Now That’s a Determined Nuzzler

When this alpaca wants to get up close and personal, nothing will dissuade her — not even an extreme height difference (or an extremely indifferent kitten).



  1. I think we can all sympathize. Gimme that TINEE TABBEEE!

  2. Did someone really paint Lacey’s, um, okay, let’s tall them “toe nails”? Way cute.

  3. aquasaline says:

    pink feets all around!!

  4. ohhh everything about this makes my soul happy!

  5. I *think* they are safe caps to protect the feet/hooves, I’ve seen them likewise on cats perhaps they are these but for alpacas?

  6. I’d totally paint my ‘paca’s toenails 🙂

  7. OMG TINEE TABEE!!!11!11!111!!!1111!!!

  8. Alpacas are such sweet sweet gentle animals. They really are.

  9. Kitteh is all: “MEM! – a little help hewr”


  11. And very protective of any animals in their care. Obviously momma cat isn’t a bit concerned about kitty. She knows the alpaca (wish we knew its name) will not only befriend but guard kitty.

  12. Oops, I guess we DO know the name. Sorry Lacey with the pink toenails.

  13. This makes me really really really want an Alpaca!!! Oh and a kitten of course!

  14. Maaaaahm! Aunt Eunice is trying to smooch me again! HALP!

  15. OMG I love how Lacey smells the mom, considers her for a second, and then goes after the kitten with renewed vigor. The kitten is soo confused! This is sooooooo cute! 🙂

  16. BeckyMonster says:

    MMMMMMMMMM, delicious kittens

  17. Lacey: You will be mine…oh yes… you will be mine.

  18. Lacey seems fascinated by the little kitten’s tail.

  19. BEEEEEYOND CUTE!!!!!!!

  20. Aren’t we all?

  21. Smart Alpaca: Knew of the importance of the Axis of Snorgling, Identified the exact location and then went in for the high-value snorgle.

  22. victoreia says:

    BACK!!!! BACK, I SAY!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!!

    Here, liddle baby, climb into this nicely padded basket. You can pull the lid shut and close out the world……

  23. NOOOOOO little kittie, RUN! Alpacas are MUCH nicer than flying monkeys. (padded basket my foot…mumbles off)

  24. (whiney 5 yr old voice)I want to be snorgled by an Alpaca!!! Mom, It’s not fair! Where’s my Alpaca snorgle??

  25. Kitten is all That puppy’s so rough!

  26. If you are referencing FlutterShy you win the day!

  27. SlaveToCat says:

    Ooo I would love to film someone painting paca’s toenails. Pulls out camera and puts America’s Funniest Videos on speed dial.

  28. Further proof that every living creature on Earth finds kittens snorgably-adorably irresistible!!

  29. SlaveToCat says:

    Hands Jane a bucket of water.
    Grabs mama and baby kitty and dives into the storm cellar.

  30. What I love about this video:
    1) Ok, what’s up with those pink toe nails on that alpaca? I mean GET OUT!
    2) We all know kittens are irresistible, and now we have proof it’s not just humans who have this weakness.
    3) Baby kitty is all “HALP!” but mom just ignores her. 😡

  31. You get the kitties and safety and I have to do the dirty work? Well okay, I always did want to throw the water on her. tee hee

  32. Of course.

  33. OMG has no one noticed the alpaca’s PEEENK HOOFS???

  34. That’s what I thought too but on youtube the video owner says her daughter had her nails done that day and wanted the alpaca to have matching manicure so… 🙂 Also confirms mama cat and Lacey are best friends. Just awwws all around.

