Duck Season! Wabbit Season!

Hmm, this looks ‘shopped. I can tell from the pixels, and from seeing some chemically-induced duckbunnies in my time.

Photo by deniedart.


  1. shoop.

  2. you make me wanna
    shoop, shoop ba doop?

  3. Don’t make me be chargin’ mah lazer beams.

  4. bunnehs are cute even with duck feet

    sorry, bird feet in general kind of gross me out


  6. I agree.

  7. That’s exactly how I sounded. :)

  8. Actually, there’s another Warner Bros. cartoon this brings to mind:


  10. Fird Birfle says:

    Jack Benny :)

  11. Someone was into psychedelic substances before the 60s came along…just sayin.

  12. Prrrrrrrrrronoun trouble!

  13. Moi?

  14. He doesn’t have to cute you now.

  15. Thanks! I’d never seen that one before. But has to be said: I’m a fiddler crab!
    duh da DA duh da DA duh da DAHHHH:

  16. I replied to this but it went somewhere else :cry:

  17. Its a Bucky!!!!!

  18. Be serious. It’s a quabbit.

  19. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Dunny? Buck?

  20. If it had little horns, it’d be a quackalope.

  21. question, in my dreams will you be waddling or hopping? These sorts of questions can keep you up at night.

  22. Gahhhhh!!!! Is this real? (kidding)

  23. Ooo…Kay! I swear I’ve seen one of these in a cartoon once. LOL

  24. Does Mr. Rabbit approve of the ‘shopping? Or in denial?

  25. Run for your lives it is the DUCKBUNNY! A horrible blood thirsty creature!

  26. But, it looks so soft…

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    “siwwy Wabbit/Duck !!!”

  28. Wuck? Dabbit?

    Maybe it’s a Dare!

  29. Clearly, Dugs here (or is it “Baffy”?) does not approve of ‘shopping.

  30. Clearly I drank too much last night.
    I need a hare of the duck that billed me.

  31. Well done, Gigi.

  32. FIRE!


  33. It’s real. It’s called a buckny. I had one when I was a kid.

    Bucknies are the cutest ever.

  34. Suuuuuuure you did, sweetheart.

  35. But did it see you?

  36. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    I’d take her too, but she’s gloomy.

  37. Bucknies are very disapproving

  38. Once her energy is turned right side out she’ll be just fine.

  39. I’d snorgle it. Though I’m suspicious that this will end up on a creationist site: This is what evolutionists believe in!

  40. It’s definitely a dunny! Though this makes me wonder what kinda sound a dunny makes.

  41. In Australia, it’s definitely a flushing sound.

  42. *nods enthusiastically from down under*

  43. It’s the Cadbury bunny!

  44. baaah hahhah
    I love that commercial. The llama, the lion bok-bokking!

  45. Karla Borecky says:

    Who puts the EW in CUTE?? Eh? EH???

  46. WHY did you have to tell us it was shopped?!? I wanted to believe it was real!

  47. Fird Birfle says:

    (I suppose it *MIGHT* cause trubble, if I were to suggest the possibility that
    a Bunneh and a Ducky ….how shall I put this? …GOT BIZZY one Saturday night; and this pic is of their luuurvechild??) ;)

  48. victoreia says:

    Fird, that *almost* deserves being sent straight to the fourth level of the Mod Lounge! The one with no windows, no infinity pool, and three stale saltine crackers.

  49. i say straight to the VIP room for that one! ;)

  50. starlinguk says:


  51. Kari Callin says:

    Hmmm…apparently, this is what happens when the Easter bunny swaps “personal favors” for eggs to color.

  52. Some mischief is afoot.

  53. EEEEEeeeeeeewwwww!

  54. At least it’s a cute li’l nightmare. Most of mine involve arachnids.

  55. Mine like to involve rats, and floating barge/schools. Don’t ask.
    This little character would be a nice change.

  56. skippymom says:

    There is a picture book called Duck! Rabbit! that addresses this issue. Some of you might find it helpful.

  57. Duckbunni says:

    I really wish people would stop posting my picture online. I prefer my privacy. (*)<

  58. Then maybe you shouldn’t represent a holiday. (Hmph…all these pseudo-celebs whining about their privacy but just wait until they’re trying to sell all their peeps to the paps, you just can’t get away from them).

  59. The picture is obviously Photoshopped. I mean who really has eyelashes that long, even with mascara?

  60. The mascara is what gets me.

  61. and the brown eyeliner… very few can get away with that look.

  62. That’s not cute, it’s creepy. lol!

  63. in NC we have The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery… this is way cuter.

  64. Eeek! Sorry but that is just plain wrong!

  65. Shoulda added wings and antlers for the full Wolpertinger look.

    (Some Wolpertingers have duck feet … )

  66. ooh! what if someone invented the Cutertinger? Big eyes, of course, curled in pawsicles and toe beans, the ears… well, that could wreck everything. ear nubs versus tall ears, a la the fennec fox? oh, i shudder to think. something like a Cutertinger could tear us apart.

  67. Karen Hardie says:

    It made me think of this:

    Don’t worry, it’s kid-safe. :)


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