everyone and every living
    creature on earth, WTG -GA.

  78. Just don’t say it as a word if your at work 😯

  79. This is the best thing I have seen in a long time. This guys deserves some big ol’ hugs and kisses!! 😆

  80. What a wonderful human being to have cared so much about one small, struggling calf. My new hero. ♥♥♥

  81. bookmonstercats says:

    Oooh nasty. So sorry to hear that.

  82. snorglepup says:

    I was wondering why it was so quiet. The bikers I know (H-D) try to make their ride as loud as possible.

  83. Kathy Woods says:

    That’s the kind of guy I want to meet some day! (smile)

  84. HE’S ALIVE!!!

  85. Dit maak ‘n mens blerrie trots om Suid-Afrikaans te wees.

  86. My boyfriend spent the past week doing something similar. Because of the drought, herds in North and West Texas are near to starving with no grass growing. They shipped about 250 cattle down to SE Texas where the lack of rain isn’t so severe and we still have much green grass. The poor things are so malnourished and weak that some are getting stuck in the mud, unable to walk through a small canal (not cement like the one in the video). The men have to hook a tow strap to their horns to pull them out with a four wheeler. I had to go with him Sunday to get one out. She was so exhausted by the time she got onto the bank. Thankfully, after adminstering vitamin shots, the cows are getting stronger and eating more now.

  87. Whoo-hoo! I grew up reading those books and just recently found my old stash. Thanks for the shout out.

  88. I’m sold! (But I could live with the Ewan viz, too).

  89. Lovely motor bike man – thank you!!! xxx

  90. Isn’t that a goat? The ears look too long for a calf.

  91. Me too. And I bet he has a hot South African accent.

    You’re right Meg, this made my day.

  92. It’s humbling to see what a small act of kindness can achieve

  93. When calfes are born and they get stuck you also have to pull them with a rope, exactly like that. Really, that was the best way to do it.

  94. janeellensmith says:

    I’m in love.

  95. Nah, he’ll grow into them.

    Totally randomly coincidentally… When I was about 6 years old, my dad brought home a very young calf who had lost her mother. She was a reddish color with some white markings, and a white tip on her tail. When you turned the tip of the tail up, it was red in the center, and it looked like a little rosebud. Thus we named her Rosebud, and bottle-fed her ’til she was grown. :mrgreen:

  96. hahaha I SECOND THAT

    moreover, the savior implied that he went through a slew of failed methods that were probably subjectively “gentler” (though I’m sure “gentle” is really different for a calf and a human >_>, d’oh).

  97. “cow-pat” AMAZING :p

  98. first thing on my mind hahaha

  99. guys, there’s actually a link to the guy’s FB profile higher up in the comments :p make of it what you will.

  100. Awesome. I’d do the same thing. It brought a tear to my eye.

  101. And he’s got that fun South African accent. Rawr.

  102. sunnylessmum says:

    Amen sistah! Amen!

  103. Now let’s hope for punctuation. (Please note appropriate usage of apostrophe. Sigh.)

    It was cute, but ungrammatical. The proofreader in me dies a little each time.

  104. txredhead says:

    Hooray, Mr. Motorcycle Man!! Thank you for rescuing this baby!!

    [How many cows can say they’ve taken a motorcycle ride?! 😀 ]

  105. Cheers for our good samaritan!

  106. He should have left the calf in their to drown? helllooo? You do what you can when you are alone and plan a, b & c don’t work.

  107. I don’t know who this person is on the motorcycle, but he is my hero! Cheers indeed!

  108. I think all the haters who looked down upon the actions of this wonderful person need severe psychotherapy. It was a gigantic, humongous act of loving kindness. Thank you for sharing this with us, Meg. It is definitely the most heartwarming thing I will see for the next MONTH. ❤ Can't stop smiling!

  109. That works for me!

  110. Valerie pearman says:

    yeah oh the calf could have stayed in there in drown? what would you suggest meep? did you watch the whole video?

  111. Wow. That was awesome. Hahahahhaa!! “Besides you’re saying it wrong. It’s LeviOHsa not LevioSA!”

  112. What a great great man.

  113. That was absolutely the best way to have handled the calf… Trust me. I am a large animal veterinarian…

  114. “Trust me. I am a large animal veterinarian.”

    boy, if i had a nickel…

  115. Christine Russo says:

    Thank goodness for people like you in this world! Thank you for saving that baby calf and returning it to its herd. You didn’t even think twice about being dressed in your motorcycle clothing, or having your phone in your pocket or anything! Amazing!