  35. Lacey is apparently close buddies with the kittehs. Here she is relaxing with her friends:

  36. <>
    Indeed!! my thought entirely – if my Mama aint scared neither is I,

  37. Inter-Species snorgling – a lesson to us all – I don’ mind the color of your fur – cause you is sooo SNUGGLY

  38. Whoa. That’s now my official happy-place, where my mind can go to when things are stressy. Friendly alpaca, kitties snuggling under blankies, it’s heaven…

  39. I wish that clip was just a liiiiiiiiitle longer! When kitteh runs to other adult cat.

  40. Haaaha! That is adorable!! Love how the alpaca is all “Whut happened to second cat?! Wasn’t there a second cat just a minute ago?!”…

  41. Alice Shortcake says:

    Don’t miss the other Lacey video in which she is aggressively snorgled by a black and white cat…

  42. The “Meeeeeeeeeeeewww!” at the end says it all. It´s “Mummy mummy, hailp me!”

  43. Oh my gorsh there is also footage of some shockingk interspecies snorgling here: Get a room you two!

  44. It’s still at the triangle-tail stage.

  45. Kathy Woods says:

    Love the pink toenails!

  46. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The only things I’ve seen on cat claws are to prevent them from savaging people, furniture, etc without declawing. I share a house with a kitten that likes to hunt my work shoes (only the black ones, he’s a kitty racist) and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have feet if it weren’t for those claw covers.

  47. omg omg omg omg gimmie that kitteh!!!


    I love how Mom’s all, “Good, you look after Junior while I nom some grass.” And bebbeh’s EYEBROWS!

  49. Why can’t we all get along, like the cats and alpacas?

  50. Love the Pink tonails!! And who wouldn’t want to nuzzle such a precious and teeny tabby?

  51. And the grownup kittehs, too. Nothing lowers my blood pressure more than snorgling my 4 year old boy’s fluffular side/tumular region….nothing. Actually, maybe also kissing him between the eyebrows… Or…running my hand down the length of his back to smooth his fur…or…scritching his neck right above his collarbone…or……… Cats rock.

  52. LOL

  53. careful, you’ll turn into a blueberry!

  54. Paca says, “You will be snorgled. Like it or not!” Bwahaha

  55. JLAMusings says:

    Heehee I always called them “cone tails” but I see “triangle” too. I lurve when they’re still that tiny!

  56. JLAMusings says:

    Awww yeah. I needed some cute at work (I’m a prof so this is the time when all students are freaking out & I have to have not fun conversations with them about responsiblity and passing), but I had to settle for pictures of snorgling since my kittehs are all at home! Purring & fluffiness are definitely good stress relief. 😉

  57. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    HA! Ya see Momma Cat coming in at the end there? She’s all “step away from teh kitteh or we havin’ alpaca for din din”

  58. JLAMusings says:

    I think the slight lip-lift from the alpaca at the end when she notices a missing kitty and the camera is my fav part!

  59. 😆 I called them the “flag pole stage” 😆 AWW 😆 How sweet of Lacey, the Alpaca, going about gently snorgling that sweet little kitten 😆

  60. Alice Shortcake says:

    OMG, yes – the lip-curl at 0.41 cracks me up!

  61. Flutter-by says:

    Lacy is a perfect name for Ms. Paca wearing her lacy little cap an’ all. She’s so gentle with that cute, stubbular kittyan! The whole video, including the fancy hot pink pedi on Ms. Paca, is heart-warming and awww-inspiring…

  62. sunnylessmum says:

    Perfect footage of how persistently a cat can pester someone – lol!

  63. That’s the Carrot Tail™ !

  64. Someone must explain the pink toe nails to me. Or give me an alpaca with pink toe nails.

  65. Sharon Wilson says:

    Don’t worry, kitty; if mama’s all right with them they’re not strangers!

  66. Why not both?

  67. *sigh* Don’t ya hate it when they make you the bad guy?

  68. “Oh. It’s you.” 😛

  69. Hi All!

    This is Leslie from A to Z Alpacas 🙂 I shot this video of my cats and Lacey. I’ve got lots of other videos on my youtube channel atozalpacas
    And you can “Like” me on Facebook to see a ton of cool photos. We own over 300 alpacas in Alberta Canada! I also have a website
    Thanks for all the great comments! I’m having a blast reading through them


  70. My favorite part is when Lacey gives Mum Cat a sniff then sniffs baby. “Right, it’s one of them BUT IN A SMALL AND SNORGABLE SIZE”.

    I’m all giggly now.