When You See It You Will Jump

Beware to all you peeps out there.

Are you ready for a sneaky scare?

Something’s lurking in the dark unknown…

The next scream you hear will be your own!

Sir Francis Bacon the hedgehog, got shivers up and down her spines, Marcy R.!



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    Hedgies are surely cute, in an odd way.

  2. OH Hedgie! Beware of the cat’s stare!

  3. oh no! kitteh is lickin his chops!

    (p.s., totally read this in Vince Price’s voice)

  4. You can just hear the slorp of that cat lickimg his chops.

  5. Great! Now I’ll have nightmares! Oooh, kitty, you scare me!

  6. Rose and thorns

  7. The first scream will be the hedgie closely followed by the kitty once he feels those little spines! 😆

  8. Creepyyyy!!!!! I was all lovin’ the rose and hedgie and then I saw it!……Didn’t know whether to laugh or scream at hedgie to look out! 😯

  9. Love the kitty in the background licking its lips….

  10. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Reminds me of the ninja cat video. I’ve watched it maybe 15 times.

  11. oh look, a cat! haha, I’m sure I’m not the only one to miss that.

  12. the ninja cat video? do share!

  13. Ninja cat video is awesome!

    That kitty in the background is something of a ninja itself.

  14. I am on pins and needles! (Or that cat will be if he tries to jump that hedgie.)

  15. Like this famous painting by Goya

    Cat Close-Up!


  16. Yup, I was wondering why the pretty rose would be so scary to the hedgehog. Then started reading the comments, looked at the picture again. Screamed and fell off my chair.

  17. That’s a good point. …heh, heh.

  18. My reaction exactly. This is one of my top fave photos.

  19. I hope you weren’t out front by the library patrons…

  20. That made it extra creepy. 🙂
    Kind of like the thriller music video intro.

  21. Nope, in my office, and thankfully nobody was around. I did hit my head pretty hard on the floor, though. May need to go home early.

  22. I’m sure Skippy, Frankie, Eddie and Chloe will be happy to see you. (Ha! I did it! I remembered them all! 🙂 )

  23. High five! You rock!
    If I were a better person, I would learn the names of your ten….

  24. lol…even my petsitter gets them wrong sometimes…

  25. bob drummond says:

    I think I’ll hedge all my bets from here on !!

  26. Um, yeah. Kid needs to have the string around the cats, not the bird. Should be titled: Sitting duck.

  27. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Okay. Let me see if this works:

  28. Oh wow! I didn’t see the cat either….look out little hedgie! Now the poem makes more sense. 🙂

  29. Vince? Are you and him buddies? 😛

  30. skippymom says:

    I had the same thought! I guess tracylee and Vince are pretty tight.

  31. victoreia says:

    I’ve played that game with my fur-kids, but I never think about using a video-cam!

  32. LisaLassie says:

    And when you get home: be sure to revive yourself by going straight to Cute Overload of course, for purely medicinal reasons.

  33. What’s more, it’s a lot of points!

  34. Also missed cat–couldn’t figure out what there was to scream about!

  35. C’mon, kitters is no stranger to Teh Pointy Ends.

  36. My furball does that too. The bigeyes kill me ded.

  37. A hedgie called Sir Francis Bacon? A she-hedgie? Love it!

  38. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to go back for a second . . . er, third . . . look before I saw the cat! I was too entranced by those little pink feets!

  39. yep… Vinnie and I go way back.
    (I was a strange child…)

  40. bookmonstercats says:

    Everybody who visits this site was a strange child, methinks……….

  41. Emmberrann says:

    Hey, Teho! Kitters is used to being on otehr sides of Teh Pointy Ends! MEthinks, kitters is in for a ‘Peeg Surprise – a hedgepeeg surprise!
    Hope all’s well in Teho-land!!!!

  42. It’s just a little kitty-cat. Nothing to be scared of, just because it’s a black cat, and making a face, and seems to be behind a glass wall of some kind? Ok, it is a bit creepy.